‘Nobody’s Listening’ (2015)

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Is what you asked for what you got? You’ll find out when you get home!

What the heck, I’ll run this again–because I’m sure more than a few of you have stories about being completely ignored by people who are supposedly in business and need you as a customer.

Nobody’s Listening

Do they sometimes make you feel like you’ve become invisible, inaudible–and maybe you only think they’re really there? Is it possible that the words you think you’re speaking come out totally different to the hearer?

Nah, none of those things: they just ain’t listening.

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6 comments on “‘Nobody’s Listening’ (2015)

  1. Not only are they deaf, but they are also very tricky. The ways prices of food are posted are deceptive. Can you imagine purchasing several items of one kind of product, then finding at the check out that the price is higher per item, and being informed that the lower price posted was only valid for one flavor of the product, not any of the others.!! I shake my head. We have to watch every move.

  2. Businesses that have a good employee who is good with the customers and conscientious about doing a good job should make sure they are well compensated for – they are what bring customers back for more = money.

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