‘Prayerful’ Democrats (and Jumbo Shrimp)

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She’s praying to… who???

Squeaker of the House Nancy Pelosi says she and her Democrat playmates are “prayerfully and patriotically” going about the business of annulling the 2016 election by impeaching President Donald Trump (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvFxmUVFqBY).

Somehow the idea of Democrats praying is inherently grotesque, like pirates collecting for the UJA. Who would they be praying to?

Well, that would be a god who 1) really likes abortion, right up to and including the moment of a baby’s birth, 2) wants to see boys turned into girls and girls turned into boys, 3) endorses and blesses sodomy, 4) blesses atheism and idol worship, 5) recognizes and confirms innumerable and mutually contradicting versions of “truth,” to the point where there is no truth at all, and 6) leaves it up to well-paid liberals here on earth to decide whatever might be sin on any given day.

Now, what god fits that description? [Cue “Jeopardy” theme music]

Bzzzz! Ooh-ooh, I know, I know!

It’s Satan!

Give that man a genuine Elizabeth Warren teepee!

5 comments on “‘Prayerful’ Democrats (and Jumbo Shrimp)

  1. Brought to you by the party of open borders + welfare for those who cross them + electronic medical records for the border crossers but not veterans, etc, etc.

  2. When I think of Dems praying I always think of Bill Clinton carrying his big Bible with him the few times as president he attended church – it’s called a photo shoot.

    If you watch Pelosi’s body language and mannerisms carefully, you have to conclude she is weird. The critics like to tease 75 year old Rudy Guiliani as being off his rocker, but he is a celebrated professor at the top of his game compared to Nancy. Some are saying the Dems ultimate goal is to impeach Trump & Pince at the same time, a twofer, and then we have a President Pelosi.

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