Two-Fisted Cats

You’d think cats could tell a real animal from a stuffed toy. But cats have been with us a long time, and I think they’ve begun to get kind of peoply. So maybe they aren’t so sure of what’s real and what isn’t.

But I’ve watched this video twice, and I’m convinced some of these cats know perfectly well that the stuffed toy isn’t real–but are peoply enough to play along with the gag.

2 comments on “Two-Fisted Cats

  1. In a couple of cases, I think that the cat thought that was a real animal and acted in defense. Several other examples seemed more playful, to my eye.

    My take is that cats are of two minds on the subject. They probably sense that it’s not a real animal, but they are completely certain. There was the black cat batted at the tow alligator, but then calmly licked its paw. Anything that happened from that point onward was definitely play.

    The cat immediately after that hissed at the toy Dachshund seemed genuinely alarmed, but I suspect that once it contacted the toy, it realized that it wasn’t alive. Then next one, the cat that ran across the room and tackled that big toy Rottweiler; I think that was all play.

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