Trudeau Gets Stoned (Literally)

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s vaccine “mandates” aren’t winning any popularity contests; and neither is he.

At a recent campaign stop in London, Ontario, Trudeau had to leave town in a hurry after angry citizens pelted him with pebbles ( No one was injured. Lucky thing no one thought to bring brickbats. Sometimes you have to settle for pebbles when it’s on short notice.

But Ontario! It’s the belly of the beast. Canada’s Far Left Crazy thrives in Ontario. (And also in Vancouver.) So for Trudeau to get stoned there is surprising.

What do we have to do to convince our politicians to stop treating us like livestock? They’ll be branding us next. Although some will say they’re already doing that.

‘Canada Again (*Sigh*)

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A great argument against the existence of any government at all…

The earthly paradise of Libland-to-Come will surely feature the extinction of men and their replacement by sodomites and “trans women.” Won’t that be wonderful! I wonder what Justin Trudeau will have himself turned into, so he can keep on being Canada’s schmendrick-in-chief.

Canada Again (*sigh*)

Back in 1970 R.J. Rushdoony wrote about the humanist revolt against “creatureliness”–morons who refuse to accept themselves as created beings because they want to be the creators. But all they’ve ever been able to create is stupid misery.

Live by the Sword…

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Well, waddaya know? Here’s Canadian Liberal honcho Justin Trudeau done up in blackface! Sheesh, he looks worse than Sam Jaffee in Gunga Din.

Ordinarily I’d say, “Oh, so what? If seeing some dork in blackface is the worst thing that happens today, you’ve got a pretty nice life!” But I think it only fair that liberals should be hoisted on the same gallows they’ve built for everybody else.

And so… Oooooh-hoo-hoo! Why, Justin Trudeau is a racist! Look at him burlesquing persons of color! And you’re telling me this racist, this clown, is prime minister of Canada? Are you going to let him stay there in that post another hour? Why hasn’t he resigned already? Obviously he despises people of color and thinks they’re all stalking white women! Obviously he’s been only pretending to be woke–when all he really is, and all he’s ever been, is a White Supremacist! Is this the kind of person we permit to remain in public life? Why, he’s no better than Hitler!

Now I’ll sit back and wait for some liberal to pick up that last paragraph word for word and use it. Without giving credit, of course.

Trudeau Exec Order: Believe in Evolution, or You Can’t Have a Job

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It isn’t Cultural Appropriation when he does it. It’s just stupid.

Thanks to a new executive order by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Canadians will now have to sign an “oath of attestation,” professing their belief in Evolution, as a condition of employment.

“There is no room in the Canadian economy for hateful people who refuse to believe in settled science,” Trudeau said. “We will distribute copies of the oath to every employee in Canada. Check the box ‘Yes,’ or you’re out of a job!”

Last year Canada ruled there would be no “Summer Jobs Canada” funding for any organization opposed to abortion (

The new order, Trudeau explained, is aimed primarily at Christians while Muslims are exempted. “It’s always the stinking Christians who try to block progress,” he said, “always the no-good Christians who stand between us and the achievement of an earthly paradise. Well, from now on in Canada, they’re going to have to do it without a paycheck!”

[Editor’s Note: This story is a hoax. It is an experiment, intended to discover whether people believe there is any limit to the excesses of the Left–of which Trudeau is a spectacular example.]

‘The Armageddon Factor’ (in Faith For All of Life, 2010): Fake News on Steroids

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King Justin Trudeau, tyrant of Canada

Y’know, I used to be a journalist, and “highly respected journalists” like this clown give the profession a bad name and make me ashamed that I was ever part of it. Canadian “journalist” Marci McDonald’s hatchet job on conservative Christians is about as low as it gets.

What’s changed since I published this eight years ago?

Well, Canada voted out its Conservative Party prime minister and elected Far Left Loony Justin Trudeau… so now they can put you in jail for using the wrong pronoun, and now you have to sign an oath pledging your support for abortion before you can get a summer job–so which side is it, Marci, that “imposes its values” on everybody else?

As if we had to ask!

Whoa, Canada!

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Castro’s the one with the beard. Trudeau’s the other tyrant.

It used to be that tyrants were content to tell you what you couldn’t say. But that’s not enough for them anymore. Now they want to tell you what you must say.

In Canada, if you’re a student who wants in on the Canada Summer Jobs grant program–you’re not gonna believe this–you have to declare your support for abortion as being part of your “core mandate” ( If you or your church does not support abortion, then you can’t get a grant.

A lawsuit has already been filed.

Some 70,000 students are expected to receive grants–but only if they’re all aboard for abortion. If you don’t check the abortion box on the application, get lost!

Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau, laughs off the controversy as a “kerfuffle.” I mean, really, why shouldn’t you have to say you support abortion, if you want to work this summer?

And don’t be too surprised if they expand this to cover “gay marriage,” too.

Five hundred years ago, the Japanese government required Dutch traders to trample on the cross before they could do business in that country.

Now Canada does the same.

