‘A Grim Little Insight from History’ (2016)

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During the heyday of the Roman Empire, it was possible to send a letter–or even a parcel containing a pair of knitted socks!–from Mesopotamia to a fort on Hadrian’s Wall in Scotland. After Rome fell, it would not again become possible to do that for another fifteen hundred years.

Why did Rome fall?

A Grim Little Insight from History

Note the comments by Cicero and Abraham Lincoln, posted by “Watchman.”

***On a higher note, last night we listened to President Trump’s speech at the UN. Wow! How badly and for how long we’ve needed a president like that! The only thing he could’ve said that would’ve made it even better would have been, “And as of now, the United States will no longer fund this ridiculous institution.”

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  1. You are so right about the useless, in fact detrimental U.N. If only we could just kick it out of the country, tear the building with its disgusting components right down to the ground and use the land for some useful purpose.

  2. As I watched President Trump’s speech at the UN I had the same thougnt: “Why are we even in this organization?” Every one of the ten UN Secretary Generals have been either a communist or socialist.

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