‘The Absurdity of “Diversity” and “Inclusion”‘ (2016)

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It wouldn’t be so bad to be governed by idiots, if only they were good at it; but to be ruled by crazy idiots, well, that’s a bit too much.

The Absurdity of ‘Diversity’ and ‘Inclusion’

Like, there would be no “diversity” anywhere, unless liberals in power deliberately created it? Really? But I once actually interviewed some jidrool from Canada’s federal Human Rights Commission who said the government ought to decide who your friends are–because people just aren’t “diverse” or “inclusive” enough in their choice of friends. It shouldn’t be left up to them.

He wasn’t kidding.

And neither am I.

5 comments on “‘The Absurdity of “Diversity” and “Inclusion”‘ (2016)

  1. I have seen the slide in Canadians for a number of years. I had/ have friends who are Canadian. It really started to escalate when socialized medicine began years ago. One older friend would come here to U.S. to visit his daughter, and would get medical work done here because he was so disgusted with the system at home. Once the government had control of the medical system, it all went down hill from there. For the most part, our medical system is no better now. Everything they touch turns to crap.

  2. This notion of diversity has lost all meaning. Many of us were appalled by the way blacks were treated in the Deep South and felt strongly that the laws had to change. Ok, fine, that was one situation which was dealt with many years ago. But the social problems run much deeper and can’t be solved with legislation or some notion of diversity. People, as individuals, are who they are and you can’t legislate that out of existence. There are complicated problems that no human can solve, but the Kingdom of God can. It’s about hearts, not regulations or quotas.

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