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We dont Kneed no Stinkin Branes!!

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I jist readed “that” thare poast Abuot the Slyme Moles (ha-ha stopid Lee he spelt it Rong!!)) and haow thay do stufff when thay hasnt “got” No Brane and hasnt got “no” Nervs neether!!!!

Welll heer “At” Collidge we has bin Getting Bye whith-out Branes foar yeers And yeers!!!! that it is Probbly wye us in Nothing Studdies none of Us has got no Korny Vyris!!! Yiu “can” lurn Al Abuot Beeyonsay and Not kneed anny Brane “At” alll!!!!!!

Them Slyme Moles thay shoor “are” Insteresting!!! Thay lurn al Soarts “of” Things like Calqulous and Kemistree and Femmanist Buyollagy and! thay dose It “all” whith-out no Branes!!!! and sumb boddy thay toled me Joh Bydin he has got a Pet Slyme Mole caulled Nickeeta whoo rites sumb “of” his Speatches foar himb!!!!!!

Oncet we has got “reel” Sosiulism heer “In” Amaricka then we “wil” kneed lots And Lots of Slyme Moles to rhun the Guvvermint!!!!! If yiu are trying “to do” a Sosiulist Guvvermint,,, Branes thay ownly “get” “in” The whay!!! Iff peple thay wood ownly Stop “Thincking” then thay wood “Unner-stand” haow Sosulism it reely whurks!! Burny he was rihght Abote That!!!!!!!

Sumb boddy thay shood In-vent a Opperasion oar else a Meddasin to taik ouat “the” Brane,, mayby Mellt “it” so it runs Out yore Eers,, we are “trying” Our Besst heer at Collidge to nootrullize the Brane but we “hasnt” “got” “it” figgred Out Yett! Eddacasion it “can” ownlee Do So Mutch!!! The rest it “is” Up to Scyince!!!!!!!!!!

They Don’t Care Who It Hurts

Joe Biden: ex-defense secretary's wife says viral photo used ...

Auditioning for the remake of “Dracula”?

Former Senator Chris “Waitress Sandwich” Dodd has joined the committee to select Gropey Joe Biden’s running mate (https://nypost.com/2020/04/30/biden-names-committee-to-select-2020-campaign-running-mate/). It’s kind of an important choice because Joe is already out to lunch more than half the time and could conk out within days of his inauguration, thus making his vice president the president.

Biden has declared that his vice presidential pick will be a woman or “a person of color.” (Do “trans-women”–aka “men”–count?) Like, those are the qualifications that matter above all others.

Do these people understand what a president is, and what a president does? (Hint: No. Or if they do, they don’t care.) Do they think the election of a President of the United States is like a high school popularity contest? Do they think every identity group deserves a shot at being represented by the honcho in the White House? “Like, okay, we just had a woman of color as president, now we have to have a gay man with a speech impediment…” So are they saying any woman can be president? If not, then what the dickens are they saying?

When it comes to the Democrat Party, the only thing you can be sure of is that they want power and will do just about anything to get it. And they don’t care who they trample, getting there.

So You Want to be President?

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No, I’m not nominating Rocky Bridges for president. I just want to quote him.

Rocky once said there are three things that everybody in the world thinks they can do: run a hotel, manage a baseball team, and write a book.

To this we must add, “And be president.”

Is there anyone, at any given hour of any given day, who does not know what the President of the United States should do? “The president needs to do such-and-such, right now!” “Here’s what the president has to do…” And so on. It must be the easiest job in the world. And if not, well, you’ve got an infinite quantity of advice.

How easy? Doddering Joe Biden promises to name a woman as his running mate, who will become president if Joe gets elected and then conks out. It sounds like a little more than half the people in the country, in Joe’s opinion, are fully qualified to be president. And that’s Rocky in the background, sagely nodding his head.

Can you imagine being president and actually trying to take all the advice you get?

If that doesn’t give you the horrors, nothing will.

The Kingmaker Speaks: Shut Down the Primary

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As alike as two pees in a pot

There’s a debate scheduled for this Sunday, Biden and Sanders one-on-one. But the South Carolina pol who gave Joe Biden’s failing campaign a jump start has called for cancelling the debate–in fact, shutting down the whole rest of the Democrat primary (https://www.foxnews.com/politics/clyburn-calls-for-shutting-dem-primary-down-canceling-debates-after-biden-surge).

What? You just shut it down? What about the states that haven’t voted yet? Sorry, folks.

