Now She’s Descended from Gandhi

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In her continuing quest for verifiable minority status, Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren says “You all misunderstood me! I didn’t mean I was descended from Native Americans. I meant those other Indians–the ones in India. I am a direct descendant of Whatsisname Gandhi!”

As proof of her claim, Sen. Warren says “I always had this thing for Nehru jackets, and I really like curry. So if you elect me president, you won’t have to worry about me exercising any of that White Privilege!”

If you couldn’t help believing this for a moment there–well, what does that say about this woman’s politics?


7 comments on “Now She’s Descended from Gandhi

    1. I think it important to expose liberals for the puffed-up fat-headed fools they are. Their greatest single asset is their pretense they’re so much smarter than regular people, so much better educated, so hip–when really all they are is ignorant and selfish gasbags with a lot of truly asinine, if not profoundly wicked, ideas. America needs for them to be satirized.

  1. Ignoring them would be the best course, if it were somehow possible to get a huge majority of people to simply tune them out, give them no stage time at all. Don’t think it will happen, but oh, that it could be.

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