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‘The Absurdity of “Diversity” and “Inclusion”‘ (2016)

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It wouldn’t be so bad to be governed by idiots, if only they were good at it; but to be ruled by crazy idiots, well, that’s a bit too much.


Like, there would be no “diversity” anywhere, unless liberals in power deliberately created it? Really? But I once actually interviewed some jidrool from Canada’s federal Human Rights Commission who said the government ought to decide who your friends are–because people just aren’t “diverse” or “inclusive” enough in their choice of friends. It shouldn’t be left up to them.

He wasn’t kidding.

And neither am I.

Reeding Grate Litterture!

Image result for images of stupid comic book

Haters thay think jist becose we in Gender Studies “it” meanes we hasnt got no taiste in litterture! Boy is that stopid thing to say! We “are” Interllecturals so of corse we reed grate litterture al the time!!

I has reeded al the grates,, Spiderman and Battman and Trans Formers witch “is my” favrote becose al them chacterers thay “are” Trans Gender! and to-day we “had a” guesst lectrer she teached us al “abuot how” Not to reed Racist litterture wrote by Wite Privledge Hattero-Sexist Mails! Becose it wil Rot yuor Mind and yiu only shuld “reed” litterture by wimmim and gay and peple thay are Not wite!

She sayed the porpose of litterture it “is to” Expant yuor Mind and make you Self more Progrestive! so i buyed me a isstue of “this” Doom Patrol Comick becose it got a pitcure of this hear Wite Mail he turnt into a Monster part Tryanosaurrus and part Octapuss! i think he “looks” like Donold Trumpt! and it taked me a Long Time to reed it and then i Had “to” throw it Out becose it didnt have no Gay Heero in it! and Besides it was “kind of” Racist tooo!

From Now On i wil onely reed litterture that cellerbates Diversity and thare istnt no Bynary Gender peple in it!!! and i wented To our Statchue of Pressadint Obamma and prombised him I wuld nevver reed no more Strait Wite Prifflidge litterture no more! That sure Made me feeel better!

PS, somboddy he jist toled me That thare wasnt no Octapuss in that comick After All it was some “kind of” Tree insted so now i has got to treye to Get my monny back!!!

The War on Normal People: ‘Misgendering’

Why do libs and other Democrats always want felons to be sprung from jail?

Obviously to make room there for the rest of us.

In New York City now, they’ve made it a serious crime to fail to use some transgender kook’s “preferred pronoun” ( http://www.dcclothesline.com/2016/05/19/new-york-city-to-fine-businesses-that-dont-use-correct-gender-pronouns/ ). At first this prohibition applied only to city employees. Now it has been widened to include “employees, landlords, and businesses.” I think you can soon expect to see it expanded to include family members, neighbors, or just people passing on the street.

Laws used to be about what you couldn’t do. With leftids in charge, laws are increasingly about things we must do, must say, must believe. Like Obamacare: you must buy medical insurance. Or you must be actively involved in a homosexual pseudo-wedding if they demand it of you.

Now the New York City Commission on Human Rights–hint: if your town or city has one of these, then your town or city has more money than is good for it–is on the lookout for “intentional or repeated refusal to use an individual’s preferred name, pronoun, or title.”

Does that mean I can force people to address me as “your majesty,” if that’s the title I prefer? If not, why not?

The commission suggests that, to avoid trouble, employees at any business should ask a person “What is your preferred pronoun?” the moment he, she, or it comes into the shop. Business owners are instructed to fire employees who won’t comply. If you don’t conform to leftids’ vision of “diversity,” you must not be allowed to earn a livelihood.

So, great, now the libs have put a brand-new crime on the books–in addition to other just-invented crimes like microaggression, humanizing the fetus, and the biggest boogie-man of them all, Climate Change Denial.

This is what happens when a great city winds up being governed by a nitwit who used to be a Sandinista groupie. This clown won’t even use his real name, which is Warren Wilhelm Jr.–not “Bill DeBlasio.”

Clearly God is angry with us, to allow such leaders as this to rule over us.

New York ‘Law’ Makes It a Crime to Speak the Truth

If some new regulation required you to acknowledge some nut as Napoleon because he insists he is Napoleon, you’d probably consider it unjust, not to mention stupid.

Well, in New York City, you can now be fined up to a quarter of a million dollars for referring to some “transgender” wacko by the “wrong” pronoun, or in any other way failing to get on board with his or her delusion ( http://dailycaller.com/2015/12/28/new-york-can-fine-you-250k-for-misgendering-somebody/ ).

Yes! The Democrats running the city into the ground have come up with a brand-new crime: misgendering. “What are you in for?” the armed robber/murderer/car thief asked the new arrival in the prison.  “They busted me for misgendering.” Horrified gasps all around.

So put that one on the shelf along with homophobia, Islamophobia, Climate Change Denial, and all the other new crimes dreamed up by libs ‘n’ progs.

It is their goal to make any conceivable detail of human behavior potentially punishable. That’ll keep us on our toes. When you can never go to bed without some lurking fear of the Thought and Speech Police breaking down your door in the middle of the night, that’s when the libs will be satisfied.

For the record: no matter what surgical mutilations are carried out, no matter what hormones or other chemicals are injected, no matter what anybody says, every cell, every single one of millions and millions, in a male human body remains male. And every cell in a female human body remains female. No matter what they say, no matter what they do.

New York City’s new “law” is a law against reality.

University: ‘No Such Thing as Free Speech’

tape over mouth photo: tape-over-mouth tape-over-mouth.jpg

I just told you about Santa Clara University teaching kids to call 911 every time somebody hurts their feelings–but please don’t think such foolishness is confined to California.

Let’s zip across the continent to the opposite coast, to New Jersey–to my own alma mater, Rutgers University.

You know what Rutgers is telling its students? Hey, let’s quote from the student handbook:

“There is no such thing as ‘free’ speech.” Therefore, warns the Office of Student
Affairs, you’d better “think before you speak.” ( http://rare.us/story/rutgers-tells-students-there-is-no-such-thing-as-free-speech/ )

Hello? Hello? Is anybody home? Did they relocate Rutgers to North Korea, or bring North Korea to Rutgers?

The handbook also exhorts students to “Join activities, programs, courses, and practices that promote diversity”–by enforcing uniformity of thought–“and social justice.”

Bias incidents are forbidden, and here’s how Rutgers defines a bias act:

“Bias Acts Are: Verbal, written, physical, psychological acts–” in other words, any action at all, short of dying, which they haven’t yet figured out how to punish–“that threaten or harm a person or group on the  basis of race, religion, color, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression…” Can I stop now? This goes on for quite a bit longer.

When I went to Rutgers, 1967-71, “dissent” was lauded as an end in itself, “dissenters” placed on pedestals, we were all urged to become dissenters, etc. Of course, what they wanted was for students to oppose the Viet Nam War. If you dissented in favor of the war, that was another story.

Wait’ll the next time these yo-yos call me up to ask for money. “Sorry, but I don’t contribute to silly-bugger institutions that promote Stalinism.” And go ahead, I dare you to stay on the line.

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