College Pushes ‘Game’ for Losers

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Become an intellectual! Play Chutes and Ladders!

There are days when writing the nooze is actually painful. This is one of them.

For instance: At Canisius College (never heard of it), heads of student groups were recently required to play a “social justice board game” as “training” ( Training for what? How to be left-wing fat-heads–what else? What they wanted was to find out how their groups could get access to funding. What they got was this stupid game.

“Factuality”–give me strength–is a “game” of race and sex and yatta-yatta and all about how some of us are victims and some of us have “privilege” and “players will become acquainted with the intricacies of inequality’s intentionally structured foundation–”

[Runs off to grab barf bag]

In 2018 the base tuition at Canisius College, excluding fees, housing, etc., was $28,488. That’s almost $114,000 for four years–if that’s how long it takes you to get your degree in Stupid Studies. For that you get a lot of bilge about “inequality.”

If you can’t think of anything better to do with $114,000… give it to me, because I can.

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  1. Canisius College is run by Jesuits, which is all you need to know about it these days. About 20 years ago, one of my (Catholic) friends said,”I remember the Jesuits when they were still Jesuits.” I replied, “I remember the Jesuits when they were still Catholic.”

    Actually, a boy I knew when we were in our teens did begin college at Canisius (1956? 1957?), and at the time it was a pretty good school with a rigorous academic program and solid Catholic theology. It was a different world then….

    1. The gospel they’re preaching here seems to be “Once a victim, always a victim–resent it forever.” It’s the opposite of Christianity. Shame on the Jesuits: Pope John Paul II was right about them.

  2. I loved Chutes & Ladders as a kid – board games were great, especially Monopoly. Now they have a Ms. Monopoly where the females get more money to start with. Makes no sense to me. How about a Bell Mountain board game?

    1. Democrats divide and rule. In Clinton’s time it was called triangulation. Raise up imaginary enemies that “victims” and “minorities” need the government to protect them from.

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