‘Our Evil, Mindless Government’ (2014)

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Was it really only eight years? It felt a lot longer than that!

People have short memories. How many have forgotten how truly awful the Obama presidency was?

Our Evil, Mindless Government

It was a festival of lawlessness. It was a celebration of all things perverse, insane, and wrong. We are blessed that our republic somehow managed to survive. But enough harm was done so that the next Democrat regime might finish us.

Use the power of the IRS to punish citizens for their politics? Oh, yeah!

But don’t let them catch you holding any bake sales…

7 comments on “‘Our Evil, Mindless Government’ (2014)

  1. “There’s always been this crazy stuff, but it sure seems like since owebama, a whole new porthole to hell opened up.” -msliberty

  2. It is naive to think *Batteries Not Included didn’t know about Spygate, or that he might even have masterminded it. Let’s hope Bill Barr, John Durham and Michael Horowitz will actually indict the lawbreakers and bring forth justice for their criminal actions.

    1. Who thinks that little tinhorn fascist didn’t know? Okay, he always used to say, “Why, I didn’t know anything at all about this-or-that until I saw it on the TV news, just like you.” I always thought that was just him confessing to his own monumental ignorance. But he knew about Spygate, the creep. Knew all about it from the get-go.

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