Still More Cats & Babies

All right, enough nooze already. Let’s turn to something wholesome.

Cats and babies make some beautiful music together. I don’t know how that crew of puppies got in here, and some of these little ones aren’t truly babies anymore–but it’s still some nice video. See if it makes you purr.

5 comments on “Still More Cats & Babies

  1. That was an excellent video. I was surprised how even very small babies seemed to want to interact with the cats. Seeing a little one singing or reading to a cat is truly precious. They obviously have a strong instinct to nurture and the cats seem to enjoy it too. To the best of my understanding, cats are the most popular mammalian pet; and that’s for good reason.

    1. I agree. As I type this, my lovely little Siamese jumped up on the bed and walked across my chest. I’m within spittin’ distance of 65 years old, but a visit from my cat was good for my development. 🙂

      When I view these videos, I am always struck by the natural interest and delight babies have for cats. This has to be innate. We are meant to love and care for animals. Even in infants, this trait is observable. When I saw that one little girl holding the cat like she was caring for a baby my heart just melted.

      I’ve seen this many times throughout my life. Children love animals and want to care for them. Farm children will try to make pets of all sorts of animals. I have been told that as a very small child, I used to play with a (harmless) snake in my parent’s yard. When we see little ones and animals interacting, we are seeing something designed by God Himself.

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