‘Thank You, Don Quixote–Er, I Mean Joe Biden’ (2019)

Picturing Don Quixote – The Public Domain Review

Don Quixote in his study: no facts here!

This was written while Democrats were still trying to decide on whom to run for president in 2020. Out of a bumper crop of wackos, they chose the oldest wacko.

Thank You, Don Quixote–er, I Mean Joe Biden

We really should have listened to what this antique leftist had to say in 2019. Sometimes he sounded just like Don Quixote: “We choose truth over facts,” etc. Forget Man of La Mancha. As Cervantes wrote it, Don Quixote was as mad as a hatter, a walking disaster area who reduced everything he touched to chaos.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?


‘The Future of Democracy’ (Oh, Please!)

Photos of Joe Biden Eating Ice Cream

Here he is in one of his increasingly rare lucid intervals.

Crapmeister-in-Chief SloJo Biden last night warned Americans that “the future of democracy” is on the line in next week’s midterm elections (https://www.haaretz.com/us-news/2022-11-03/ty-article/update-5-biden-warns-election-deniers-pose-threat-blames-trump/00000184-3ad0-d46d-ab96-bafb924b0000).

SloJo launched a pre-emptive strike on “election deniers,” them being such a mortal threat to democracy and all. Here’s how I interpret it:

“We’ve gotta keep our power, we’ve gotta win these elections, so of course we’re cheating, we couldn’t possibly win if we didn’t–and come Nov. 9, any Republican who accuses us of cheating is A Threat To Democracy!”

Tens of millions of us are convinced the 2020 election was rigged to put Biden in the White House. Hmmm… If it were 51% of us who thought so, wouldn’t “democracy” require that to be the official position?

Lessee, what do you suppose really is a greater threat to our republic? (They keep calling it a “democracy,” but it isn’t. The Constitution guarantees each state in the union a republican form of government.) People saying the 2020 election was something less than honest… or runaway inflation, feckless foreign policy, massive governmental corruption, transgender mania, zillions of illegals rushing over our un-enforced southern border, Critical Race Theory in our schools… or Dodderin’ Joe himself and the idiots with which he is surrounded?

Take all the time you need to think about it.

One Point Better Than ‘Nobody At All’

30 Uncle Sam Broke Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty Images

In what many Democrats consider their strongest demographic, 18-29-year-olds (who haven’t outgrown college yet), only 1 percent (!) say they “strongly support” SloJo Biden (https://omny.fm/shows/dave-and-dujanovic/only-1-percent-of-18-29-year-olds-strongly-approve).

That’s only one point better than nobody!

At the same time, a New York Times-Siena College poll finds that only 1 percent (!) of Americans think “climate change” is a pressing issue demanding government action (NYT, July 17, “As the Planet Cooks, Climate Stalls as a Political Issue–sorry the link doesn’t work).

One percent. And Dems want to make “Climate Emergency” a signature issue… that 1 percent of the people care about.

Do they think they’re popular? Only 1 percent are keen on the alleged president. And that’s among their favorite group of voters.

I am a political scientist. I’m supposed to understand this s***. There are only a few possible explanations.

*Dems haven’t seen these polls (highly unlikely).

*They simply don’t believe them. (Why? What do they know that we don’t know?)

*For some reason we cannot detect, they are supremely confident in their chances in this year’s mid-term elections–like they already know they’ll win, it’s already in the bag. Is that ignorance, folly, hubris, or secret knowledge? Like, “Ha-ha, you just can’t stop us from stealing an election!”

Has this become the Party of the 1 Percenters?

Getting kind of crazy, isn’t it?


Heck, Joe, There’s Always TikTok…

Gotta fix this image, don’t they?

SloJo’s approval rating has dipped into the mid-to-low thirties, and there are those of us who are sure that an honest figure would be much lower.

Now I hate it when a nooze item I’m going to use as a source disappears from the Internet before I can post a link to it. That has happened again this morning. So I’ve got no link, and I’ll have to ask you to take my word for it.

Once again, as it has already done so many times, the Biden-occupied White House has turned to teen-age “influencers” on TikTok to help sell the president, his policies, and his excuses. When they were summoned to the White House in March, they were paid $1,000 each to sell the party line (https://leeduigon.com/2022/03/17/this-is-how-we-run-our-country/).

TikTok is owned and operated by an agency of the Chinese Communist Party. The brainless “influencers” are Party tools. They’re always in bed with the Biden Regime, which is always in bed with the Chicoms.

So now they’re all back together again, trying to refurbish SloJo’s imagine. Those pix of him falling up and down the stairs to Air Force One have not been helpful. Can we have some of Joe reeling in a record-setting black marlin? Could we photo-shop him into the winner of a sumo match?

TikTok, Red China, and Biden: perfect together.

Shake the Schools and Pour…

[Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip]

Oh, our poor country!

I’m not a Newt Gingrich fan, but he does have a point. Vice President (oh, please) Kamala Harris, he says, “is the first product of our modern teachers’ union/woke education system to get anywhere.” Which is to say, “She knows nothing” and is oblivious to things going on around her.

And should anything happen to SloJo Biden, already the worst president ever, this human train wreck, Kamala Harris, would replace him. So if he’s alive in 2024, he’s runnin’. Like, who do the Democrats have who wouldn’t be even worse?

