The Appearance of Fraud

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The New York Times–last seen paying Walter Duranty to write love-notes to Stalin–assures us that there just ain’t any way no-how that mail-in voting would ever lead to a fraudulent election.

That means it almost certainly will, because the New York Times never tells the truth.

But what if it were the truth? What if all our fears of voter fraud really were “baseless,” as the noozies say? I realize that’s almost impossible to imagine, but try. What if it were true?

Well, guess what–it wouldn’t flaming matter! It wouldn’t matter an iota, because the appearance of fraud, the deep suspicion of fraud, would be almost as bad as the fraud itself! It would mean half the country completely losing faith in the integrity of our elections.

Government, if it is to have any real authority, must not only be clean; it must be seen to be clean. Crikey, Shakespeare knew that, and that was 500 years ago! Freakin’ Plutarch knew it–2,000 years ago.

Is this such an abstruse, difficult principle to grasp, that we simply cannot grasp it anymore?

The obvious and most sensible thing to do would be just to forget all about mail-in voting, because it’s new, it’ll confuse people–and there is no way it can shake off the mantle of fraud. It will never be seen to be honest. Never. No matter what Our Free & Independent News Media say.

Not that we believe anything they say.

Poll: Millenials Think 2% of Them Will Die of COVID-19

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Dr. Joseph Mercola has called attention to a poll in which “millenials” (ages 18-34) think 2% of them will die of the Chinese Communist Death Virus, COVID-19. The poll was taken in May by Harvard and Oxford Universities and Universita Boconi (

The poll, said Dr. Mercola, is “evidence that technocratic fear propaganda is working.”

Millenials are the group least at risk of dying of COVID-19, but they’re the group with the most fear of it. They anticipate a death toll some ten thousand times higher than has actually been recorded.

Who is scaring these people? Where is the panic porn coming from?

(Cue “Jeopardy” theme) Bzzzzt! Time’s up!

Well, dog my cats! We can trace the fear, the panic porn, right back to our good ol’ grinnin’ nooze media! Harping on doom and gloom morning, noon, and night–one’s only defense is to turn off the TV.

And where are the noozies getting their whoppers from?  I think we all might hazard a guess or two, don’t you?

The point is, people are way more scared than they ought to be, and it’s because somebody, on purpose, has been scaring them–probably to make money and get corrupt Democrats elected to run the country for everybody’s benefit but the American people’s.

Off with the masks and off with our chains!

Don’t Explain It, Just Deny It

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For many of us, our biggest worry about “vote-by-mail” in national elections is voter fraud. Our second-biggest worry is an inept postal service dissolving into chaos. Either way, Democrats wind up stealing the election.

I soon gave up researching this topic, because Far Left Crazy dominates the search. They’re all out there airily denying even the possibility of massive voter fraud, it just can’t happen, it won’t happen, and all those stories you’ve heard about illegal aliens, dead people, and fictitious people voting, those are just Republican conspiracy theories, those things never, ever happen! No argument, no evidence, is ever given: just the flat assertion that vote-by-mail is honest as the day is long.

They even defend ballot harvesting, if you give them half a chance. That’s when some political party op shows up with a fistful of papers he claims are votes he’s collected at a nursing home and honest-to-Pete all these signatures are valid!

The only comfort I have is the observation that Democrats wouldn’t be so frantically pushing all these buttons if they really thought they had it in the bag.

Put them back in power, and our republic goes away. Probably forever.

Instant Fake News–Just Add Video

Danny Rahim in Primeval: New World (2012)

In search of mere undemanding relaxation, last night Patty and I watched “Breakthrough,” Episode No. 9 of Primeval New World.

It was very sinister.

Here’s the premise. A dinosaur comes through a glitch in space-time and winds up in Vancouver. The team in charge of containing these incidents doesn’t want a large-scale panic, but this time they may be too late: people at a skateboard park have already caught a glimpse of the Triceratops.

You wouldn’t believe how easily Our Heroes, with the aid of computers, turned this real incident into an amusing hoax quickly unmasked. They convinced the whole city that something that had really happened had been only make-believe. No cause for alarm. Voila! A real thing is made unreal.

And I got to thinking, “I wonder how many times this has already been done to us in real life! How hard would it be to manipulate the nooze so it becomes a fairy tale?” We already know the nooze media tell lies; they’ve been caught doing it times without number. Then there are our “scientists”, and politicians. Lies and more lies.

This is what happens to a civilization that cuts itself off from God.

He will eventually correct the error.


Another Noozie Gets It Wrong

News anchor fail: Brian Williams apologizes for lying about his ...

They never tell the truth if they can help it.

Somebody really ought to tell America’s nooze reporters to load their mouths with facts before shooting them off.

Heard this on my car radio the other day, but had no Internet access so I couldn’t write about it.

