Cats & Puppies: Unbeatable

This was supposed to be posted two hours ago, but I got distracted and somehow didn’t do it, when I thought I did. Oh, fap…

Cats and puppies–can you beat that combination? I can’t.

And as a question for the general audience: If two werewolves marry and have a child, is it, like, a were-puppy? I dunno, ask Lon Chaney…

3 comments on “Cats & Puppies: Unbeatable

  1. Yep, it would be a werepup, or maybe a just a werewolf pup. I was tickled to discover that wolf offspring really are called pups.

    And at first I’d said “yup” rather than “yep,” but then I thought it would be a distracting rhyme. 🙂

  2. The fact that animals are capable of play fighting speaks highly of their intelligence. I’ve thought of that with my cat; she can look fierce and strike with lightning speed, but the actual “attack” comes down to her biting softly, than immediately licking the spot she bit.

    Cats and dogs have different fighting styles, dogs usually jabbing in with their mouth while cats are more like wrestlers. Both are smart, both are capable of imagination and both manifest the wisdom imparted by their maker.

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