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Nooze Media: Least Trusted

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Your… er… hit parade

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I want to get out there with my cigar and crossword puzzle magazine before it starts raining, but I thought I’d better report this first.

A new Gallup poll, The National Review Reports, shows “Every single group or individual listed in the poll had a higher approval than disapproval rating, save one: the news media” (https://www.nationalreview.com/corner/poll-news-media-are-the-least-trusted-institutions-in-handling-the-coronavirus-crisis/). The numbers: 55% disapproval, 44% approval. We are at liberty to be astonished that the noozies managed to score as high as 44%. Rather like a tapeworm scoring 440 on the SATs.

By comparison, President Donald Trump scored 60% approval vs. 38% disapproval (at Gallup headquarters there is wailing and gnashing of teeth). Hospitals had 88% approval. Even Congress, poor wretches that they be, managed 59%.

Only the nooze media flunked. Imagine finishing behind a Congress that has Nancy Pelosi in it. They need to find another line of work. Swabbing out latrines, maybe.

‘Shoot the Media?’ (2017)

We don’t love them anymore.

There aren’t many fans of the nooze media here on this blog. So when the mayor of Tampa, a few years ago, cracked a joke about machine-gunning a crowd of “reporters,” a lot of us got a wee sardonic chuckle out of watching the media squirm.

Shoot the Media?

Three years later they still think we should love them for despising us and trying to transform our country into a socialist landfill. I don’t think anyone hates the American people more than the American nooze media, unless it’s the Democrat Party itself. But then the party and the noozies are pretty much the same thing.

I’m going to put quotes around the word “reporters” from now on because that word does not describe what the noozies do. Shilling for the Far Left, that’s what they do. Reporting news–not so much.

Can ‘Journalists’ Repair Their Reputation?

Authentic Brand Voice: The Saga of Joe Isuzu | History Factory

If Joe Isuzu were around today, he’d be a journalist.

Mollie Hemingway at The Federalist warned her fellow journalists that “media must report truth of anti-Trump spy operation before it’s too late for them.”


She expressed concern for “journalism’s trashed reputation”–self-inflicted, of course–and declared, “The truth is an existential threat to journalists.” It interferes with their self-appointed role of enablers of the Democrat Party and leftism.

Ms. Hemingway, I have a question for you. Suppose journalists don’t report the truth about the spy operation or anything else, but simply continue to be in the bag for The Party, all the time? Suppose they don’t even try to salvage their reputation.

What happens then? What consequences do they suffer? Do people who actually vote for Democrats suddenly stop believing the Democrats’ pet noozies? What do you think would happen? I would love to get an answer to that question. Anybody out there, if you know Ms. Hemingway, please ask her for me.

See, my morale’s been beaten down: I don’t think anything will happen. We have not seen a single bad guy even indicted for trying to undo a presidential election. The dirty cops who did that, most of them now have cushy jobs as nooze consultants. AG Barr says he won’t even look at Obama and Biden and the parts they played, personally, in railroading General Flynn.

No consequences. No justice.

What do lying, cheating, obfuscating, confabulating journalists have to be afraid of?


Is It ‘News’–or Psychological Warfare Against America?

KTLA Reporter's Earthquake Facial Reaction Is Everything | Time

“Ooh, we’re all gonna die!”

You’ve got to read this column by Michael Brown: “Is the Media Engaging in a Form of Psychological Warfare Against America?”


For the past two months there’s been essentially just one story in the nooze, night and day–the coronavirus. And we get bad news and alarming statistics 24/7.

Fear sells. Fear gets ratings.

Worse, the bulk of our nooze media has a political agenda: victory for Democrats, no matter what it costs the country.

Military history tells us that psychological warfare works. It demoralizes armies and saps the soldiers’ will to fight. It can do the same to civilians. Mr. Brown wonders if it is doing the same to us. Ya mean it isn’t?

We have endless repetition of bad news, scary stats, all day and all night. You can get people to believe almost anything if you repeat it often enough.

Where governors and mayors have indulged in what Mr. Brown and others call “police state tactics,” the media has cheered them on. This is America, and we’re supposed to debate public policy–not just ram it down the public’s throat.

And on top of all this, Big Tech has been censoring dissent in the social media. Critics’ voices are not heard.

Our country’s founders deemed a free press indispensable to the maintenance of our republic. They never envisioned that virtually the whole media would transform itself into a propaganda apparatus for one political party. They knew the press would sometimes lie, sometimes conceal the truth, sometimes get hysterical. But they never dreamed the press would do those things, on purpose, as the means of achieving a desired political objective.

