Biden: 8-Year-Olds Should Decide They’re ‘Transgender’

Joe Biden And The Power Of Breaking The Fourth Wall | Cognoscenti

Look: if this is what the American people really want, then we’re already done for, lights out, we’re finished.

At a so-called town hall last night, hosted by ABC Nooze, the Democrat candidate for president, Joe Biden, came out strong for “transgender rights” ( I will not attempt to reproduce his garbled language here. If you want his verbatim comments, click the link.

Biden said children as young as eight years old should have the “right” to decide they’re transgender and he’d do everything he could to help them exercise that right. “I will flat-out just change the law,” he said, and went on to add some babble about “too many transgender women of color are being murdered” and “a young man who became a woman,” blah-blah.

Yeah, let’s let 8-year-olds decide. And why not give them credit cards and driver’s licenses while we’re at it? There are probably 8-year-olds who have more going for them upstairs than this doddering old hack.

Millions of people are going to vote for this wretched man, transgender rights and all–to say nothing of tax hikes, Green New Deal, arming Iran with nuclear weapons, packing the Supreme Court, and whatever additional follies he can think of to excite his Far Left Crazy base.

That our country could produce such a man to run for president–!

God help us.

It’s Debate Night!


Hey! I thought I asked for a picture of Joe Biden–not Dracula. What’s that? You find it hard to tell them apart? Hmmm….

Tonight’s the first presidential debate of 2020. Gibberin’ Joe Biden has been lured out of his basement–don’t ask how–and refused to take a drug test before the fun starts, which can only mean he’s chemically equipping himself for it.

We are warned by some conservative commentators that the bar has been set too low: that all Biden has to do, to “win” the debate, is not do a Nadler in his pants. After 50 years of taking up space on Capitol Hill, if there’s one thing Joe can do in his sleep–and he might really be asleep–it’s debate politics. What’s he done for 50 years but talk?

I pray that this will be the end of it–the Biden campaign in particular and the Democrat Party in general. Forever. We do not need the Riot Party doing to our whole country what they’ve done to the unhappy cities they control.

May the Lord confound them.

‘Yeah, They Really Did It: Dems Hope to Ban Climate Change Denial’ (2016)

See the source image

“Green New Deal! Green New Deal!”

Y’know, Democrats keep telling us how they’re going to raise our taxes and tear down our republic–and millions of huckleberries vote for them anyway.

Remember this from the glory days of the Hillary campaign–an actual statement of intent to make it against the law to express an opinion!

Yeah, They Really Did It: Dems Hope to Outlaw Climate Change Denial

These are not nice people and handing the country over to them would be a grievous error. And they do keep telling us how they made to abuse us if we’ll only give them the chance.

They expect mail-in voter fraud to put them over the top this time.

God help us if they’re right.

‘The Coming Coup’–Really?

The Mad Man Dictator Has Arrived | HuffPost

It ain’t just Central America anymore…

(Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip)

If you think Democrats will do virtually anything to get back into power–and by “anything” I do mean anything–welcome to the club. This piece by Michael Anton in The American Mind predicts an actual coup d’etat, banana-republic style.

The Coming Coup?

Here we have a scenario in which Democrats muddy the waters of this coming election, insist that they’ve won, and rely on the military to “drag President Trump from the Oval Office.” They can do this because *Batteries Not Included purged loyal generals and replaced them with his puppets; and supposedly they’ve been dropping dark hints about imposing Gibbering Joe Biden on us as our new president. Hillary Clinton, after all, has urged Joe not to concede “under any circumstances.”


Democrats are counting heavily on mail-in voting to set the stage for military action against the president. And against America. Say they lose by 2.5 million votes. Well, waddaya know! We’ve got 2.6 million mail-in votes for Biden! Or however many alleged votes they need.

And of course the Mostly Peaceful Protests, which normal people know as riots, continue in our great Democrat-controlled cities.

I hardly know what to make of this. Is it pure paranoia, or is it true?

Maybe the only way to make sure that question doesn’t matter is to re-elect Donald Trump by such an overwhelming majority that any attempt to contest it will simply be a waste of time.

But they’re playing with fire, and we’re the ones who’ll get burned.

The 2020 Candidate Died… in 2017

We have it on impeachable authority that former Vice President Joe Biden, currently running for president, was declared “mostly dead” in 2017.

Quick action to remove his brain, and then his soul, enabled Democrat handlers to keep the mostly dead body viable in politics.

“He’s no more a zombie than any of the rest of them,” said campaign honcho Dr. Henry Woo. “The brain and the conscience are handicaps, anyway. When did he ever use them or need them?”

Dr. Woo urged his party superiors to have the brain and soul surgically removed from any Democrat who gets elected to any public office from now on.

“You’ll have to find ’em before you can remove ’em,” said a source close to a particularly obnoxious Democrat governor.

The Way They See It (Saints Preserve Us)

Donald Trump could be new Margaret Thatcher says Gingrich | Daily ...

