‘Fake News, 1938’ (2017)

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Why was this man smiling? Had he just read some British newspapers?

Just how badly can fake and feckless “news” reporting damage a country?

It very nearly killed Great Britain.

Fake News, 1938

The owners of the major newspapers, the BBC, and the ruling political party all worked together to convince the British people they had nothing to fear from Adolf Hitler, he was a nice man, he only wanted what was reasonable, he would never go to war, etc., etc.

Not only was it all lies. They knew it was all lies. And when war finally did break out, it found Britain weak and unprepared.

Many, many people suffered for this.

As our country will suffer–at the hands of Red China, our own fake nooze media, and the Democrat Party.

A Prediction: Prepare for Scare

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One thing I think is bound to be a feature of this year is scare stories aimed at us from all directions. Scares and hoaxes and we’re-all-freakin-doomed–from the nooze media, assorted politicians, corrupt government officials who think terrified people are easier to keep in line, “teachers,” academic pinheads, and globalist gasbags, just to name a few.

Just in the last few hours I’ve heard scare stories of global power outage, the dollar’s gonna crash, and Trump’s gonna start a civil war, blah-blah. You can shrug it off when it’s just some nimrods on the Internet. But of course it isn’t. It’s highly-paid, high-prestige, sages and oracles and Experts. Who have access to computer models! And when has a computer model ever steered anybody wrong?

The effect of this–you’d swear it was intended, but it’s probably not–will be a state of sheer confusion as to what the “news” is or isn’t. What’s really happening? Who’s doing what to whom? Thucydides, over 2,000 years ago, admitted those were very hard questions for any historian to answer: and he knew, because he’d tried. But how much harder is it now, with everybody and his brother spouting Genuine Bona Fide Bombshells and cluttering up your email with them? To say nothing of purposeful lies, all designed to help the Democrat Party seize power over us, peddled by the “real” nooze media? “It’s being reported in the nooze, so it must be true!” Ghaaa.

Since the Democrats stole the 2020 election, we regular people have been in a kind of state of shock. We will need courage and endurance. What passes for “news”  just now won’t shore up anybody’s courage or endurance.

Pray unceasingly.

All Hail King Covid!

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We had to go out yesterday, so we turned on the car radio and listened to what they still insist on calling “the news.”

Except for periodic weather reports, the nooze was all COVID, all the time. Second wave! Third wave! We’re all gonna die! More lockdowns? More mandates! Oh, yeah, definitely more mandates! Kiss 2021 goodbye!

This is how they hope to distract us from trying to do something about them stealing the election. The Left has put all its chips on the table for this caper: if they can’t make this crooked election stick, they lose everything. And so do their little playmates in the nooze media.

So they’ve got to keep us scared. Exaggerate the death toll, scare us with impending lockdowns–and next thing we know, Dozy Joe Biden’s been in office half a year. We didn’t even notice! We were all hiding under our beds–‘Cause King Covid gonna getcha!

The COVID panic–even if the disease is real, the scare was manufactured–was a very big part of Democrat strategy this year. To make their crime put down roots and grow, they need us to stay scared. The noozies understand that: hence the non-stop flood of COVID scare stories.

Politics + Science = Politics

Remember that equation. It explains a lot.

COVID Death Toll: A Flim-Flam?

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Our Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc., and Democrat politicians, love to tell us that a quarter of a million Americans have died of COVID-19–but is it true?

A critical analysis by Genevieve Briand, assistant program director of the Applied Economics master’s degree program at Johns Hopkins University, has found that “deaths of all kinds, which would have occurred anyway [due to assorted causes], and been classified as being attributable to another cause, were being labeled as COVID-19 deaths” (https://andmagazine.com/talk/2020/11/28/how-many-people-are-really-dying-in-this-pandemic/).

She used the same data used by the Center for Disease Control and came to a completely different conclusion! Her report was published on the Johns Hopkins website–and then removed.

“And, miraculously, the decrease in deaths from all other causes [emphasis added] seemed to match almost exactly the number of deaths reported to be attributable to COVID-19.”

In other words, the report suggests that deaths due to a large variety of causes–diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, you name it–have been written up as COVID deaths.

Has America been flim-flammed here?

Now, why would anybody do that?

Uh… to increase their power and wealth? To prop up the sagging superstructure of Far Left globalism? At our expense?

I don’t find that hard to believe. Do you?

My Newswithviews Column, Nov. 19 (‘The Media Cult’)

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If a noozie ever told the truth on purpose, he’d burst into flame from the stress.

Isn’t our Free & Independent Nooze Media creepy? All these people saying the same thing, like a bunch of cultists.

They even sound like commies. A commie cult.

The Media Cult

Along with all the rest of Far Left Crazy, our nooze media have thrown everything they had into stealing the election and getting rid of Donald Trump; and they’re already bragging about it as if they’d already done it. They’ve staked it all on one throw; and if they lose now, they lose everything.

No one has ever deserved it more.

Down with the Nooze Media!

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As much as I loathe Far Left politicians, and the annual crop of useful idiots they harvest from our colleges, I think I detest the media most of all. Because we need news reporters to let us know what’s happening–and all they do is lie.

This morning, over the car radio, we must’ve heard half a dozen different noozies insisting that all efforts to overturn this monstrous travesty of an election are totally futile, time for Trump to wave the white flag, Biden is yer president, you peasants… blah-blah-blah.