In an interview last night on NPR, James Clyburn, who has suddenly emerged as the Democrat kingmaker, said the primary should be shut down and Biden declared the winner, take a hike, Bernie… because “you don’t do anything but get yourself in trouble if you continue in this contest.” Do they have to do what he says?

You can see their problem. Two candidates on worldwide TV. One of them’s a communist. The other doesn’t know where he is or what he’s doing, half the time. The other half the time, he can’t control himself. Not exactly a sure-fire way of rounding up sane people’s votes.

These two candidates, each appalling in his own way, could destroy each other. The Party can’t afford to let this happen. But to shut down the primary? When was the last time that was done? Certainly not in my lifetime. I’ll bet it’s never been done.

Clyburn is afraid of what these lunatics might say, once they get going. He should be.

The American people deserve to see and hear just how out-to-lunch these two guys are. But the Party muck-a-mucks don’t think so.

The Republican Part of the Swamp

Image result for images of very bad swamp

No one comes home poor from Capitol Hill. We all know that, don’t we?

We’ve learned to call it “the Swamp.” Elected officials, appointed officials, career bureaucrats–all feeding from the public trough. Feeding their families from the public trough. It’s all tax money, an infinitely renewable resource. And just having a connection to some big gator in the swamp can land you a fabulous no-show job on a Ukrainian gas board. Your whole family can eat the public’s flesh and suck its blood.

So along comes Donald Trump with a cry of “Drain the Swamp!” And the American people realize they want to drain the Swamp. Only the Swamp doesn’t want to be drained, and it’s fighting to keep its hold on the country’s major blood vessels.

Enter Joe Biden, doddering, lying, corrupt Joe Biden. A lifelong creature of the Swamp. Now the Democrat front-runner, the Party establishment having crushed Crazy Bernie Sanders like a bug.

And enter assorted “conservatives” who’ve been kind of quiet about all this so far, but have suddenly discovered unexpected wonderfulness in Jibbering Joe.

A few days ago on townhall.com, it was some “conservative” rhapsodizing on “Joe’s fundamental decency.” Good grief. Where did that come from? The next day it was another writer, this one praising Biden’s “good common sense.” Here we have entered the Twilight Zone. And yesterday it was someone else again, saying how Biden’s the business as usual candidate and surely we can live with that, it’s not that awful.

What kind of jolly-juice are they drinking? Dudes, Joe Biden is not from the Swamp. Joe Biden is the Swamp.

They’re even talking about bringing back creepy John Kerry for another go-round as secretary of state. “We can too arm Iran with nuclear weapons! Just see if we don’t!” And we can go back to full-blown Obamacare.

Oh! and if the Democrat platform is to be believed, we can erase our southern border, get those illegals into the voting booth, lock up everybody who doesn’t believe in Man-Made Climate Change, and see how many trillions of dollars we can piss away, and how fast we can do it, before the whole shebang collapses.

Evidently there are Republicans who like the Swamp just the way it is, one big, happy family up there on the Hill, don’t rock the boat, there’s plenty of goodies for all. They’ve been afraid to come out as Never-Trumpers. But now they’re Sometimes-Bideners.

‘We Can Live with Joe’? Really?

The Democrat establishment flexed its muscles on Super Tuesday and pushed Joe Biden ahead of Bernie Sanders in the race for the party’s presidential nomination.

That they were able to do this was not surprising. What is surprising, and distressing, is the emergence of “conservative” commentators who are so happy to be rid of Bernie, they wouldn’t mind a Biden presidency. A business-as-usual presidency, with a moderate at the helm.

What kind of happy-juice have they been drinking?

First, watch this video again. It’s only one of many. If you really, truly believe this man is fit to be president, you’re as loopy as he is.

Since when is Joe a “moderate”? Open borders, transgender, Green New Deal, more and more abortion, more and more restrictions on the Second Amendment, government control of healthcare–these are lunatic public policies, and he’s on record as supporting every single one of them. These are extremist policies, and he supports them all.

What do these bogus conservative numbskulls mean when they say they “can live with Biden”? Better him than Bernie–’cause Bernie’s an out-and-out Bolshevik who publicly praises communist dictatorships? But in terms of policy recommendations, there’s hardly anything at all advocated by Sanders that hasn’t also been advocated by Biden. And all the rest of the departed Democrat candidates, we might add.

They’re all crazy. And so-called Republicans who think the republic can actually survive another Democrat regime are off their chumps.

Whether they can push and pull the doddering Biden all the way to Election Day remains to be seen. Heaven only knows what other bombs are going to drop from his mouth between then and now.

But all we need to know is No Democrats–never again.

What a Krop O’ Kooks!

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Pretty soon it’s gonna be time to start voting.