Canada Again (*sigh*)

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Justin Trudeau… the poor man’s Fabio

When they’re not busy banning numerals, tossing people into prison for using the wrong pronoun, or trying to resurrect the dreadful Section 13 of the infamous Human Rights Act, Canadians occupy themselves by electing stooges like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to represent them to the world.

At a recent town hall in Edmonton, Trudeau impressed the dickens out of liberals everywhere by gently chiding a woman for her use of the word “mankind.”

“We like to say ‘peoplekind,'” babbled the P.M., “not necessarily ‘mankind,’ because it’s more inclusive” (–and you just gained two squares on your Blather Bingo card.

Alas, poor Trudeau fell headfirst into the new feminist taboo against “mansplaining,” a feminist dogma that makes it an offense for a man to impart any information to a woman.

We have been unable to confirm reports that Trudeau is secretly “transitioning” into a woman to solidify his popularity among feminists. This would also allow him to answer a woman’s question without giving offense. Remember, “The future is female!” No more men! That’ll solve all the world’s prombles!

If it doesn’t, it’ll be interesting to see who feminists blame for that.

Is It Still Stupid If a Left-Wing Schmendrick Does It?

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JT doing yoga with some of his fans…

Left-wing dreamboat, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who just last week led the charge to make using the wrong pronoun an offense punishable by prison time, has himself committed the anti-feminist gaffe of “manspreading”–on the cover of a magazine, no less (

“What is… manspreading?” I hear you ask.

It’s when a man sits with his legs spread out, as if to advertise the usually easily discernible fact that he’s a man, instead of with his knees pressed primly together as feminists would prefer.

Dig the cover photo of JT on Delta Airlines’ in-flight magazine. He gets away with imitating a man because his lib constituents don’t have any more of a clue than he does as to what a man is. It’s sort of like a clueless Presbyterian youth minister trying to be cool for the kids. Really, it’s embarrassing.

Now, if some non-liberal politician were to strike a pose like that, he would be accused of a hate crime and they’d all show up in their little pink hats to scream f-bombs and death threats at him. But because he’s looking to throw people in jail for not using whatever pronoun some wacked-out transgender kook demands, JT gets a pass.

You can always rely on them using a double standard. Or even a triple one.

(Thanks to our esteemed colleague “jessicafischerqueen” for the news tip. You can see her comments on my “Playground Player” page today on  )

Canada Criminalizes ‘Wrong Pronouns’

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All it needs now is “royal consent” from the House of Commons, and Canada will become the proud owner of a brand-new form of tyranny: punishing normal folks for using the wrong “gender pronouns” for people who don’t know what they are (

Fines, jail time, compulsory “sensitivity training”–these can now be yours! All you have to do is call a man “him” when he’d rather be called “her.” The new “crimes” have been tacked onto the Human Rights Code, by a vote of 67-11 in the Senate.

“Great news!” exults Canada’s neo-Stalinist prime minister, Justin Trudeau. He also has a thingy on his Twitter, “#LoveisLove,” whatever the devil that means.

Overheard in prison cell: “So what are you guys in for?” “Armed robbery.” “I stole a couple cars.” “Aggravated assault.” And then, “Well, me, I got 18 months for using the wrong gender pronoun.” Shocked silence descends upon the convicted criminals.

And the people of Canada just take it, as usual. Right on the chin. There’s no outrage the Left can impose on normal people that inspires opposition.

That’s the biggest mystery of all.

Hell Age Looms for Canada

We rejoiced in 2013 when Canada’s Parliament repealed the infamous Section 13 of its “Human Rights” Act. Section 13, with its open-ended definitions and murky language, made it open season on anyone who said or wrote anything that any member of any Cherished Minority in Canada found “offensive” for any reason, no matter how ridiculous.

But that was when the Conservative Party was in charge. Now, with leftid superman Justin Trudeau in the driver’s seat, the new Parliament has proposed to amend the Criminal Code to bring back all the  bad old days of Section 13–and then some.

With one important difference.

Under the old regime, all they could do to you was use the “human rights” tribunal to perpetually harass you, and ruin you through colossal legal fees.

Now they propose to chuck you into prison for two years if you say or write anything that “promotes hatred,” whatever that means, or is “offensive to the community,” whatever that means ( ).

Note: this protection from ever being offended, challenged, or disagreed with will not extend to every Canadian citizen. Ordinary persons will not have this protection: only members of Canada’s Cherished Minorities, including transgender whaddayacallums. If you are a white Christian man or woman who is sexually normal and morally upright, anyone can say anything to you, write anything about you, abuse you to his heart’s content–and you just have to suck it up.

This is what happens when leftids come to power. They loath and despise ordinary normal people. They hate all forms of decency. That’s why they always try to criminalize it.

Will Son of Trudeau get this wicked measure passed, or will Canada come to its senses in time?

Unless, of course, this kind of soft-core Stalinism is really what Canada wants.

And please don’t think, even for a minute, that Democrats wouldn’t want to do this to America. They’d do it this afternoon, if they thought they had the votes.