The Democrat Blame Game

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Gold star for Virginia! Not only did you reject Clinton bagman Terry McAwful as your next governor: you also ran a lot of Democrats out of the legislature. Bravo!

And now the real fun begins: watching the Far Left Crazy trying to explain its defeat (

*An MSNBC noozie blamed it on “relentless right-wing media.” Gee–where did he find any? This man needs a rubber room. He did stop short of blaming it on Rush Limbaugh, though.

*Another fat-head said it was because of “the racist dog whistle” of Critical Race Theory–which of course “isn’t real,” even though it’s listed as an “important resource” on the official Virginia Dept. of Education website. People truly, deeply, passionately hate Critical Race Theory, so Dems are trying to pretend their teachers’ unions haven’t brought it into the public schools.

There’s no such thing as CRT, Republicans just made it up.

*Another noozie: White people are just plain stupid. In addition to being evil.

I noticed all the way back in college that a lot of white liberals hated themselves for being white.

And we’ll have the rest of this glorious menu of defeat. We didn’t bring in enough illegal immigrants! We brought in too many! We didn’t run far enough to the Left! We ran way too far to the Left! This is going to go on for months.

I’m guessing Doddering Joe will be blamed for it. A) He won’t know what they’re talking about. B) He’s totally expendable; nobody likes him. C) He’s white.

Meanwhile–hey, you other states! If Virginia can do it, you can, too!

Rassmussen Poll: 58% of Americans See Nooze Media as ‘Enemy’

The Effect of News Consumption on Fake News Efficacy – UF College of  Journalism and Communications

I somehow missed this story when it came out in July; but, well, they weren’t going to shout it from the housetops, were they?

A Rassmussen poll found 58% of likely U.S. voters agreed that the nooze media is “the enemy of the people” ( Honk if you’re surprised. Yeahbut, yeahbut! 36% disagreed!

Phil Rizzuto used to note that on his scorecard as “WW”–“wasn’t watching.”

Once upon a time, our news media was mostly trusted to provide us with honest, accurate, reliable information about the world around us. They have largely pissed that away. I mean, come on! Have you read anything from the Associated Press lately? Total Democrat shills. It reads like the old Peking Review, vintage 1967.

Big Media has forfeited its trust. Now, if we want news that has at least a prayer of being true, we have to rely on alternative media. Thank heaven that we have it.

The day the AP, the New York Times, and all the rest of them go out of business will be a good day for America.

Boot-Licking ‘Journalists’ Swoon Over Biden’s Ice Cream Cone

(Thanks to “optimal play” for the nooze tip)

So the Scarecrow That the Crows Laugh At makes a supposedly “unscheduled stop” at an ice cream stand–you know, one of those spur-of-the-moment things that a whole mob of… should I really call them “reporters”–was waiting for. And as you will see from the video, they swoon and they gush over the, um, “presidential” whatsit chowing down on chocolate-chocolate chip. And don’t blame me for the vintage Beatlemania clip.

Let’s see… Our nation’s southern border is ruptured (Biden did it on purpose), China has us in their pocket, our culture is shattered… And they wanna ask this guy about his freakin’ ice cream cone?

And how come he’s always got shades on?

Earlier these same “reporters” wanted to make a federal case of it when President Trump got two scoops of ice cream with his order instead of just one. Not fair, not fair! Social injustice!

They aren’t reporters anymore. They’re nothing but obnoxious little toadies for the Democrats. The truth is not in them.

God’s mercy, are we in trouble…

Nooze Anchor Trapped in Roach Motel! : ... (6 Pack) Black Flag Roach Motel Insect Trap : Garden &  Outdoor

Ace reporter Floyd Kumquat, of WAOC-News, has been rushed to the hospital with his head stuck in a roach motel.

According to our sources, the veteran news anchor “was looking for evidence of Russian collusion in the 2016 election” and thought he might find it in the roach trap. “His head is just small enough to fit inside a roach motel,” a witness said. “Unfortunately, he got stuck on all that sticky stuff inside.”

If the roach motel cannot safely be removed, doctors said, it may be necessary to amputate Mr. Kumquat’s head. The operation is not expected to interfere with his ability to present Democrat-friendly news. “Happily, that’s the only kind of news we do!” said WAOC president Biden Trotsky.

Long-time employees recalled the sad case of another reporter, Gloria Infobabe, who was snapped up by a chameleon. “He thought she was a spider,” recalled Mr. Trotsky. “A lot of us thought so, too.”

My Newswithviews Column, Nov. 19 (‘The Media Cult’)

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If a noozie ever told the truth on purpose, he’d burst into flame from the stress.

Isn’t our Free & Independent Nooze Media creepy? All these people saying the same thing, like a bunch of cultists.

They even sound like commies. A commie cult.

The Media Cult

Along with all the rest of Far Left Crazy, our nooze media have thrown everything they had into stealing the election and getting rid of Donald Trump; and they’re already bragging about it as if they’d already done it. They’ve staked it all on one throw; and if they lose now, they lose everything.

No one has ever deserved it more.

Down with the Nooze Media!

CBS News anchor babble - YouTube

As much as I loathe Far Left politicians, and the annual crop of useful idiots they harvest from our colleges, I think I detest the media most of all. Because we need news reporters to let us know what’s happening–and all they do is lie.

