Trivia Contest Winner!

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Byron the Quokka here, mates–and we’ve got a winner for our Bell Mountain trivia contest.

Twenty questions, we asked–and one reader got all twenty right. Why, she couldn’t’ve known Bell Mountain better if she’d spent all her vacations there! All of us quokkas on Rottnest Island are proud of her.

And the winner is… [trumpet fanfare; drum roll]… Heidi! [Orchestra breaks into “They Call Him Mister Touchdown.”]

So, Heidi, you’ve won an autographed book, and all you’ve gotta do is email us your mailing address and tell us which book you want (sorry, Bell Mountain itself is out of stock, have to order more). If you want to hold out for No. 12, His Mercy Endureth Forever, that’s okay. Just remind us, when the book comes out, which should be sometime next spring.  Image result for images of the temptation by lee duigon

All twenty questions answered correctly! That should be enough to make you an honorary quokka.

And now I’ve got to dream up another contest, quick, before they get to thinking they don’t need me anymore.

11 comments on “Trivia Contest Winner!

  1. Wow! An honorary quokka!!! Thanks, this was a super enjoyable contest for me, as it gave me a chance to revisit all your books. I am really looking forward to the next two books that are in the pipeline!

    Also, I thank God for a good memory! I take care of my elderly mother who has dementia, so a good memory is something I can’t take for granted.

    But since I am already the proud owner of a signed Bell Mountain book (from one of your comment contests) I would like to gift my prize to Joshua, if I may. He has been a worthy competitor 🙂

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