Do we have enough kids homeschooling to carry the country on their shoulders when they grow up? It’s a scary thought: a whole generation of nothingburgers like Kamala taking over America. Sheesh. If that doesn’t kill us, nothing will. Just her cackling alone might do it…

Where Did This Nooze Story Go?

Baby or Biden: Who's More Coherent? - 93.1FM WIBC

“What, me worry?”

I scan a lot of nooze stories, during the course of a day. Late yesterday afternoon, I jotted one down for use today.

Well, it ain’t there anymore. Can’t find it anywhere.

It seems our (ahem!) “president,” SloJo Biden, has said that “Republicans are an existential threat to our democracy.”

What does he propose to do about it? I don’t know: the story disappeared before I could study it. I thought it’d be here for me, somewhere, this morning. I can only think that once again Our Free & Independent Nooze Media has run interference for their fair-haired boy. In this case, by erasing the story. “Never happened!”

Well, Joe-Joe, the feeling’s mutual. I see you as an existential threat to our republic. You’ve already done major damage. Imagine what you could do with two more years in office. God forbid. (I mean that literally, as a prayer.)

I don’t expect this particular nooze story to be brought back. Sort of like that video footage of Palestinians dancing in the streets to celebrate 9/11. Millions of us saw it, but we are told it never happened.

And this will never have happened, either.


Now You Can Be Wrong All the Time!

Clock confusion solution | plus.maths.org

A clock that doesn’t run at all is still right twice a day. But this is better!

The DNC Countdown Co. is now offering America a clock that’s never right! yes, we said “never.” No matter what you do with it, adjust it to your heart’s consent–you still have a 50/50 chance of being wrong every single time! What other timepiece can make that claim?

Yes! Now you can have the same kind of clock or wristwatch that President Biden uses all the time. Have you ever wondered how he can possibly be wrong about everything, every time? Have you ever wondered how a whole presidential administration, plus Dr. Fauci, can be wrong every time they flap their jaws?

It starts simply with not ever knowing what time it is!

See that clock in the picture? Is it twelve after five or twenty-five after two? All you can do is guess! And yes, you can always guess wrong. Ask anyone in Washington!

Order while the supply lasts. These are going to be hot little items. We’ll hold the cost at $1,500 each for as long as we can.

New, Improved! World Order

And here’s SloJo, babbling about a “New World Order…”

Dude! We already have a New World Order–remember? The one with George Bush and Obama and Klaus Schwab and that little pipsqueak over in France… Oh! And Justin Trudeau, too. I mean, we have a New World Order, so what you’re talkin’ about would be a New New World Order.

Later, in a secret speech delivered to phantom voters, SloJo said “The New New World Order, which we’ve got to lead, will be founded on voter fraud, taxation, private jets for high officials but only rickety old buses full of chicken-poop for the masses, a news media that never, ever, tells the truth, massive corruption like you wouldn’t believe was even possible, and total government control over everybody’s lives, with technicians from Red China to manage it.” He paused to grin vaguely at a spot on the ceiling. “It’s gonna be great!” he added. “President Harris will give you more details.”


Is Biden Just an Old Caligula?

First this, a tweet made by SloJo during the 2020 campaign:

“Vladimir Putin doesn’t want me to be President. If you’re wondering why… it’s because I’m the only person in this field who’s ever gone toe-to-toe with him.” (https://twitter.com/joebiden/status/1230998887298564096).

What did that instantaneously remind me of?


Here we have the insane Roman emperor, Caligula (John Hurt–greatest role he ever played), returning to Rome after staging a war against Neptune, god of the sea–which of course he claimed to have won, because he, too, is a God (it’s complicated). Then he displays the “loot” he took from Neptune: piles of sea shells. And Caligula chortles: “Loot from old Neptune! He won’t be in a hurry to take me on again!”

How delusional is Biden? Can he actually believe, even in his wildest fantasies, that Putin has any fear of him, or any respect for him? Not after Afghanistan, he doesn’t. No one does. “America? That’s where the top general in their army spends all his time worrying about white privilege and Climate Change–nothing to fear from them!”

When ya gonna give Iran nuclear weapons, Joe?

The Lord has a reason for giving us leaders like this. We had better find out what it is.

Heating Up the Rhetoric

GOP candidate Madison Cawthorn's website attacks critic for going to 'work  for non-white males'

We enter the Capitol just as Rep. Madison Cawthorn, Republican from North Carolina, addresses his colleagues.

“[T]he sons and daughters of America are not foot soldiers for your party’s inept, geriatric despot. They are not expendable pawns to be dispatched at the whims of an idiot” (https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/4035099/posts).

So much for reaching across the aisle. At least we’re getting some honest passion.

Are we to risk a war with Russia in defense of the national borders of Ukraine, while here at home, the IGD and his crowd encourage aliens to violate our borders, put them aboard chartered planes and buses, and scatter them to hiding places throughout the country? What about our borders, sunshine?

Oh, you’re a Democrat. You don’t care about our borders.

What they’re doing on our southern border is nothing less than the purposeful subversion of our republic, and worthy of the strictest punishment. What they want to do on Ukraine’s border is anybody’s guess. The IGD has been known to be erratic.

The characters who, uh, govern us today… We must have sinned something fierce, to deserve them.