This morning, over the car radio, we must’ve heard half a dozen different noozies insisting that all efforts to overturn this monstrous travesty of an election are totally futile, time for Trump to wave the white flag, Biden is yer president, you peasants… blah-blah-blah.

Don’t you get suspicious whenever you encounter a whole bunch of people with exactly the same opinion, expressed in exactly the same terms? That’s Diversity, brother! Gee, it’s like all these noozies came out of a vending machine, one after another.

Fear and panic over COVID-19 played a major role in this election. And who stoked those fires for the Democrats? Who dished out the fear porn? All day, every day–“You’re all gonna die unless you do what you’re told!” Same damned mantra that they chant for their bogus Climate Change. Same thing they tried with freakin’ measles a year or two ago. But this time, courtesy of the Chinese Communist Party, they finally found a scare tactic that really works.

Here’s one thing I can say for sure:

If the Democrats fail to make this scam stand up, if their crime is exposed and the so-called election overturned; if the fruit is snatched out of their hands just as they’re about to eat it…

That would be even sweeter than a landslide victory.

Defend us, O God! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

My Newswithviews Column, Oct. 23 (‘Is Journalism Bottoming Out?’)

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Here it is! The Newswithviews column you’ve been waiting for. Or not.

Is ‘Journalism’ Bottoming Out?

The question is, just how bad can “journalism” get? I’ve been a reporter and an editor–back when it was a hard job, hard work, and we took pride in doing it right. Now it’s just cheerleading for assorted Far Left Crazy projects, from establishing transgenderism to putting doddering Joe Biden in the White House. If it’s bad for America, the noozies are all for it.

It’s embarrassing to see what my former profession has done to itself.

Tie Journalists’ Pay to the Number of Clicks They Get?

The Most Ridiculous Tabloid Headlines Of All Time (PHOTOS) | Funny headlines,  Funny news, Funny news headlines

Gee! They’ve thought of another way to bring down the quality of what we laughingly call “journalism.”

The Sacramento Bee News Guild is up in arms about their new CEO’s plan to tie journalists’ pay to the number of clicks their stories get ( This, says the guild, “encourages controversy and quantity over clarity and quality.” Ya think? It’ll teach reporters to create “click bait,” says the guild, and “cheapens our work.”

Yeah, probably.

As it is, America’s journalism is plumbing hitherto unguessed-at depths of media bias, sensationalism, sloppy research, no research, and phony-baloney made-up research–all in the service of getting Democrats elected to turn our country into a socialist joke. You wouldn’t have thought it could get any worse: but fake news is a growth industry.

At least Walter Cronkite and Co. pretended to have ethics. Today’s noozies don’t even try. They’re in the bag for wokeness and they don’t care who knows it.

We used to make fun of zany tabloid headlines like “Mad Dentist Rips Out Patient’s Tongue” and “Girl Too Ugly to Go to School.” Betcha they would’ve gotten a lot of clicks, though, if clicks had existed back then.

Guys, you brought this on yourselves.

And I don’t feel your pain.

Hidin’ with Biden

Renee Lynn on Twitter: "Trump will win by a landslide. Over 1 million  people requested tickets for his rally in Tulsa Oklahoma, Saturday,  tomorrow. People been camping outside for days already. This

Is this a blog or a Biden rally? I mean, look at this–you could seat ’em 50 feet apart and still have room for more. I found so few views on my blog this morning, I thought for a minute I was at a Biden rally.

The noozies tell us Gibberin’ Joe is up 12 to 15 points in the polls–blowout country. Gonna be worse than what Johnson did to Goldwater. Roosevelt to Hoover.

Then you look at the rallies. Trump rally: thousands. Biden rally: lucky if you’ve got enough for a pick-up game of half-court basketball. And even then most of those are “journalists” covering the damned thing and “reporting” on JB’s unstoppable rush to the White House.

Well, look for those boxcar-loads of previously overlooked ballots, all of them filled out for Biden, to try to make the journalists’ pipe dreams a reality. What–we need a million votes? No problem, man–here’s a million mail-in ballots that we missed the first time!

So don’t believe your lying eyes.

’60 Minutes’ Worth of Fake Nooze

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Democrat shills, one and all

(Thanks to Erlene for the nooze tip)

“Journalism.” It makes me sick.

The once-influential 60 Minutes this weekend spewed forth an hour-long contribution in kind to Joe Biden’s Democrats, denouncing President Donald Trump for all they were worth ( Which isn’t very much.

Yes, these five “lifelong Republicans” have endorsed Gibbering Joe and rallied to the cause of elitist globalism. They don’t care if they help Democrats back into power so they can finish their “fundamental transformation” of America into a socialist hell-hole. They have endorsed the Riot Party. The “Everything is Racist” Party. They don’t care what the Democrats actually stand for. All they care about is destroying Donald Trump.

How is this not an in-kind campaign contribution? How much would the Biden campaign have had to pay for this if it were an ad, instead of an ad disguised as a nooze show?

Democrats are threatening to do to our country what Hitler and Tojo couldn’t do with all their fleets and armies. Our constitutional republic is at risk. Because these people will tear it down. And these phony “Republicans” are in bed with Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

It’s disgusting.

God help us if we lose this election. If we do, we lose our country.images