Some noozie said that if George Floyd had been white instead of black, he’d be alive today.

Tony Timpa, in Dallas, and Timothy Coffman, South Daytona, are white men who are not alive today because police officers did to them exactly what was done to George Floyd in Minneapolis–knelt on his neck until it killed him ( Exactly the same thing!

What excuse did the, er, “journalist” have for not knowing this? Some might chalk it up to simple ignorance; I call it a reckless disregard of the truth.

But noozies don’t do truth anymore. The truth is not in them. Only “narrative”–a synonym for a story that isn’t true at all but gets told to achieve a political purpose. All they’ve got for us is narrative; and none of it is true.

Just a Little Question

A Monster In The Bed | Monster under the bed, Cute monsters ...

According to the Narrative put out by our free & independent nooze media, Joe Biden is our next president, Donald Trump is toast, we’re all just dying for a tax increase, and America is a racist hell-hole that needs to be completely torn down and paved over, etc.

How true is this? Maybe it’s just a boogie man under the bed.

Oh, they’ve got polls!

But is it true?

It’s hard for us to answer that question because just about all we hear about what’s going on out there is served up by the noozies, and all we’ve got to stack against it is what we see with our own eyes and hear with our own ears. That’s always dismissed as “anecdotal evidence.”

So let’s play it safe. Let’s fight the Democrats like our country’s life–and our own lives, too–depend on it. Leave no work undone. Leave no truth unspoken. Leave no prayer unprayed.

And if it turns out they’re nowhere near as strong as the in-the-bag nooze makes them out to be, we can celebrate a landslide victory.

Is What We’re Seeing… Real?

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I can’t go to all those places and talk to all those people. What I see of the world, I see mostly through the window of the media. And I already know that the nooze media are 100% invested in some bogus “narrative” and that they lie at the drop of a hat.

So is what we’re seeing through that window real, or is it an illusion created by the media for a political purpose by carefully selecting sound bites and images whose effect is to deceive us into buying into their narrative?

You would surely get the impression, trundling through the nooze today, that virtually everybody now recognizes that America’s a racist hell-hole, police are homicidal monsters, white people are evil and need to be brought down–and what’s more, now they know it, and admit it!–and that the slightest word of any race hustler is tantamount to holy write.

But is that a true impression? Is it what’s really happening, or only what the nooze media want us to believe is happening? Remember, noozies never tell the truth if they can help it. Truth burns their lips.

You’d think our country was right on the brink of being overthrown and replaced by a race-based brass-knuckled socialist ant-hill, with no police but plenty of Antifa–and furthermore, that almost everybody wants this!

Will someone please stand up and tell the truth?

‘Vintage Fake News: the Ford Pinto Scandal’ (2016)

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Manufactured nooze

A lot of you are too young to remember this–the exploding Ford Pinto scandal of the 1970s. Fake nooze with a capital F.

Vintage Fake News: The Ford Pinto Scandal

The Ford Pinto was supposedly a death-trap: the least little bump, and it would burst into the flames. So said the noozies, and they had the video to prove it.

Eventually it came out that they were faking–planting bombs in the car, drilling holes in the fuel and brake lines, and other little tricks that they never learned in journalism school. To this day I wonder why the whole mob of them weren’t packed off to jail.

Next up: Dan Rather visits Afghanistan–NOT.

News Media Credibility Has Tanked

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Wow! A new poll reports 95 percent of American adults are “troubled” by the state of our nooze media today, and 67 percent expect “journalistic ethics” (LOL) to sink even lower in 2020 (

The poll of 1,010 adults was taken by a “boutique PR agency,” whatever that is, called Bospar.

Are you surprised by this finding? Well, we’ve just been talking about how our whole nooze media in 2001 erased the news about all those people who danced in celebration, on rooftops and in streets, as the Twin Towers went down. It was an incredible feat of mendacity, to make that story go away. Before a year was out, you couldn’t find it anywhere. And for years afterward, nooze outlets denied they’d ever had video of those celebrations and nothing at all about it in their archives.

Never mind that millions of us saw it on live TV! To say nothing of eyewitnesses.

Next year you can be sure our free and independent media will be doing absolutely everything they can to put some Democrat wacko in the White House. They will lie, cheat, and steal to do it.

It would be good for us to rise to the occasion and not let them do it.

‘Noozies Wonder, “Why Don’t They Love Us Anymore?”‘ (2016)

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As far back as 2016, twaddlers in the nooze media had begun to wonder why regular people didn’t like or trust them anymore. Like it’s some big mystery!

Noozies Wonder, ‘Why Don’t They Love Us Anymore?’

Dudes, we don’t love you anymore because you despise us and keep trying to saddle us with Democrat masters who want to wreck our country, and we don’t trust you anymore because you never, never tell the truth on purpose.

Other than that, you’re swell.