What’s a Quokka to Do?

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I’m getting confused!

Byron here, with an update on the Bell Mountain trivia contest–and didn’t I tell Lee, time and time again, that the prize for the winner ought to be a bicycle? And did he listen to me? Nooooo…

Heidi won by answering all 20 questions correctly, but she already had a prize from an earlier contest, so she ceded her prize to Joshua–who came in second, fair and square, but he also had a prize from an earlier contest, and wants to pass this one on to whoever came next.

It’s a good thing Aunt Feezy saved the totals sheet, which she was going to use as a tablecloth. Going back over the results, after Joshua comes “The White Rabbit,” so he has now won the autographed book–bit of a hot potato, ain’t it?

I’ll remind him now that it’s OK to wait for the new Bell Mountain book, His Mercy Endureth Forever, and claim that for his prize. When it gets published sometime next spring, just remind us that we’ve promised to reserve a copy for you.

And now I’ll have to think up some other contest, the prize for which will be the bright red Quokka T-shirt, Extra Large, which I can’t find a picture of. Suggestions, anyone?

Trivia Contest Winner!

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Byron the Quokka here, mates–and we’ve got a winner for our Bell Mountain trivia contest.

Twenty questions, we asked–and one reader got all twenty right. Why, she couldn’t’ve known Bell Mountain better if she’d spent all her vacations there! All of us quokkas on Rottnest Island are proud of her.

And the winner is… [trumpet fanfare; drum roll]… Heidi! [Orchestra breaks into “They Call Him Mister Touchdown.”]

So, Heidi, you’ve won an autographed book, and all you’ve gotta do is email us your mailing address and tell us which book you want (sorry, Bell Mountain itself is out of stock, have to order more). If you want to hold out for No. 12, His Mercy Endureth Forever, that’s okay. Just remind us, when the book comes out, which should be sometime next spring.  Image result for images of the temptation by lee duigon

All twenty questions answered correctly! That should be enough to make you an honorary quokka.

And now I’ve got to dream up another contest, quick, before they get to thinking they don’t need me anymore.

Byron: the Final Bell Mountain Trivia Question

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G’day–Byron the Quokka here. And I can’t help feeling wistful because the big 50,000-Comment Contest is over and this will be the last question, No. 20, in the Bell Mountain trivia contest. After this, I don’t know what to do with myself. Suddenly playing Clue solitaire seems kind of unexciting.

Anyhow, here it is, Question No. 20:

What legendary creature led Ryons to the banquet hall of the ancient kings of Obann?

The winner will be the reader with the most right answers out of 20, and that wise and learned individual will get an autographed book. If you have all 11 published titles so far, you can hold out for No. 12, His Mercy Endureth Forever–which I think will be published in March or April of next year.

I do wish there were another contest coming up…

Byron Presents: the Next-to-Last Bell Mountain Trivia Question

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Oh, boy! Byron the Quokka here, with the next-to-last question in our Bell Mountain trivia contest! Question No. 19! And that’s Mum and Dad whispering answers to each other so that you blighters out there can’t overhear. Or else they’re pretending to be a pair of bookends. Of course they both know the answer.

But do you? Well, here’s the question:

Who was the Temple librarian who became First Prester?

(If you don’t know what a First Prester is, you haven’t read the books and you’re just out of luck, I’m afraid.)

The winner gets an autographed book. And if you want to hold out for His Mercy Endureth Forever, I asked Lee and he says it’s okay.


Assorted Updates

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Contrary to the forecast, it didn’t rain today. So I sat outside and tried to finish writing The Wind from Heaven. I ran out of gas around 2 o’clock: I think I’ll need one more chapter. I lost practically all of April to bad weather, so I’ve had to work extra-hard to get this far. My editor think you’re gonna need a seat belt to read this one.

The 50,000-comment contest: just 151 to go! The winner gets a Quokka T-shirt.