Don’t you get suspicious whenever you encounter a whole bunch of people with exactly the same opinion, expressed in exactly the same terms? That’s Diversity, brother! Gee, it’s like all these noozies came out of a vending machine, one after another.

Fear and panic over COVID-19 played a major role in this election. And who stoked those fires for the Democrats? Who dished out the fear porn? All day, every day–“You’re all gonna die unless you do what you’re told!” Same damned mantra that they chant for their bogus Climate Change. Same thing they tried with freakin’ measles a year or two ago. But this time, courtesy of the Chinese Communist Party, they finally found a scare tactic that really works.

Here’s one thing I can say for sure:

If the Democrats fail to make this scam stand up, if their crime is exposed and the so-called election overturned; if the fruit is snatched out of their hands just as they’re about to eat it…

That would be even sweeter than a landslide victory.

Defend us, O God! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

We Still Live

The Blob(s) Are Going to Get You: Comparing the Original to the Remake -  Hollywood Suite

I was praying for a wipeout of the Democrat Party, put them away once and for all, but God didn’t grant us that. Now we have to pray for survival. Because if God doesn’t intervene, The Blob wins: it will engulf our country.

But have we really done that badly?

What dirty trick was not employed against President Trump–every day for four years? What lie did our nooze media refrain from telling? How much money did villains like Soros, Bloomberg, and Red China pour into the Biden campaign? What lie was not told?

Given all that was thrown at us, all the lies, all the dirty money, all the bent cops in the FBI, all the Democrat stooges in the CIA, all the schools and colleges, all of Hollywood, all the riots, all the virus, all the Blame-It-On-Trump–with all of that dumped on us every day for four whole years, I think we’ve done rather well. Just to still be here.

The smoke has not yet cleared. We are not yet loaded onto the track to become Venezuela North. Maybe we’ve won, after all. Doesn’t look like it–but when does our nooze media ever tell the truth?

Keep praying. Don’t stop now. It may be God will hear us, and deliver us.

The Appearance of Fraud

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The New York Times–last seen paying Walter Duranty to write love-notes to Stalin–assures us that there just ain’t any way no-how that mail-in voting would ever lead to a fraudulent election.

That means it almost certainly will, because the New York Times never tells the truth.

But what if it were the truth? What if all our fears of voter fraud really were “baseless,” as the noozies say? I realize that’s almost impossible to imagine, but try. What if it were true?

Well, guess what–it wouldn’t flaming matter! It wouldn’t matter an iota, because the appearance of fraud, the deep suspicion of fraud, would be almost as bad as the fraud itself! It would mean half the country completely losing faith in the integrity of our elections.

Government, if it is to have any real authority, must not only be clean; it must be seen to be clean. Crikey, Shakespeare knew that, and that was 500 years ago! Freakin’ Plutarch knew it–2,000 years ago.

Is this such an abstruse, difficult principle to grasp, that we simply cannot grasp it anymore?

The obvious and most sensible thing to do would be just to forget all about mail-in voting, because it’s new, it’ll confuse people–and there is no way it can shake off the mantle of fraud. It will never be seen to be honest. Never. No matter what Our Free & Independent News Media say.

Not that we believe anything they say.

Poll: Millenials Think 2% of Them Will Die of COVID-19

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Dr. Joseph Mercola has called attention to a poll in which “millenials” (ages 18-34) think 2% of them will die of the Chinese Communist Death Virus, COVID-19. The poll was taken in May by Harvard and Oxford Universities and Universita Boconi (https://www.economist.com/graphic-detail/2020/07/21/young-people-see-covid-19-as-a-bigger-threat-than-their-elders-do).

The poll, said Dr. Mercola, is “evidence that technocratic fear propaganda is working.”

Millenials are the group least at risk of dying of COVID-19, but they’re the group with the most fear of it. They anticipate a death toll some ten thousand times higher than has actually been recorded.

Who is scaring these people? Where is the panic porn coming from?

(Cue “Jeopardy” theme) Bzzzzt! Time’s up!

Well, dog my cats! We can trace the fear, the panic porn, right back to our good ol’ grinnin’ nooze media! Harping on doom and gloom morning, noon, and night–one’s only defense is to turn off the TV.

And where are the noozies getting their whoppers from?  I think we all might hazard a guess or two, don’t you?

The point is, people are way more scared than they ought to be, and it’s because somebody, on purpose, has been scaring them–probably to make money and get corrupt Democrats elected to run the country for everybody’s benefit but the American people’s.

Off with the masks and off with our chains!

Don’t Explain It, Just Deny It

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For many of us, our biggest worry about “vote-by-mail” in national elections is voter fraud. Our second-biggest worry is an inept postal service dissolving into chaos. Either way, Democrats wind up stealing the election.

I soon gave up researching this topic, because Far Left Crazy dominates the search. They’re all out there airily denying even the possibility of massive voter fraud, it just can’t happen, it won’t happen, and all those stories you’ve heard about illegal aliens, dead people, and fictitious people voting, those are just Republican conspiracy theories, those things never, ever happen! No argument, no evidence, is ever given: just the flat assertion that vote-by-mail is honest as the day is long.

They even defend ballot harvesting, if you give them half a chance. That’s when some political party op shows up with a fistful of papers he claims are votes he’s collected at a nursing home and honest-to-Pete all these signatures are valid!

The only comfort I have is the observation that Democrats wouldn’t be so frantically pushing all these buttons if they really thought they had it in the bag.

Put them back in power, and our republic goes away. Probably forever.