We still need a free press. But more and more… we don’t have one.

Beware the Phony ‘Centrist’

The Very Best of Befuddled Biden: "We Have Never, Never Let Our ...

Dodderin’ Joe Biden says he’ll announce his vice presidential pick by May 1, and has “vowed”–I wonder what that word means, when a liberal uses it–that his running mate absolutely positively sure-as-shootin’ will be a woman (https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/494056-biden-to-announce-selection-panel-for-vp-pick-by-may-1). Don’t be too surprised if the “woman” turns out to be another old white guy.

Speculation is that Biden, the “centrist,” will have to pick some Far Left wacko from the “progressive” wing of the Democrat mental hospital to unite the party’s two main factions: the “I think someone should be president because she and I belong to the same identity group” faction and the “I think someone should be president because he’s not Donald Trump” faction.

May we object–strenuously!–to the bullschiff nooze media’s use of the word “centrist”? Name one Far Left project Dodderin’ Joe opposes, or has even criticized. Go ahead and try: betcha can’t. And if you’re barreling along with Open Borders, the Green New Deal, full speed ahead on imaginary Climate Change, Transgender “Rights,” Free College Tuition for every idiot on earth, and all the rest of the deluxe fun pack–well, how in the world can you possibly be a “centrist”? A centrist compared to… whom? No one I can imagine! Just maybe Lenin.

But you know our Free & Independent Press. They will not be able to speak or write Biden’s name without calling him a “centrist.” It’s how the French media got that jidrool Macron elected. Naturally the noozies think it’ll work on us, too.

For the record, there is no such thing, anymore, as a “centrist” in the Democrat Party. They are all Far Left, some more than others. Our republic will not survive another Democrat president: look at all the damage a Democrat House of Representatives has done to us. Then look at all the damage it tried to do, only to be stopped by a Republican Senate and president. These people must not be allowed anywhere near power, ever again.

Meanwhile, try to count the times you see or hear Biden referred to as a centrist. Millions, would be my guess.

Are They Totally Out of Their Minds?

Nolte: Another Week, Another Ratings Collapse at Far-Left CNN, MSNBC

I wasn’t going to do any more nooze today; but when I read this, the top of my head nearly blew off. This is a whopper!


Our in-the-bag Far Left creepy nooze media–specifically, the News Media Alliance and the National Assn. of Broadcasters–have actually had the chutzpah to ask Congress for a cash bailout. Yup. They want Congress to give them a bunch of our money–that we worked for, while they called us haters, biggits, rubes, white supremacists, racists, nazis, and deplorables–to save their failing industry from going under.

And why would our nooze media be going under?

Bullhorn, please.

Because you freakin’ moron presstitutes sold yourselves, lock, stock, and barrel, to the Democrat Party and no one trusts you anymore!

Sheesh. The lies and scare stories and urban legends pumped out by the nooze media anymore are as many as the sands of the shore. A Gallup poll shows that 40-something percent of the American people trust them to report the news honestly. That that number is that high is a miracle.

They mock us, they call us names, they try to undo our vote, they lie, they suppress information, they elevate Far Left non-entities to the status of demigods and goddesses–and they want our tax money? They must be mad.

Gee… How would they cover politicians who voted against giving them a bailout? How would they cover those who voted for it? And would all nooze agencies get funds, or only some of them–and how would it be decided which ones? If you think the media’s garbage now, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

These liars, these narrative-mongers, these Far Left howler monkeys go so far as to describe themselves as “essential.” Holy cow!

Of course, a properly functioning press is essential, even indispensable, to a free country. But we do not have a properly functioning press.

Anyone who can provide that won’t need a bailout. They’ll do just fine.

CNN, MSNBC–not so much.

What Are the Nooze Media Doing?

On 'Scream Queens' and 'American Horror Story,' Being Scary Is ...

Fact: Not an hour goes by, anywhere in the nooze media, without another report of someone–usually someone famous or sort of famous, or at least good for a tear-jerker–dying of coronavirus. By this technique they are able to keep Death dominating the nooze 24/7.

This scares people and depresses them.

Interpretation of fact: They’re doing it on purpose.

Why? A) Scary stories always get good ratings. B) The noozies are 100% in the bag for the Democrat Socialist Party, and by scaring and angering the public every cotton-pickin’ day and night, they hope to wreck the Trump presidency and stampede the voters into putting some Democrat psycho into the White House.

