Hillary Mocks America

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The moment any Democrat sets foot on foreign soil, he or she disses America. It’s in their DNA; they can’t control it. I don’t mind that they travel a lot. I just mind that they come back.

The latest is Hillary Clinton, who’s been mocking America from the safety of Venice, Italy (https://tammybruce.com/2019/09/sad-story-hillary-sits-at-mock-resolute-desk-reading-her-emails-at-venice-art-exhibit.html). As part of some kind of art exhibit, she sits at a fake Resolute Desk in a fake Oval Office, reading her leaked e-mails–60,000 pages worth.

This supposedly demonstrates that there was nothing in any of her Secretary of State e-mails that was at all sensitive, secret, dangerous, or simply not to be revealed. Smirking, the most corrupt woman in the northern hemisphere riffles the stack of papers and says, “They’re just so boring!”

Oh–are they? If they are, then why did you go to such extraordinary lengths to delete them or destroy them? You even had some of your goons smashing hard drives with hammers. Plus it’s a felony, for which others have had to go to prison, to handle classified material negligently–to say nothing of with a total disregard for anything even suggestive of security.

Anyway, there she is in a foreign country, laughing at America and yukking it up over the way she’s gotten away with one crime after another. Haw, haw.

Can’t we find some lawful way to banish her?

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  1. The restrictions of holding a security clearance are numerous and can be severe. A security clearance is not simply about one’s ability to keep a secret, it involves procedures for processing classified information. For example, portable telephones are not allowed in the presence of classified information. There are lockers outside virtually every room where classified information is processed for the purpose of stowing “PED”s, personal electronic devices. Secure emails can only be processed on certain computers and these computers are connected to an entirely different network than computers which process unclassified information. Sending unclassified information to the “high side” (the classified network) is possible, albeit with difficulty. Sending information from the high side out to the unclassified network is essentially impossible and highly illegal. Inadvertently doing so is know as “spillage” and can result in having your security clearance reinvestigated. If it happens too often, your security clearance will disappear, along with your job. I’m not sure how Hillary managed to do what she did, but it was a very serious breach of protocol.

    And yes, classified documents are boring. I’ve worked with them, even created them, and they are bout as boring as anything I’ve ever seen. Here’s the deal: boring is not the issue. Information is classified based upon its probable impact on national security were it to become public. Something as mundane as specific travel plans of a high ranking official or officer are not usually publicized, because such information would be quite useful if an enemy were planning a decapitation strike. Even tiny crumbs of information must be kept secret, or they can be used to aggregate with other tiny crumbs which then become useful information. Anyone with a security clearance is responsible for being aware of this.

    1. So it wasn’t, like, kosher to have all this stuff in your bathroom, and store some of it along with Anthony Weiner’s emails to underage girls? I mean, you can’t do that?

    2. Certainly not. BTW, classifying information because it would be embarrassing or reveal incompetence is every bit as serious of a crime as releasing legitimately classified information.

  2. If we were subpoenaed in a Congressional investigation and were asked to produce our emails, and then we deleted a bunch of them that might incriminate us, what do you think would happen? Yep, we would go to jail. Hillary hasn’t because there is a two-tiered justice system operating in our country. Anyone out there think this should be corrected?

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