My Newswithviews Column, Sept. 12 (Democrats’ Christian-Bashing)

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Anyone who still doubts that the Democrat Party is the Anti-Christian Party is simply not paying attention. I don’t know how much clearer they can make it to you, than this.

Democrats’ Christian-Bashing

These are the people whose god is their own bellies, who worship the brute power of the state and unceasingly grab for more of it, and who hate and fear anyone who isn’t them. They hate their own country–our country!–and want to “transform” it into something else.

I don’t believe our republic can survive another Democrat presidency.

Let’s play it safe, and just not have one. Ever.

7 comments on “My Newswithviews Column, Sept. 12 (Democrats’ Christian-Bashing)

  1. I would certainly never vote for one of them, and none of my friends would either. Ultimately, this whole thing is in God’s hands and no better place for it to be. Recall in Scripture when God’s own chosen people became so rebellious that they had to be disciplined, that is what happened. Judgement begins with the church, and Ezekiel 33 warns about seeing trouble coming and saying nothing. Both the lost will remain lost, but also, the watchman will have blood on his hands too. Sobering thoughts.

  2. I agree. God places and displaces kings and presidents too. The prophcy will come true in time. Praise and Glory to our God.:)

  3. A young boy rushes home from baseball practice, races through the back door, and calls out, “Mom! What’s for dinner – I’m starving?” And Mom responds, “Grandma, she died this morning.”

    1. Democrats were always wrong, always tipped over a bit too far to the left. But now they’re downright evil and clearly insane. I don’t understand it. What happened? There used to be a lot of nice, normal people in that party. Where did they go?

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