And… just two questions left in the Bell Mountain trivia contest. The winner gets an autographed book. Note to winner: If you want to hold out for a copy of His Mercy Endureth Forever, which will probably be published early next year, sure, you can do that. Just don’t forget to remind me that you’ve got a book coming to you.

Incidentally, we were supposed to have a major storm today–and we didn’t. Preposterously long-range climate predictions, anyone?

Byron Presents: Bell Mountain Trivia Question No. 18

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(Chomp, chomp…) G’day, mates! Sorry for the delay: couldn’t talk with my mouth full. Byron the Quokka here, with good manners–and Question No. 18 in our Bell Mountain Trivia Contest. Eighteen! Only three left before we have a winner.

Ready? Here it is?

Who denounced the Thunder King and declared God’s judgment on him–in the Thunder King’s own golden hall, in front of all his mardars?

We still have one reader who’s gotten every question right so far, hasn’t missed one of them. I wonder if that person lives with quokkas. We have that effect on humans.

The winner gets an autographed book and the admiration of all the other readers. You can even hold out for the next book, His Mercy Endureth Forever, if you can wait till sometime next year.

P.S.–Don’t forget the BIG comment contest! Only 344 to go, to reach 50,000! Who will win the official Quokka T-shirt? Crikey, gotta catch my breath! Excitement’s almost too much for me.

Byron Presents: Bell Mountain Trivia Question No. 17

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G’day! Byron the Quokka here, and we’re going down the home stretch of our Bell Mountain trivia contest. The winner gets an autographed book.

There are twenty questions, and here’s No. 17. Ready?

Who is Jack’s only living blood relative?

Like I told you up front, the questions get harder as they go along. Don’t feel bad–Lee’s wife Patty is really bombing these questions. Of course, any quokka could answer them all–answer ’em correctly, I mean. Even a platypus could answer ’em all, if you don’t count wrong answers.

And don’t forget the Milestone Comment Contest! Post Comment No. 50,000 and win an official Quokka T-shirt.

Byron Exults

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See? See? Toldja it’d be a great prize!

As for that dingo who said “All that fuss over a goofy T-shirt,” well, I guess this puts him in his place! Ha, ha, ha!

Now let’s see how fast we can run up those last thousand comments.

And don’t forget the Bell Mountain trivia contest, in which the winner gets an autographed book. That lets us quokkas out, ’cause we already have all the books.

Byron: Bell Mountain Trivia Question No. 16


G’day, mates! I’ve got an apple! That nice man traded it to me for that bicycle that I found just standing there on its kickstand. Guess I got the best of that deal!

But I’m here this morning to present Question No. 16 of our Bell Mountain Trivia Contest. There’s one reader who’s gotten all right answers so far, but I’m not allowed to tell you who it is. It’s not one of us quokkas: these questions are too blinkin’ easy for us.

Anyway, here it is, No. 16–

Who killed Shogg the Giant?

Meanwhile, as soon as we get 44 more comments, I’ll be able to reveal the prize for posting Comment No. 50,000. You only get an autographed book for winning the trivia contest, but for putting up the 50,000th comment–well, whoopee! Forty-four more comments, bringing us to 49,000, and I let the secret out. And watch you all scramble to win the prize!

This is totally my idea. Lee has his doubts, still. But he’ll see I’ve been right all along.

Bell Mountain Trivia Question No. 15

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G’day! That’s me, Byron the Quokka, jumping across the shark-infested River of Doom to bring you Question No. 15 in our Bell Mountain trivia contest. Whew–got across unscathed! And here’s your question:

In what battle was Angel, King Ryons’ hawk, honored by the Hosa warriors?

Only five questions to go, and I’m afraid I’m gunner have to make ’em hard, from here on out. How fast can you read Bell Mountain books? Meanwhile, if you’re new here and you don’t know what I’m talking about, just go to the home page and click “Books.”

Well, I got across the River of Doom all right. Now comes the tricky part: getting back.