News Media Credibility Has Tanked

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Wow! A new poll reports 95 percent of American adults are “troubled” by the state of our nooze media today, and 67 percent expect “journalistic ethics” (LOL) to sink even lower in 2020 (

The poll of 1,010 adults was taken by a “boutique PR agency,” whatever that is, called Bospar.

Are you surprised by this finding? Well, we’ve just been talking about how our whole nooze media in 2001 erased the news about all those people who danced in celebration, on rooftops and in streets, as the Twin Towers went down. It was an incredible feat of mendacity, to make that story go away. Before a year was out, you couldn’t find it anywhere. And for years afterward, nooze outlets denied they’d ever had video of those celebrations and nothing at all about it in their archives.

Never mind that millions of us saw it on live TV! To say nothing of eyewitnesses.

Next year you can be sure our free and independent media will be doing absolutely everything they can to put some Democrat wacko in the White House. They will lie, cheat, and steal to do it.

It would be good for us to rise to the occasion and not let them do it.

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    1. I’ll have to write about this tomorrow: Dems will do damned near anything to win. There’s almost nothing they won’t do. Why? Why do they want it so badly? I mean, this doesn’t appear to be quite sane…

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