‘Nagged by a Cereal Box’ (2014)

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I used to know a fairly affluent couple who liked to visit New York from time to time to gawk at the homeless. They would go for a hansom cab ride, have dinner at a nice restaurant, and then do a bit of slumming. Somehow I could never quite get my mind around poor people as a form of entertainment.

Nagged by a Cereal Box

And what about this assumption that poverty is so widespread in naughty capitalist America that you can hardly help but find a soup kitchen on every street corner?

Wishful thinking on the part of Democrats.

8 comments on “‘Nagged by a Cereal Box’ (2014)

    1. Love it! 🙂 🙂

      Actually, I’ve often hoped that God will make the same allowance for me. Sometimes my only possible prayer seems to be, “Lord, I am a jerk.”

    2. Wait’ll you read what I just did.
      One of my fellow tenants is building a shed for his stable of bikes. This entails a bit of noise. I objected to that today, and he retorted with a crack about my “polluting the air” with my cigars–and I erupted like Mount St. Helen’s. I haven’t snapped like that in years. Not the most Christian thing I’ve ever done, and not the best thing for my blood pressure. I guess I had a lot of stress built up, and that crack about the cigar just sent me instantaneously into hyperspace.

      By and by we apologized to each other, shook hands, and made up.

      I think I need another hymn.

    3. What? Our fearless Blogger is not perfect? What a shock 🙂 . Our pastor had a great sermon on the Samaritan leper who returned to worship Jesus. Pastor went into how our sin nature is like leprosy but much worse.

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