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Why Do Atheists Do This?

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Advanced atheist rhetoric: see with what forensic skill he makes his point.

I like to start each blogging day by posting a hymn. I pick up the video from Youtube.

And every now and then I came to a page where all comments have been deleted and from which any new comments are blocked. Why should that be?

Well, we can visit pages where this has not yet been done, and then we understand. It seems there are atheists who visit hymn pages to mock and curse the Christians and their faith, hurling profanity at the hymns and the people who wish to listen to them. ‘Cause somehow wanting to listen to a hymn is, uh, imposing your religion or something. But stopping people from listening to hymns is not imposing your religion. It’s not easy to follow this line of reasoning.

So they have to erase the comments because the page gets filled with f-bombs.

I guess when you’re *The Smartest People In The World* it entitles you to insult the peasants. In fact, they ought to thank you for it: how can they appreciate how smart you are, without being made to see how dumb they are? That you’re able and willing to control and manage their stupid lives for them should move them to do cartwheels in their joy.

“Protected minorities” have all become aggressive, always looking to pick a fight because they know the Establishment will back them up. Go ahead, name one protected minority that’s not aggressive.

We didn’t need a crystal ball to see that coming, did we?

‘The Atheist Shopping Mall’ (2014)

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“Don’t let me catch you praying!”

Quick quiz! Which group gets to impose its religious beliefs on everybody else? If you guessed “atheists,” go to the head of the class!


Remember this? At a shopping mall in Dublin, Georgia, first a security guard–what the hell???–and then the mall manager told people they couldn’t pray on the premises. They had a “policy”! Jidrools always have a policy.

They backed down, of course, once the public found out about it and got rather angry–like, who do these freakin’ nematodes think they are? But they get away with so much, when it comes to banning prayer and other expressions of the Christian faith (they don’t bother trying to stifle any other religion: and what does that tell us?), you probably can’t blame them for expecting to get away with it every time they try it.

We are living in the middle of a war for the survival of Christian America. Either Christian America wins or Christian America dies.

May the Lord of Hosts give us victory.

As I Was Saying… Yeah, They Want to Ban the Bible

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I had no sooner posted my old satire from 2015, about morons trying to ban Bible-reading in church, when this story came in via Worldnetdaily:


Christians have had to sue the Evergreens at–at!–Smith Run retirement center–cute name, ain’t it?–for religious discrimination against a retired pastor and his wife who had been hosting non-denominational Bible study sessions in their own apartment. That was after they got kicked out of the common area.

On top of that, they’ve been threatened with eviction and the “at” owners have refused to renew their lease. Some retirement, eh?

Oh–and while all this goes on, “a small group” of, er, residents has assaulted the Christians both verbally and physically. But you don’t see the management threatening to kick them out, do you?

The lawsuit alleges (ya think?) that the “at” owners violated the federal Fair Housing Act by discriminating against the pastor and his wife on religious grounds. Which of course is what they have done.

The Supreme Court recently smacked down the state of Colorado for its overt hostility to Christians. No, not the whole state–just the government. Because somehow aggressive atheism has become the official religion of certain states and their governments. But you don’t see the ACLU complaining about that, do you?

Let us pray for the complete success of this lawsuit. We are Christians and this is still our country.

Shame and shame on us if we lose it.

‘Lawsuit Seeks to Abolish Bible-Reading in Church’ (2015)

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This was pure satire when I wrote it, four years ago. But every day it shambles just a little closer to reality.


Fair warning: a Congress capable of passing the so-called “Equality Act” is capable of banning Bible-reading.

Next time a Democrat wins the White House, watch out. They will try to erase religious liberty.

Church Wins in Battle with City and Pot ‘Facility’

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Not this time!

There’s a city ordinance in San Diego, California–yes, even in California–that says you can’t set up a “marijuana facility” within 1,000 feet of a school, a playground, or a church. So along comes a bunch of potsters setting up their “facility” practically next door to a church–and demanding that the church should move, it has no right to be there. And the city immediately sprang in to side with the potsters (https://www.wnd.com/2019/05/marijuana-firm-attacks-church-loses-badly/).

We are happy to report that the church’s subsequent lawsuit against the city has been settled with the city totally capitulating, a complete victory for the church. The city will pay all the legal fees and amend its ordinances so that this kind of thing will be less likely to occur in the future.

The potsters falsely claimed the church was “in a flood zone” when it wasn’t, then tried to buy the church, and then got the city to go along with their scheme to build a “marijuana facility” practically next door to the church. (Sorry, but I’m not sure what kind of “facility” it was going to be. It didn’t get built, so probably it doesn’t matter.)

The city settled out of court by way of an unconditional surrender. What were they afraid the judge was going to do, if the case came to trial? Maybe they were looking down the barrel of punitive damages like they never imagined.

Is it just me–or is this campaign to legalize pot coming down from somewhere at the top and has an evil intent?

May the Lord our God defend us.

David Horowitz: It’s War

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I have to review a book for Chalcedon, Dark Agenda by David Horowitz, and I’m feeling overwhelmed by the weight and seriousness of his argument, and the mountain of evidence he cites to support it. This blog post is an effort to warm up for the challenge.

Usually when I read a book to review, I mark striking passages with a pen and dog-ear the pages that I want to cite. I think I’ve dog-eared every other page in here. Well, that won’t do. Think, think, think…

Horowitz was raised by Far Left parents and grew up to become an activist for their movement in the 1960s. When he talks about the revolutionary Left, he knows what he’s talking about. That’s why they ban him from the social(ist) media. He has left his radical past behind and come over to our side.