We watch a lot of British comedies, mostly from the 1980s and 90s. And I can’t name a Britcom that didn’t take pot shots at Margaret Thatcher. She was prime minister for 21 years, 1979-90: but to hear the TV writers tell it, no one voted for her, no one liked her, no one had any respect for her–

Wait a minute!

Today in America, to hear our media tell it, no one voted for Donald Trump except for a tiny handful of white supremacists, no one likes him, no one has any respect for him, he’s universally despised and loathed…

Do they really believe that?

Maybe liberals have gotten so accustomed to winning by force that they’ve forgotten how to argue or persuade. Your newsroom has an editor who’s a Republican? Fire him! There’s a conservative in your faculty lounge? Just chase him out!

One night on the phone, some years ago, I was telling a liberal about a certain sex education textbook. He insisted the book did not exist. “But I have it right here on the table, in front of me,” I said. But it didn’t budge him.

As Joe Biden said, “We choose truth over facts!” That’s for sure. They ought to save it to put on his tombstone.

I wonder now: Are there a lot of details in a liberal’s mental landscape that simply aren’t there in real life? That would explain both their ideology and their behavior. Really–how could you possibly swallow the Green New Deal unless you were delusional?

Yeahbut, yeahbut, yeahbut! What about all that stuff we learned in college???

The prosecution rests, your honor.

Do You Believe This?

Do you believe this is really Gibberin’ Joe Biden on that bicycle? I don’t. Behind the mask and shades, it could be anybody.

For one thing, you really don’t need a face mask while riding your bike outdoors. For another, we know that a lot of our leading politicians have body doubles. And for another, we aren’t flaming idiots.

The scuttlebutt is that Gibberin’ Joe is coming apart at the seams, both mentally and physically. His actual appearances do much to reinforce this belief. And then, out of the blue, he’s scooting along on a bike like its Breaking Away? He goes from at death’s door to Mr. Fitness in the blink of an eye?

I mean, OK, you could try to do it, and good luck to you. Most adults eventually find out how easy it is to get out of shape and how hard it is to get back in. They could’ve shown Biden taking a little walk about the block: that would have been at least borderline believable. But no–they’ve got to go straight to the bike-a-thon.

That people like this can even aspire to be president is a shame to us.


Whatsername: No Criticism Allowed

Joe Biden Picks Kamala Harris as Running Mate - Variety

(I think I’m going to be sick…)

Are you ready for some nooze? Are you ready for some politics? But it’s something I suppose we must endure.

Now that Gibbering Joe Biden has selected Whatsername as his running mate, a gaggle of big-name Democrat women have laid down the law to Our Free & Independent News Media as to how they’re to be allowed to cover this candidate (

Does any group of twaddlers have less self-respect than the American nooze media? They’re already 100% in the bag for Democrats, and yet they grovel on the floor when these DNC fat-heads lecture them about “using racist tropes” like “angry black woman”–would it be okay to suggest that her “anger,” like the rest of her, is phony?–and warning them that “We intend to collectively and individually monitor coverage… we will be watching you.”

Oh! And if you mispronounce her name, that makes you a racist. Maybe I’ll just call her Schmendrick.

I remember Hillary lecturing the media on how they were to cover her, and they groveled to her, too. Sheesh! Was it that long ago that Tim Russert had Joe Lieberman on Meet the Press and actually asked the guy some tough questions–so tough, that Lieberman got up and left in the middle of the show? Did that really happen, or did I dream it? Certainly can’t imagine it happening today! But in those days, Democrat Immunity had not yet gelled as a constant in our political life.

America will never be safe for as long as the Democrat Party remains in being.


Just for Joe, Retool Your Vocabulary

Why Joe Biden is disqualified | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Best Impersonation of Dracula by a Presidential Candidate: Joe Biden

You can learn some really surprising things, if you listen to the nooze media.

On Friday I learned that the queer things that Joe Biden says are not wrong, are not stupid, not loopy, not condescending nor insulting, not packed full of bile, not ignorant, not racist–hell’s bells, they’re none o’ those things. They’re just… inartful. “Awkwardly expressed,” sez Wikipedia, “but not necessarily untrue.” I can’t believe I got by for 71 years without that word.

Today I learned that Dodderin’ Joe is not suffering from a cognitive decline, not visibly drifting into dementia. Nope! None of those things are happening. What you see and here is… only a right-wing conspiracy theory! A guy who has a nooze show says so, so it must be true.

Honk if you believe either one of these assertions. And keep honking till they come for you.

‘Ridin’ with Biden’?

I'm Ridin' With Biden | Joe Biden | Know Your Meme

Someone sent us this on Facebook last night. Can you think of anything more pathetic?

Really, the slogan ought to be “Hidin’ with Biden,” to capture the essence of him hiding in his basement. “We are dedicated to making Joe Biden the 46th president of the United States.” Hair-raising.

Then again, if you like rioting, race hustling, sweetheart deals with China, dirty dealings in Rumania, and total Far Left Crazy every hour of every day–well, this has got to be your guy.

How we could have sunk to this…