Biden Plays Jai Alai!

At great personal risk, our secret correspondent has smuggled this video out of a closely-guarded vault–a video of “President” Joe Biden playing the undoubtedly strenuous sport of jai alai.

He’s the one with the black stitching where he split his pants.

All that time he was supposedly hiding in his cellar, The Big Guy was playing jai alai. Which makes us wonder why the Democrats took such pains to make it look like he’s always at death’s door and about to spill all that’s left of his marbles all over the carpet.

He also likes to climb trees, said another source. “If he sees a tree he likes,” said the source, “well, no one can  stop him–up he goes! Just like a squirrel.”

To which we hasten to add… April Fool.


They Mean For Us to Lose Our Liberty

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My friend wrote something about “living in a self-governing republic.” I emailed him,”What makes you think we’re living in a self-governing republic?” “That’s a good question,” he replied.

The issue of our time is this: Do we keep our liberty, or lose it?

Democrats are betting that we lose it.

King COVID has given them hope that they’ll soon be able to wipe out our liberties altogether. China Joe came on the air this week to tell us what we’ll be “allowed to do”–“Allowed?” Did he said “allowed”?–once we’re all vaccinated. Somehow the idea of it being our choice to get vaccinated or not has simply fallen off the table. Will we still have a choice? And maybe, just maybe, if we’re good little peasants and do whatever the lord of the manor says, we might be allowed to have some kind of mini-get-togethers for the Fourth of July (

The CDC, he said, “will continue to provide official guidelines on what you can do in the workplace, places of worship, your friends,” etc. “What you can do.” The government will decide what you can do. “We will issue guidelines on what you can and cannot do when fully vaccinated.” Again, it goes without saying that you will not be able to choose not to be vaccinated.

Self-governing republic, eh?

But of course, once you’ve mastered the art of stealing elections, you can do anything you want. They’ll never be able to vote you out.

They’ve taken from us everything but our prayers.

Oh Lord our God, avenge us.

Babbling Biden

At around 8:48 into this video, Joe Biden babbles. This is a man who has spent several decades reading cue cards and giving speeches. Now he trips over his own tongue, saying “millstones” for “milestones” and then slipping, momentarily, into gibberish. This is supposedly our president.

Oh! And what’s up with the State of the Union speech? Uh, what State of the Union speech? The one the Constitution says the president shall (meaning “has to”) give “from time to time.” His handlers could compose one for him and pass it on to Congress in writing, sparing China Joe the risk of making a major speech. But no one knows whether there will be any State of the Union speech at all.

In this speech, above, he repeats the extravagant claim that half a million Americans have died of COVID. And no one, not a soul, in our Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc. ever asks him to prove it. Prove it, Joe! We don’t believe you! We think that figure is all wet. A 98-year-old in a nursing home, suffering from increasingly severe heart disease over the course of ten years, dies–and they chalk it up to COVID.

This is baloney. This is fear porn. Obey all those government mandates and restrictions, or ye shall surely die! Stop living like human beings! Face masks forever! Or at least until there are no more germs in our environment anymore.

This whole business is a national shame that will not easily be washed away.


Question! Question!

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When former Vice President Walter Mondale ran for president in 1984, he lost 49 of 50 states. And yet compared to Joe Biden, Mondale was a towering statesman and possibly a genius. He at least had all his marbles! And yet they keep telling us Biden–doddering, gibbering, off-his-rocker Biden–is going to win today’s election. Question! How can that possibly be?

They keep talking about COVID-19 like it’s the deadliest disease the world has ever known, which it obviously isn’t. But they go on and on about it like it was, and keep wanting to lock us down again–they’re already doing it in Europe. Question! Are they just flat-out lying to us, because this disease gives them a good excuse for stomping on us–or is there something they’re afraid to tell us? Like, for instance, “Well, folks, ya see, this virus thing, it was sort of a project that got out of control, we didn’t really mean for anything like this to happen–I mean, well, sure, we sort of meant it, but not to this extent! I guess you could say we cooked up this virus in the lab, but honest, we never meant for it to get out…” I guess that’d be something worth hiding.

Biden has a sign on his podium, with a slogan on it: “Battle for the soul of America.” To hear him tell it, America’s “soul” consists of abortion, transgenderism, race hustling, government putting churches on a “watch list” because they’re “like terrorists” (translation: they don’t perform “gay marriages”), high taxes, and eating out of Red China’s hand. For starters. Question! Why hasn’t he been struck dead, for pretending to be holy when he isn’t?

Capitol Hill is inhabited by robbers, fools, lunatics, degenerates, and frauds. Question! Why do we elect these people in the first place?

A Website for the Undecided?

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One of the problems we face here is that we’re usually preaching to the choir. I don’t know any undecided voters, although I do know a few who voted against President Trump in 2016 but now say they’d crawl over broken glass to vote for him this time out.

Most of us here are going to vote to re-elect him. Few liberals visit this site; and of those few, I’ve had to ban most of them for coming in and peeing on the carpet (a figure of speech). They feel entitled to insult other readers; and I certainly am not going to publish what they say about me.

