Is the ‘News’ Just a Lot of Big Fat Lies?

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I’m finding it harder and harder to believe anything I read or hear in the “news.”

For instance, if I did believe what they were telling me, I’d have to believe:

Donald Trump is the most unpopular guy on the planet and nobody but white supremacists would ever vote for him.

It doesn’t matter which of their two dozen clowns the Democrats nominate, any one of them will beat Trump in a landslide.

Socialism for America is a done deal.

Transgender is real.

Trump’s impeachment is a done deal.

If by some miracle Trump survives impeachment, he’ll just get totally blown out in the next election.

Hillary Clinton would have made a great president.

And so on, and so on… The trouble is, I don’t believe any of those things. And when noozies try to pass them off as facts, I don’t believe them, either. (“We choose truth over facts!”  –Joe Biden) All they’re trying to do is upset and demoralize the tens of millions of voters who in 2016 chose not to have their country governed by the most corrupt woman in the Northern Hemisphere.

Our free and independent press is going to lie itself out of business.

And they don’t seem to care.

6 comments on “Is the ‘News’ Just a Lot of Big Fat Lies?

  1. I think they are too blinded to see where they are headed. They have come to believe in the idea of ipse dixit. They are standing on the shoulders of previous news reporters from years ago, who were actually worthy, for the most part of being believed. I think they have actually fallen off that position some time ago, but are unaware of it.

  2. Well said, and we know who the father of lies is. The “whistle blower” trope was magnified beyond belief, but Trump released the Ukraine transcript call so the whistle blower became irrelevant. But then another “whistle blower” surfaced and the whole scheme repeated itself. It is so noisome.

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