Censored Again!

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I didn’t know Facebook censored news. You know–those reports of things that have actually happened. But it seems they do, if it makes a Democrat look bad.

A few minutes ago I published a post about Hillary Clinton mocking America at a Venice art show. This is one of those things that really happened.

Facebook wouldn’t let me post it on our Facebook page because, they say, it was a “post that looks like spam.” I don’t see that all. Maybe some liberal out there can explain why no one should be allowed to know about this nooze. Go ahead; I dare you.

Wait’ll Facebook, Google, and the rest of Far Left Big Tech figure out they can help Democrats best by silencing every stupid or deranged statement that flops out of their mouths. We’ll never hear from them again.

OK, let’s see if the puppies can get me past the censor.

12 comments on “Censored Again!

    1. Last year I wanted to see what our opponents were up to on Facebook. We are fighting over the taking of property from a congregation of priests who have been selflessly serving our community for almost 100 years!
      I dipped my toe into the Facebook water and got so chilled, I pulled it out immediately. That’s it for me and Facebook!

    2. I didn’t mean that as a criticism of anyone here. My point is that the huge membership of Facebook is not a good thing. People use it, many times because they have to. My nephew hates Facebook, but it is necessary to his business, so he belongs. I can name any number of people in the same situation.

      Facebook is a fact of life for the time being, even their privacy practices have been a cause for concern on the part of some folks. In the final analysis, will Facebook go down as being a force for good or a force for bad? Time will tell, but I have no interest in using it for personal and/or social purposes.

    3. George Gilder is considered a genius. He predicted the cell phone 13 years before anything like it existed. Now he’s saying that companies like Google and Facebook will be supplanted in the next 10 years by other technology that does protect privacy and security. Can’t come fast enough for me.

    4. I hope he’s right. The Internet does much good, but Facebook and Google harvest incredible amounts of data about everyone that uses their services. I use Duck, Duck, Go as a search engine, BTW. I’m not about to contribute more to Google than I have to.

  1. I was censored also, yesterday, and in fact a pop up message told me I was shut down. hmmph. The only reason I visit facebook is to see what my grandkids are posting.

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