‘They’re Not Just Idiots’ (2016)

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When are people going to wake up and realize that libs and progs–that would include most atheists–lust for control over other people’s lives? Yours, for instance. We normal people have no idea why anyone should want that, but they do.

But they can’t be God while there’s a living God in Heaven–and that’s why they hate Him.

They’re Not Just Idiots…

They’re not just rude, aggressive dopes with a great worthless idea.

And they’ll never be content with just getting the comments disabled on a Youtube page set up for a Christian hymn.

Communist China Gunning for Christians

Chinese Christians find God and religious refuge in Kenya - CNN

Better get rid of that cross, if you know what’s good for you.

Tyrant Xi Jinping is a nice guy, says tyrant wannabe Joe Biden, and the Chinese Communist Party is a whole bunch of really swell people, according to all the liberals in America.

Meanwhile, Xi and his playmates have been ravaging Christians in China, closing down their churches, meeting all dissent with violence, and–wait for it–

Requiring Chinese Christians to remove all Christian images from their homes and replace them with pictures of Mao Tse-tung, the most prolific mass murderer in all of history, and Xi himself (https://www.opindia.com/2020/07/china-jesus-christian-cross-demolish-communist-party-xi-jinping-mao-symbols/).

The Chinese government admits that Mao slaughtered some 40 million Chinese. Oh, well. Just another communist omelet that never got past the stage of breaking eggs.

And if you want to receive your welfare check in China, you have to renounce Christianity.

The repression has come down particularly hard on the people of Shanxi Province. When they come with the bulldozer for your church, make sure you don’t get in the way.

Liberals the world over love the Chinese communist regime and can’t find enough words to praise it. American liberals would love to have a government just like it.

They’re looking to Election Day 2020 as the start of an accelerated march to communism.

Don’t help them do it.

Noozie: Christ Was Not Perfect

I Have Played the Fool – New Hope International Ministries

At least a professional fool is funny. A noozie isn’t. Well, not intentionally, at least.

I do get tired of being lectured by idiots. Just because you’re an overpaid noozie doesn’t make you a theologian. Isn’t it bad enough that they lie about the nooze, putting words in people’s mouths that they never said, making it up as they go along because that’s their stupid “narrative”? But with liberals it’s never bad enough.

CNN nooze-squawker Don Lemon recently said Our Lord Jesus Christ was “admittedly”–where did that come from?–just a guy like you or me, and not perfect (https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/don-lemon-cnn-theologian-says-jesus-admitted-he-was-not-perfect). Can I use the word “douchebag” to describe him?

And of course he never produces the scripture in which Jesus “admits” he’s not perfect. Are we supposed to take his word for it? The fact that there is no such scripture makes no dent in his towering ignorance.

As my high school math teacher, Mr. Gracchi, used to say, “Empty barrels make the most noise.”

There’s nothing in this barrel.

‘Has Britain Really Turned Against Christianity?’ (2013)

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I last re-posted this in 2017. By then it had sparked 33 comments. Something tells me readers haven’t yet run out of things to say about it.

Has Britain Really Turned Against Christianity?

Midsomer Murders was at one time one of the most popular TV shows in the world. Then it sank into a swamp of Christian-bashing. I don’t know how popular it is now.

It is the contention, and possibly even the belief, of secular fools that they, not God, can and will create a perfect world. In the meantime they seem content to worship the National Health Service.

God keep them far away from us!


What You Do with Your Second Chance

Hezekiah's Sundial — Friendship Presbyterian Church

I’m only sharing this because I’m sure a lot of you have had the same experience.

A good friend of mine had to resign his position as pastor of a local church because he’d had a stroke. I didn’t find out about it until there was no one at the church who knew how to get in touch with him. This was too bad: over the years, we’d done a lot of things together. Prayer. Basketball. And some acts of charity, when we could.

So he was in my prayers every day for I don’t know how long–at least a year. I prayed for God to heal him so he could return to the ministry.

Well, the Lord healed him. And yesterday I saw him “protesting” with his new friends from Only Black Lives Matter–a group devoted to fomenting racial hatred, abortion, homosexuality, and marxism. I was profoundly disappointed to see him there. But I was in my car and I couldn’t stop to talk. Besides, what would I say?

Sometimes when your back is to the wall, God gives you a second chance–just like he did for King Hezekiah (in Isaiah 38, and 2 Kings 20). And some people who get it don’t know what to do with it. I knew one man, miraculously spared from deadly pancreatic cancer, who took the opportunity to run out on his wife and whoop it up until the cancer found him again.

I’m glad the Lord spared my friend’s life and put him back on his feet. But what he’s done with his second chance–well, it makes me wonder why God bothers with us.

‘Theonomy vs. Tyranny’

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“Theonomy” is not a word a lot of us use in daily life. But it means “God’s law,” and that’s something that very much ought to pertain to daily life.

