‘A Cultural Disaster, a Hymn, and a Prayer

(Somehow the hymn that originally went with this post got taken away. Let the readers decide what hymn ought to be posted here. The first suggestion I receive is the one I’ll use.)

(Suggested by Phoebe: In the Name of Jesus We Have the Victory)

This post was written when Bernie Sanders was still in the Senate, indulging in a public orgy of Christ-hating.

It appalls me that this could happen here in America.

A Cultural Disaster, a Hymn, and a Prayer

This deterioration of our nation’s culture was accomplished during my own lifetime, right before my eyes–and yet I can’t explain how they did it. All I know is that a lot of very bad, and a lot of very badly deluded, people worked very hard at it for a long time. Imagine if they’d turned their hands to some decent purpose.

But then they wouldn’t be leftids.

‘Let’s Bash Christians!’ (2012)

A man and his Ray-Bans: The story of Joe Biden's sunglasses - The Washington Post

Still wondering what he’s hiding behind those shades

I’m re-running this post because it’s necessary to warn America’s Christians what to expect if we let Democrats recapture the White House next month.

Let’s Bash Christians!

If you think the Obama regime was heavily into Christian-bashing, wait’ll you see what Obama 2.0, aka the Biden regime, gets up to. After all, we are talking about a candidate who, only last year, recommended putting churches on some kind of “terrorist watch list” if they fail to hop aboard the Organized Sodomy bandwagon. You can find that nooze in this year’s archives (https://leeduigon.com/2020/06/24/biden-christians-are-like-terrorists/).

We’re not kidding when we warn you that if the Dems win this one, America is over. If anyone among your family or friends is still sitting on the fence, do your utmost to get them out to vote for Donald Trump.

‘Ooh! That’s Religion!’ (2012)

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I can’t forget this incident, which happened in the same school in which I spent grades K-5.

Ooh! That’s religion!

A friend sent her daughter to this school, and the girl came home babbling about “the power of the earth,” magical spells, and whatnot. So it’s not like the Educators forbid all religion. Just Christianity.

And, my fellow Christians and conservatives–have you thought about all the trouble we’ll get into if Democrats win this year’s elections? They won’t settle for teaching kids to make shocked noises at us.

‘College Isn’t Day Care, Prez Sez’ (2015)

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Oh, get a life!

Remember this? Some needlehead complained when the “faith, hope, and charity” chapter, Chapter 13 of I Corinthians–one of the loveliest chapters in the Bible, by the way–was read in chapel!

College Isn’t Day Care, Prez Sez


Yowsah. This was threatening, this was triggering, what did they mean, trotting out the Bible in the chapel? And the college president blew a gasket.

It was only 2015 and the president of Oklahoma Wesleyan was already sick to death of pampered snowflakes whining and whimpering about other people’s religious beliefs. Crikey, he should see it now.

Special Election Season Message: Shatter the Democrats in this election, take away their power–and then we can really get down to the business of carting out all this Far Left Crazy junk and getting rid of it. And the stupid colleges and looniversities ought to be the first to go.

‘Liquid Water Found on Mars… Maybe’ (2015)

Image result for images of martian landscape

Maybe there are nicer places than this on Mars, but we haven’t found them yet.

What they mean is they’ve found suggestions that maybe, on certain rain occasions, and only temporarily, liquid water might be found somewhere on Mars–provided it also contains certain chemicals that would function as a kind of natural antifreeze.

Liquid Water Found on Mars… Maybe

Naturally, anyone would be excited if any life were found on Mars. And if it were, you can bet your last dime there’ll be talking heads all over the airwaves proclaiming that this half an amoeba found on Mars proves (mind you!) that there is no God and so can we please move on to worshiping… them?

Sometimes I really wonder what He sees in us.

‘Norway: Gov’t Agency Abducts Christian Children’ (2015)

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St. Olaf, patron saint of Norway

Here’s a horrible little story from five years ago.