The book’s subtitle is “The War to Destroy Christian America.” The fact that “war” is the most appropriate word he could have used is what’s so overwhelming about it. The Far Left literally means to destroy and erase everything about America that makes it America.

Horowitz, who is Jewish, believes that Christian America is one of the best things that ever happened to the human race, and that it deserves to be defended and preserved.

The bad guys aren’t kidding, folks. Radicalism is their religion, and they are waging a jihad against Christianity, which they hate with a passion that, for many of them, crosses the line into the psychotic. No debate, no compromise, no shared humanity: their goal is to wipe out every vestige of Christian America and create an authoritarian, atheistic hell-hole with themselves in charge.

No, I’m not exaggerating. Neither is David Horowitz. This book was shocking even to me.

The ancient Chinese sage, Sun Tzu, author of The Art of War, laconically described a certain kind of military situation in which strategy and tactical finesse don’t matter.

“On death ground, fight.”

Either Christian America wins, or Christian America dies. God give us strength: and may God fight for us.

‘The Anti-Bible Magic Trick’ (2015)

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Leftids think everyone is stupid. They think we can’t see through clumsy tricks like this.


If Jesus Christ is not the Lord and Savior, if He was only a nice guy who had some eccentric ideas, once upon a time–if He even existed at all–why do they rage against Him so? Why do they want to strip people of their livelihoods for believing in Noah’s Flood? I mean, you see what happens to their faces…

Heck, I get exasperated when they spout their fairy tales of Man-Made Climbit Change: but that’s mostly because they want to use it as an excuse to tell other people what to do.

They need new writers. Their old ones are out of ideas.

Seminary Prez: Christ’s Resurrection Not ‘Necessary’

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Do they really make you trample on the Bible before they let you be a teacher or administrator at a seminary? Or does it only seem that way?

The president of Union Theological Seminary–that’s one of the biggies–says you don’t have to believe Christ rose from the dead, to be a Christian. Erick Erickson quotes her: “For Christians for whom the physical resurrection becomes a sort of obsession, that seems to me to be a pretty wobbly faith. What if tomorrow someone found the body of Jesus in the tomb?” [They won’t.] “Would that mean that Christianity was a lie?” (https://townhall.com/columnists/erickerickson/2019/04/26/flatearth-christianity-n2545394).

Let’s see if St. Paul can field that question.

Now if Christ be preached that he rose from the dead, how say some among you that there is no resurrection of the dead? But if there be no resurrection of the dead, then is Christ not risen: and if Christ be not risen, then is our preaching vain, and your faith is also vain. Yea, and we are found false witnesses of God; because we have testified of God that he raised up Christ: whom he raised not up, if so be the dead rise not. For if the dead rise not, then is not Christ raised. And if Christ be not raised, your faith is vain; ye are yet in your sins. (1 Corinthians 15: 12-17)

If Christ is not raised then, yes–the whole New Testament is a lie. And if there’s no New Testament, there’s no Christianity.

Unless this seminary half-wit thinks there’s such a thing as a Christless Christianity, in which salvation comes not from Jesus Christ, but from Science, the state, left-wing politics, and NPR, etc. And Jesus was just a nice guy who got crucified because he was a union man. Or something.

How do sins get forgiven? By voting for Democrats? Who forgives them? Hillary Clinton? And who gets to say what’s a sin and what’s not? The Bible, or some left-wing fat-head in a seminary?

This is why the flatline Protestant churches are dying the death. I can’t find it in my heart to waste tears on them. Those who know their Savior, who know His voice and follow Him, don’t need those churches. Nor those seminaries.

‘An Open Letter to My Critics’ (2013)

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The last time I re-ran this post, it touched off a lively discussion among the readers. I’d like to see it do it again.


Why it should be at all controversial, in a work of fiction, to depict a religious dimension to the characters’ lives and culture, is not easy to explain. Some of those secular fanatics really hate it if you even admit “religion” exists.

It has been suggested that I could be more winsome in my dealings with them.

That much effort, I’ll save for more important things.

When They Banned the Bible

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Here’s another thing I remember, from back when we were citizens: from back before the government learned how to say “Just shut up and pay your taxes.”

In 1962-63 the U.S. Supreme Court suddenly discovered that reading the Bible in a public place–notably a public school–was somehow against the Constitution. Amazing, the things that can dawn on judges after a couple hundred years.

When I went to grade school and middle school, we had a reading from the Bible, the Lord’s Prayer, and the Pledge of Allegiance to start our day. No one complained. The Bible readings were from the Old Testament, for Christians and Jews.

In high school the Bible reading came over the P.A. system, read each morning by my Aunt Millie, who was then the school secretary. But then, in my sophomore year, it had to stop. The Supreme Court said it had to stop. Why? Because of “separation of church and state” or something, which is not in the Constitution and never posed a problem for anyone until a few atheists started complaining in the early 1960s. The Bible readings had to be replaced by “inspirational readings” from strictly secular sources. Frankly, I never find that inspiring.

Here are a few other things I remember about high school, 1963-67, which were different.

No girl had an out-of-wedlock baby.

No school shootings… anywhere. Ever.

No assaults on teachers.

No drug overdoses. No suicides.

No need for guards or special police at any school. No metal detectors.

How was this not better? How are we the better for banning God’s word and replacing it with inducements to try every sexual aberration ever imagined in a fallen world?

But that was when we were citizens. Not subjects.

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