Lies, Damned Lies, and Hopeless Whoppers

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“We choose truth over facts!” –Joe Biden, 2019

Lying has always been a part of politics; but once upon a time, lies had to be crafted skillfully enough to be believed. That’s the part of it that’s missing now.

When Joe Biden told a crowd at the Iowa State Fair, “We choose truth over facts,” we thought it was just another Biden gaffe. After all, he’s made a million of ’em.

But now I think we have to take him literally. He wasn’t kidding. Democrats really do dispense with facts, ignoring them or even badly denying things that everyone knows are true.

Last week the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, stood up in front of the nation and read what he said was a transcript of a phone conversation between President Donald Trump and the president of Ukraine ( The president has released a transcript of the call, but that’s not what Schiff read. What he read, he made up–fabricated every word of it himself, and attributed it to President Trump. When called to task for it during the very same hearing, Schiff took refuge in the excuse that it was–at least in part, he said–a parody. Only of course he didn’t introduce it as a parody. He introduced it as the president’s actual words.

This is what is commonly called a lie. Only it was a lie that couldn’t possibly survive, because the president had released the real transcript for everyone to see.

On the basis of this lie, Democrats have gone forward with impeachment. ‘Cause that, as ol’ Hambone Biden might say, is “truth over facts.”

Look for a steady diet of it from now on.


5 comments on “Lies, Damned Lies, and Hopeless Whoppers

  1. The left has been doing this for a long time. I still remember the time, in the mid-1990s, when I publicly challenged Robert Jay Lifton at a conference about his book that had pretty much set up the stereotype of the Vietnam veteran as a crazed killer or zombie victim. I pointed out that at the beginning of his book he’d actually acknowledged — even boasted — that he and his “research” team had deliberately chosen a biased sample, had decided beforehand what the outcome of the “research” should be, and had forced out of the “research” groups anyone who didn’t go along with the program. I added that he’d never even attempted to use any control groups, and asked how he could justify making any claims under these conditions. He just smiled and said, “We were looking for a MORAL truth.”

    For me, that’s always summed up the left. A moral truth based on lies. That’s their idea of “morality.”

  2. The Dems case for impeachment for the Ukraine call is falling apart. President Trump is having his lawyers prepare a lawsuit against Adam Shiff and his ilk. It seems comments made outside the Congressional chambers is not immune to lawsuits. Maybe a threat to sue is only a political ploy, but I sure would like to see it come to pass.

    According to House rules, an impeachment inquiry has to be official by a vote of the Representatives. Then the President’s defenders can call witnesses who have to testify under oath. Wouldn’t it be great to watch Joe Biden and Adam Shiff testify under oath?

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