‘”Hate America High” Rescinds Flag Ban (2016)

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If you thought your schools would be okay because you live in a red state, think again. This Travelers Rest High School, where they banned the American flag from football games, is in South Carolina.

‘Hate-America High’ Rescinds Flag Ban

Yes, the same Far Left Crazy “educators” are at work in all 50 states, trying to put America as we know it out of business. The reasoning here was that the American flag flying in America “might offend someone.” Like maybe some mental patient who thinks he’s in Angola? But they couldn’t find anyone who actually was offended, so after the whole community voiced its outrage, the principal chose the better part of valor and called off the ban.

Here’s a promise, boys and kills–

Kill public education, and Far Left Crazy dies.

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  1. If that happened in Arkansas the people would push back by bringing American flags to the games, if only on their shirts. We have a Christian Governor and a Christian legislature. We have already passed a law making abortion illegal when the Supreme Court overturns Roe. We have “In God We Trust” by the flags in our schoolrooms. Teachers can bring Bibles to school and put Bible scriptures on the wall and on their desk. The really liberal teachers tend to teach high school.

    Today I subbed in a Science class that showed a video of a land animal that evolved into a whale – of course it took millions of years. What a shame our children are taught lies & falsehoods.

    1. Do you have non-unionized teachers in your public schools?
      My state, New Jersey, on the other hand, is owned outright by the teachers’ union. Lock, stock, and barrel.

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