The Grim Reaper is their rock star.

America is fighting for its life against the Far Left Crazy. Please find some way to help America win.

Why We Despise ‘Reporters’

Donald Trump Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

I don’t watch nooze. It’s bad enough, just reading it. But yesterday something piqued my curiosity and moved me to watch a few minutes of President Trump’s press briefing. Because I never watch these things, I had no idea what to expect (https://www.businessinsider.com/trump-hhs-inspector-general-is-biased-report-on-hospital-shortages-2020-4).

So I saw what I didn’t expect: some nonentity of a “reporter” trying to talk over the president of the United States. He just wouldn’t shut up.  Like, Dude, who the hell are you? What kind of feral fool just keeps yakking away while the president is speaking? Who do these journalistic nimrods think they are?

How do you interview anyone if you won’t stop talking yourself? Many years ago, I was at a governor’s briefing. Those of us who had questions asked them–and listened to the answers. That’s how we were able to report on what the governor said. We were, I think, a dozen reporters. We didn’t just keep talking.

But that was then, this is now, and our free and independent press’ only mission in life is to damage Donald Trump and try to boost Democrats back into power. They want to do this because they’re idiots: no one with any more sense than God gave an umbrella stand wants Democrats in charge of anything.

It’s not only lousy reporting, to try to drown out the person you’re supposed to be interviewing. It’s also bad manners. To show that much disrespect for the president is shameful.

I admit I had, and have, no respect at all for the previous president; I don’t even like to type his name. But I’m not all over the airwaves, live, showing my disrespect.

Let them write what they please. But if they can’t behave themselves in public, then they shouldn’t be allowed out in public.


Oh, No! ‘Journalists’ Labeled ‘Non-Essential’!

Tucker Carlson: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is an Awful, Idiotic ...

Hundreds of, er, “journalists” have been labeled non-essential and either laid off or forced to take a pay cut, laments CNN (https://nationalfile.com/hundreds-of-journalists-are-being-labelled-non-essential-laid-off-or-given-reduced-salaries/). [Wailing and gnashing of teeth]

And this, CNN adds, “right when the public needs them most!”

Break out the violins.

Yeah–what would we ever do without our daily ration of Trump-bashing, scare stories, and celebrity worship?

Today’s alleged journalists, we might well say, are the quintessence of the non-essential. They are almost–almost!–as useless as career politicians. And who’s more obnoxious–our free and independent press that acts as a traveling brothel for the Democrat army, or–well, I can’t finish that sentence. I can’t think of anyone more obnoxious than our free and independent press.

If they actually provided us with accurate and reliable information, that’d be wonderful. But they don’t do that anymore. There are still a handful of good reporters out there, but those are fast becoming an endangered species.

They refuse to do their duty, and that makes them worse than non-essential. In attempting to address any problem in America, the left-wing boot-licking press is always an obstacle to have to overcome.

A New York Times Hissy Fit

The New York Times Blames Christians for the Wuhan Virus

Not that we actually care what this superannuated travesty of a newspaper says, but I think we need to understand how leftids think, the better to defeat them.

So some Far Left Crazy at the Times has written, “The Religious Right’s Hostility to Science Is Crippling Our Coronavirus Response” (https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/27/opinion/coronavirus-trump-evangelicals.html). Well, gee, almost everything’s closed down, they’re working day and night to find a cure, and they just ponied up $2 trillion to tide us over–does that seem “crippled” to you? Does that really look like the Trump administration is just lah-dee-dahing it?

Yeahbut, yeahbut! The “science denialism”–what?–“of his [Trump’s] ultraconservative religious allies” is holding us back from the triumphs we’d surely have if only there weren’t any Christians in America. Or something. It’s very hard to make out what leftids are trying to say sometimes. But let’s try. Near as I can figure:

Being anti-abortion makes you “anti-science.”

Not believing in Man-Made Climbit Change makes you “anti-science.”

Not buying into Evolution makes you “anti-science.”

Failing to confess the existence of several dozen “genders” makes you “anti-science.”

Not being a hypnotized zombie leftid makes you “anti-science.”

Not taking the New York Times seriously makes you “anti-science.”

And if you didn’t vote for Hillary, you are way “anti-science.” Shame on you.

The White House squirted out of their hands in 2016, they can’t face life without power over other people, and liberals are just plain irrational and nasty in the first place, and puffed up almost to bursting with self-importance.

Don’t try to understand them. Just defeat them.



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