After this week’s food fight–oops, I mean “debate”–which one of these do you want to see become our president?

The loopy vice president, as crooked as they come, who says things that make you question his very sanity. Like, the other night: “150 million people in the U.S. have been killed by gun violence since 2007.” Dude, you were in office for eight of those 13 years. Didn’t you notice it then? This guy is about two legs short of a three-legged stool.

Then there’s the compulsive liar who always gets caught in her lies–you know, the phony Native American, who lied about her father being a janitor, lied about being fired because she was pregnant. Never tells the truth.

And the socialist upchuck who went to the Soviet Union for his honeymoon and has stocked his campaign team with hooligans. He’s the front runner, so far.

Don’t forget the revolting little sodomite who was a mayor once: who says there’s no place for you in his Democrat party unless you’re gung-ho for abortion, says religious liberty ends where “gay rights” begins, and has the chutzpah to wave a Bible around and pretend that he’s read it.

And the billionaire who says the Party owes him something–owes him a presidential nomination, by thunder–after he spent $100 million in 2018 to elect enough Democrats to capture control of the House of Representatives. “I bought those seats!” he started to say; but he caught himself and changed it to, “I got those seats.” Mr. Tact. Then he brags about his perfect understanding of virtually everything, and talks about how most people are just plain too dumb to run their lives without his direction.

Which of these do you want to be president?

Can you believe a major political party has actually generated this gaggle of candidates?

It looks like the old commie’s going to have enough delegates, going into the convention, to nail down the nomination. Unless something…er… happens (heh-heh). I’m sure they can buy him off; but the thugs and wackos who support him might react a little violently to that. “I am, regrettably, dropping out for reasons of health…”

And in the wings, like a spider, waits… Hillary.

Well, some of us have prayed the Lord to put the Democrat Party out of business, forever.

Maybe this is his way of doing just that.

‘Dracula’ Comments on the Dems’ Debate

Among other highlights of last night’s Democrat food fight, Joe Biden claimed 150 million people in the U.S. have been killed by gun violence since 2007… apparently forgetting who was in office for eight of those 13 years. Nor did he offer any suggestion as to who might have wiped out half our country’s population.

As a comment on the debate as a whole, I cannot improve on this little clip from Dracula, filmed in 1931. The action takes place, appropriately, at a lunatic asylum…

Comedy Time–with Joe Biden

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He wants to be president. Leader of the free world. But he’s only Joe Biden.

Campaigning in New Hampshire this weekend, Goofy Joe fielded a question from a 21-year-old college student about his poor showing in the Iowa caucus. Always up for a challenge, Biden confused the young woman by asking her if she’d ever been to a caucus. Not sure what to answer, the student only nodded. And Joe dipped into his bag of witticisms for all occasions and called the kid “a lying dog-faced pony soldier” (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7987957/Humiliated-student-Joe-Biden-called-lying-dog-faced-pony-soldier-speaks-out.html). She’s probably lucky he didn’t moon her.

But what the devil was he talking about? Biden aides claimed he was just humorously quoting a John Wayne movie. Wrong. Actually it was Tyrone Power in a film called Pony Soldier (1952), in which a disgruntled Native American applies the epithet to Power. How the epithet applied to this student in New Hampshire is, shall we say, not clear.

When he’s not scaring the pants off gang leaders or having his hairy legs rubbed by children in a swimming pool, Joe can usually be found wetting his beak in corrupt and dirty deals that sting the American taxpayer.

And he wants to be our president.

The Democrat Party–put them out of business before they put America out of business.


Three Cheers for the Cardinal and the Priest!

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Cardinal Raymond Burke

I was about to write that I was just too tired to post any more news today, but then this came along.

Cardinal Raymond Burke, now a member of the Vatican’s highest court, has supported a South Carolina priest who refused communion to presidential wannabe Joe Biden because of Biden’s habitual support for abortion (http://freerepublic.com/focus/f-religion/3808397/posts).

“What the priest did in South Carolina was right and just–would that more priests would act in a similar manner,” the cardinal said. It is, he added, “a question of moral law.”

And the priest, Father Robert Morey, said, “Any public figure who advocates for abortion places himself or herself outside of Church teaching.”

Before they kicked him upstairs to the Vatican, Cardinal Burke made waves here at home by withholding the sacraments from abortion-funding politicians.

Imagine if he were pope!

It’s reviving and refreshing to know that there are still men and women in the Church, any church, who value obedience to God over getting along in a fallen, sinful world.

Cardinal Burke and Father Morey, you have heartened Christians of all denominations.

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