Because the alternative is to succumb to tyranny.


R.J. Rushdoony wrote this essay long before anyone ever heard of the Wuhan Death Virus From China, misgendering or microaggression, and a host of other evils that our worldly masters have visited on us.

But say “God’s law,” and you’re more than likely to get a hysterical reaction and your hearers will stop up their ears and go stampeding back to the Democrat Party to be taken care of.

But as the wisdom of God, personified, says in Proverbs 8:36, “All they that hate me love death.”


More of What We’re Up Against

Five Black Churches Have Burned To The Ground In One Week - YouTube

A church in Mississippi has been burned down after declining to obey a local lockdown order.

Are we in China?

The First Pentacostal Church in Holly Springs continued to hold services, largely because the governor of the state designated churches as “essential.” But the town didn’t. The town sent police to harass the congregation during midweek Bible study and Easter services. So the church sued the town: and next thing you know, the church burned down (https://www.dailywire.com/news/bet-you-stay-home-now-hypokrits-church-that-refused-to-close-during-lockdown-gets-burned-down-investigated-as-arson).

Spray-painted onto the ruin was the message, “I Bet you stay home now you hypokrits.” Must’ve been a college graduate.

Arson is suspected. Ya think?

Warning! The coronavirus panic is viewed by Far Left Crazy as a golden opportunity to transform America into a socialist dump. You know they’ve always had it in for the churches.

And you know they’ve been growing less and less coy about making their desires evident to all.

They want an America from which Christianity has been extinguished, Christian morality has been erased, and the only freedom left is the freedom to fornicate. Everything else will be strictly controlled by government. Their government.

They would like for the national lockdown to go on to Election Day. They think that’ll give their Democrats the victory. And then they can get really serious–Red China-serious–about stomping down the churches and making everybody’s mind right, or else.

Stop them this time, or be resigned to lose your liberties.

Tearing Down the Cross

Chinese Christian churches face new threats as state religious ...

You know they want to do it here.

This is the only nooze I’ll report today. I haven’t got the heart for more.

When I read the line, “The latest enforcement measures have included removal of the cross from churches,” my fear was that this was happening here, in America. But no: this is the latest from Red China.


For reasons that sane people cannot understand, the Chinese communist state has decided on a “crackdown on religious practice”–and this involving government-sanctioned churches belonging to the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association: that part of the Church that has committed itself to compromise with communism. It’s happening all over the mainland; and the priests in those churches are complying because they’re afraid that if they don’t, their churches will be demolished or converted to secular use.

The government has imposed “strict new regulations concerning religion,” and failure to comply can result in destruction of the church.

This is what happens when you get into bed with the devil. And so we have “teams of young people” removing crosses from the outside and the inside of churches.

Does any of this sound sickeningly familiar? “Stop trying to hold services, or we’ll tear down your church!” New York Mayor Bill de Blasio (real name, Warren Wilhelm Jr.) threatened to close down non-compliant churches and synagogues “permanently.” Yes, he said “permanently” (https://www.jpost.com/diaspora/nyc-mayor-to-synagogues-close-for-coronavirus-or-be-shut-down-permanently-622767). That was back in March. Since then, police–Herod’s men–have broken up church services and harassed churchgoers in several cities throughout the United States.

American leftists, apparently including a number of Democrat mayors and governors, admire communist China and would like to impose its system on our country.

They must be defeated, and communism must be destroyed.

And if we don’t do it, God will.

‘New Atheist Demand: “Don’t Say the Pledge”‘ (2014)

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This post featured a conversation (mostly civil) between an atheist and me.

New Atheist Demand: ‘Don’t Say the Pledge’

It still fascinates me that atheists deny using the apparatus of the state to wage an inquisition against Christians. Forcing a Christian to take part in a homosexual parody of marriage, turning the First Amendment on its head to prohibit the free exercise of religion, hauling Christians up in front of “human rights” tribunals–gee! just like in communist countries!–that’s not a purposeful campaign of harassment?

Coulda fooled me!

‘Why Do Leftids Claim to be Christians’ (2017)

Image result for images of nancy pelosi with john kerry

In the 2016 election, some voters sat it out because Hillary Clinton was obviously a villain but Donald Trump was not [trumpet fanfare] The Righteous Candidate.

Meanwhile, we had, and still have, all sorts of Far Left Crazy moonbats claiming to be Christians.

Why Do Leftids Claim to be Christians?

President Trump turned out better than I dared to hope, and I can’t wait to vote for him again. But why do leftids say they’re Christians? Does anybody still believe them? Abortion, transgender, homosexuality, fomenting racial strife, in bed with atheism and Islam–how do they get away with it?

Just as Khrushchev once predicted, communism will bury us–if we don’t bury it first. And burying communism means burying the Democrat Party.