I’d like to visit a website for the undecided–but how long would such a website last before it was inundated by cursing, threatening Democrat trolls?

So I don’t know how to reach the undecided. Maybe some of you could share some of my posts on Facebook, or link to them from your own sites.

Well, if you’re even thinking about voting for Biden or any other Democrat–please don’t. Even if Biden were something other than a mere figurehead for the Far Left Crazy, he isn’t fit to hold any public office. The other day he forgot Trump’s name. He has bragged about his party creating “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud in the history of America.” Sometimes he forgets where he is, or what office he’s running for. I have visions of him wandering around the White House in a bathrobe at night, wondering why he can’t find the door to his basement at home. Do you really think our nuclear launch codes are safe in his keeping?

But then he’s also called people “the dregs of society” for not supporting “gay marriage,” and has advocated setting up a “national register” of churches that conform to Biblical teachings–because, he says, “Christians are like terrorists.” And don’t forget the massive corruption centering around Biden’s son, Hunter, and Biden himself. They like to sell government access to foreign powers, not all of whom are friendly to our country. But it’s netted millions of dollars for the Bidens.

The Democrat Party has gone full-blown Far Left Crazy, and Democrats will try to carry out all their dozy schemes, including massive tax hikes and the Green New Deal. It would be suicidal to vote them back into power: the end of America as we know it. Passing off Joe Biden as a “centrist” is the most dishonest thing they’ve ever done.

Please don’t help them end America.

Straight from the Horse’s…er, Mouth

Uh-oh! Truth slipped out!

We quote Joe Biden, the Democrat candidate for president: “We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”


He said it, not me.

‘The Next Democrat Presidential Candidate: Norman Bates’ (2016)

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I’m not one to bury my mistakes, so here’s a prediction I made, four years ago, that simply didn’t come true.

The Next Democrat Presidential Candidate: Norman Bates

It never occurred to me back then that they’d nominate Joe Biden, a producer of fiction, when they could choose an actual fictional character like Norman Bates. A homicidal maniac, crazy as a bedbug, seemed to be exactly where they were headed.

But I can’t help wondering how Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho would have turned out with Biden hidin’ in the Bates Motel…

Biden: 8-Year-Olds Should Decide They’re ‘Transgender’

Joe Biden And The Power Of Breaking The Fourth Wall | Cognoscenti

Look: if this is what the American people really want, then we’re already done for, lights out, we’re finished.

At a so-called town hall last night, hosted by ABC Nooze, the Democrat candidate for president, Joe Biden, came out strong for “transgender rights” ( I will not attempt to reproduce his garbled language here. If you want his verbatim comments, click the link.

Biden said children as young as eight years old should have the “right” to decide they’re transgender and he’d do everything he could to help them exercise that right. “I will flat-out just change the law,” he said, and went on to add some babble about “too many transgender women of color are being murdered” and “a young man who became a woman,” blah-blah.

Yeah, let’s let 8-year-olds decide. And why not give them credit cards and driver’s licenses while we’re at it? There are probably 8-year-olds who have more going for them upstairs than this doddering old hack.

Millions of people are going to vote for this wretched man, transgender rights and all–to say nothing of tax hikes, Green New Deal, arming Iran with nuclear weapons, packing the Supreme Court, and whatever additional follies he can think of to excite his Far Left Crazy base.

That our country could produce such a man to run for president–!

God help us.

It’s Debate Night!


Hey! I thought I asked for a picture of Joe Biden–not Dracula. What’s that? You find it hard to tell them apart? Hmmm….

Tonight’s the first presidential debate of 2020. Gibberin’ Joe Biden has been lured out of his basement–don’t ask how–and refused to take a drug test before the fun starts, which can only mean he’s chemically equipping himself for it.

We are warned by some conservative commentators that the bar has been set too low: that all Biden has to do, to “win” the debate, is not do a Nadler in his pants. After 50 years of taking up space on Capitol Hill, if there’s one thing Joe can do in his sleep–and he might really be asleep–it’s debate politics. What’s he done for 50 years but talk?

I pray that this will be the end of it–the Biden campaign in particular and the Democrat Party in general. Forever. We do not need the Riot Party doing to our whole country what they’ve done to the unhappy cities they control.

May the Lord confound them.

‘Yeah, They Really Did It: Dems Hope to Ban Climate Change Denial’ (2016)

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“Green New Deal! Green New Deal!”

Y’know, Democrats keep telling us how they’re going to raise our taxes and tear down our republic–and millions of huckleberries vote for them anyway.

Remember this from the glory days of the Hillary campaign–an actual statement of intent to make it against the law to express an opinion!

Yeah, They Really Did It: Dems Hope to Outlaw Climate Change Denial

These are not nice people and handing the country over to them would be a grievous error. And they do keep telling us how they made to abuse us if we’ll only give them the chance.

They expect mail-in voter fraud to put them over the top this time.

God help us if they’re right.