Sept. 11: They Danced

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If telling the truth is hateful, then I guess I’m headed for trouble. But this is September 11: eighteen years ago today, Arab terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center.

And they danced in the streets of Paterson, NJ, to celebrate.

Mark Simone on WOR Radio, New York, is telling the truth about that. Check out this video from his website:

All these years, know-it-all liberals and government liars have been telling us, “No, that never happened! No Muslims danced for joy when the WTC went down!” We saw it on TV, and I knew someone who was there and saw it with his own eyes, right in front of him–but the big shots kept telling us we never saw what we saw.

Millions of people saw this! But somebody’s damage control quickly went into effect, no one ran the video anymore, investigators clammed up about it–and we were told it never happened, we must’ve imagined it.

Thank you, Mark Simone, for setting the record straight.

10 comments on “Sept. 11: They Danced

  1. I certainly remember seeing them dancing with joy over our disaster. There were many “Palestinians” also celebrating; dancing, waving banners, handing out treats, etc. when this happened. I will never forget, in the same way I remember Pearl Harbor. No matter how the idiots try to change the narrative, making us the culprits, it will never work. THEY ARE THE ENEMY, pure and simple.

    1. What fascinates me, not pleasantly, is the unanimity with which our government and the nooze media pretended this never happened. How did they ever get away with that?

  2. A friend of mine was living in Brooklyn at the time, and he saw a large group of Arab-looking people dancing and whooping it up in the street just down the block from his house.

    1. The Western world’s ruling class, in the wake of 9/11, fell passionately in love with Islam. I can’t understand why we’ve let them get away with that.

    1. To this day there are dozens of Internet posts in which various nooze media deny they ever had any video of this. And we know they’re lying.

  3. Now, this country is following Europe into the abyss by teaching young school children that they must honor Islamic holidays. I would not allow a child of mine to come near one of those hell holes.

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