We think our “educators” are arrogant bullies, and so they are; but the ones in Norway are even worse.

Norway: Gov’t Agency Abducts Christian Children

Nowhere do the, ahem, authorities bother to define the crime of “radical Christianity.” They’re lucky St. Olaf’s not alive to teach them the error of their ways.

But this is the devourer that is secular statism. Only submission can keep you out of prison–and even that might not work, if they feel like making an example of you.

‘Do You Want to Live Forever?’ (2017)

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So how about it? Would you like to be cryogenically frozen and then brought back to life 100 years later, minus whatever faculties you lost during the interim?

‘Do You Want to Live FOREVER?’

Yeahbut, yeahbut! They did it with zebra fish, man! How hard could it be to do with humans?

Can anybody tell how this affected the zebra fishes’ ability to read, speak, or think? I mean, my zebra fish just sort of swam around all the time. I don’t think he had much in the way of faculties to lose.

Go to sleep for 100 years… and what sort of a world would you wake up in?

I like the plan for immortality given us by God in Jesus Christ. I like that plan and want to keep it.

‘They’re Not Just Idiots’ (2016)

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When are people going to wake up and realize that libs and progs–that would include most atheists–lust for control over other people’s lives? Yours, for instance. We normal people have no idea why anyone should want that, but they do.

But they can’t be God while there’s a living God in Heaven–and that’s why they hate Him.

They’re Not Just Idiots…

They’re not just rude, aggressive dopes with a great worthless idea.

And they’ll never be content with just getting the comments disabled on a Youtube page set up for a Christian hymn.

Communist China Gunning for Christians

Chinese Christians find God and religious refuge in Kenya - CNN

Better get rid of that cross, if you know what’s good for you.

Tyrant Xi Jinping is a nice guy, says tyrant wannabe Joe Biden, and the Chinese Communist Party is a whole bunch of really swell people, according to all the liberals in America.

Meanwhile, Xi and his playmates have been ravaging Christians in China, closing down their churches, meeting all dissent with violence, and–wait for it–

Requiring Chinese Christians to remove all Christian images from their homes and replace them with pictures of Mao Tse-tung, the most prolific mass murderer in all of history, and Xi himself (https://www.opindia.com/2020/07/china-jesus-christian-cross-demolish-communist-party-xi-jinping-mao-symbols/).

The Chinese government admits that Mao slaughtered some 40 million Chinese. Oh, well. Just another communist omelet that never got past the stage of breaking eggs.

And if you want to receive your welfare check in China, you have to renounce Christianity.

The repression has come down particularly hard on the people of Shanxi Province. When they come with the bulldozer for your church, make sure you don’t get in the way.

Liberals the world over love the Chinese communist regime and can’t find enough words to praise it. American liberals would love to have a government just like it.

They’re looking to Election Day 2020 as the start of an accelerated march to communism.

Don’t help them do it.

Noozie: Christ Was Not Perfect

I Have Played the Fool – New Hope International Ministries

At least a professional fool is funny. A noozie isn’t. Well, not intentionally, at least.

I do get tired of being lectured by idiots. Just because you’re an overpaid noozie doesn’t make you a theologian. Isn’t it bad enough that they lie about the nooze, putting words in people’s mouths that they never said, making it up as they go along because that’s their stupid “narrative”? But with liberals it’s never bad enough.

CNN nooze-squawker Don Lemon recently said Our Lord Jesus Christ was “admittedly”–where did that come from?–just a guy like you or me, and not perfect (https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/don-lemon-cnn-theologian-says-jesus-admitted-he-was-not-perfect). Can I use the word “douchebag” to describe him?

And of course he never produces the scripture in which Jesus “admits” he’s not perfect. Are we supposed to take his word for it? The fact that there is no such scripture makes no dent in his towering ignorance.

As my high school math teacher, Mr. Gracchi, used to say, “Empty barrels make the most noise.”

There’s nothing in this barrel.