Dems Gobble 10,000 Steaks

Steak On Grill

Back off, peasants! No steak for you!

Let’s see if we’ve got this straight.

All the Democrat presidential wannabes are on record as supporting The Green New Deal. Check.

The Green New Deal sez beef is bad and cow farts lead to Climate Change, so we’ve got to give up beef. Check.

All 17 candidates descended on Iowa last weekend for the Iowa Democrat Steak Fry, where they consumed 10,500 steaks. Uh, not check.

Ooh-ooh, wait a minute! We forgot for a moment. Democrat big shots don’t propose that they give up steak. Oh, no. They propose that you give up steak. Good heavens. They keep buying costly beachfront palaces: obviously they don’t believe the Rising Sea Levels will rise over their beaches.

They also want you to eat bugs and try to get into cannibalism.

So there they are in Iowa scarfing down thousands and thousands of steaks, which they want to forbid to you.

It saddens me to think that whatever idiot these hypocrites nominate, tens of millions of Americans will vote for him or her next year. Will it be Francis “Beto” “Dung for Brains” O’Rourke, with his “mandatory gun buy-back”–totally against the Second Amendment, law of the land and all that? Or Cory “Spartacus” Booker, whose eyes tear up when he talks about “hate”–but only if it’s in the form of opposition or criticism of any Far Left Crazy project.

They’ll take away your steak and eat it in front of you.

8 comments on “Dems Gobble 10,000 Steaks

  1. Can anyone take these nut-cases seriously? How on earth could anyone with even a partial brain consider it? Maybe these are all disguised aliens or some kind of robots that only look human.

  2. “They’ll take away your steak and eat it in front of you.” Jesus severest criticism was calling people “hypocrites.” These Dems have no fear of God – not yer anyway. Time will tell.

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