Live by the Sword…

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Well, waddaya know? Here’s Canadian Liberal honcho Justin Trudeau done up in blackface! Sheesh, he looks worse than Sam Jaffee in Gunga Din.

Ordinarily I’d say, “Oh, so what? If seeing some dork in blackface is the worst thing that happens today, you’ve got a pretty nice life!” But I think it only fair that liberals should be hoisted on the same gallows they’ve built for everybody else.

And so… Oooooh-hoo-hoo! Why, Justin Trudeau is a racist! Look at him burlesquing persons of color! And you’re telling me this racist, this clown, is prime minister of Canada? Are you going to let him stay there in that post another hour? Why hasn’t he resigned already? Obviously he despises people of color and thinks they’re all stalking white women! Obviously he’s been only pretending to be woke–when all he really is, and all he’s ever been, is a White Supremacist! Is this the kind of person we permit to remain in public life? Why, he’s no better than Hitler!

Now I’ll sit back and wait for some liberal to pick up that last paragraph word for word and use it. Without giving credit, of course.

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