So Who Says There’s No Free Lunch?

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Gov. Noisesome–er, Newsome–with his public policy adviser

Well, from now on, there is free lunch in California–free school lunch, that is. Free for all the kiddies whether their families pay the school lunch fee or not. This is thanks to a new law called–get your barf bag ready–“Creating California For All.” What the dickens does that mean?

And as icing on the cake, once again we see adults taking their marching orders from a child: in this case, a 9-year-old boy who “drew attention” to the disgraceful practice of “lunch shaming.” (  Like, if you don’t pay your lunch fee, you have to eat an “alternative lunch.” They make it sound like the kids are forced to eat carpet beetles. Anyway, says the governor, Gavin Noiseome–oops: Newsome–“this amazing young man” (suddenly everything is “amazing”, have you noticed that?) saved up his allowance until he had $74.80 to pay for his classmates’ lunches and it was an “honor” for the governor to meet him.

Disregarding whether we believe in this, er, performance or not, don’t you find it more than just a little creepy, the way they’re all trotting out children now to make political points? Really, the more I think about that story, the less I believe it.

Question: If the state of California is going to provide free school lunch for all, why should anybody pay their lunch fees?

And Bernie sez it’ll be free lunch in all the schools in America if we totally lose our minds and elect him president. Stay tuned for some other Democrat to offer free supper, too.

9 comments on “So Who Says There’s No Free Lunch?

  1. You know the whole replacing plastic straws with inferior paper straws got started because of a 9yr old’s campaign to “be straw free”. Now almost everyone seems to be doing it. I seem to recall a verse about that:

    “As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.” (Isa 3:12)

    1. Yes, he called straw manufacturers asking for their “estimates” and just divided it by 365. And just like that it became a national statistic. But I remember in the 1980s when they wanted us to switch from paper to plastic bags to save the trees. And now they want us to switch from plastic to paper straws! It doesn’t get more ironic than this.

  2. I basically agree with all your comments, without anything further required.
    However, on the hymn post, comments are disabled. Fap.

  3. Good pun of “noisesome “! This is a word that needs to be pulled out of our tool chests more often. I think I was in my forties before I finally looked it up and found it has nothing to do with noise.

  4. When politicians use children to promote their agenda, they are hitting below the belt. You don’t see President Trump parading around his son, Barron, who speaks several languages and is already a chess master. The Governor of California is a disgrace. He held his son in his arms when he gave his victory speech in the last election.

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