Britain’s Anti-White Pogrom

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They can’t catch real criminals, but they’re death on “haters”

What is wrong with the people of Britain? Why do they submit to this?

British police forces have launched an “anti-hate” campaign in which they urge “minorities”–apparently only “minorities” can be hated–to “report hateful behavior,” “even if it isn’t a crime” and, of course, “you don’t even need evidence” ( Evidence, schmevidence. As we learned in the Brett Kavanagh confirmation hearings, for the Far Left Crazy, the accusation is the evidence.

In the instructional cartoons bandied about by the police, all the “haters” are white and all the poor downtrodden victims are Muslims or sexual deviants. Is that because it’s not possible to “hate” white people, because we all deserve it? The cartoons depict white people violently attacking women in hijabs, etc., while ignoring violent attacks on whites by members of privileged and cherished minorities.

Britain, your own ruling class, your masters, are doing to you what Hitler couldn’t do with all the bombs he dropped on London. And you’re just sitting there and taking it. What’s the matter with you?

Of course, the same thing could happen here tomorrow or this afternoon. But then maybe it’d be a good thing if we could have the police launched at us and our lives destroyed without the slightest shred of evidence. We’re all Brett Kavanaghs–the accusation is the evidence.

Liberal leaders–eating their people alive.

2 comments on “Britain’s Anti-White Pogrom

  1. I am reading Douglas Murray’s book “The Death of Europe.” In it he chronicles how some philosophers and politicians in the 1960’s were warning what was coming to England because of their immigration policies. They were not only ridiculed, but their careers were ruined – who could abide such “hateful” people. Maybe next the Left will come up with “Love Crimes,” meaning you can be ticketed for not loving your neighbor as yourself.

  2. We all allow crazy stuff sometimes. This is crazy stuff I hadn’t heard of yet. I try to stay out of the beam, but I have to know what’s going on a little bit.

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