Hedgehogs and Extraterrestrial Life

Imagine a planet where hedgehogs are the dominant life form. But don’t spend an awful lot of time and effort doing it.

Meanwhile, the hedgehogs we have down here on earth have a gift for making us smile. Unlike porcupines, their quills are not barbed so it’s safe to pet them.

8 comments on “Hedgehogs and Extraterrestrial Life

    1. There isn’t much to tell. It was decades ago. He was a sweet little fellow, but he only lived a year or two. They are endearing little animals and love to lick your fingers. It’s a bittersweet memory. I always blame myself when a pet dies.

    2. When I had chameleons, the only thing known about keeping them in captivity–and I didn’t know it when I got them–was that they only lived a month or two. That was just awful. Now we know a lot more, and pet chameleons live a natural life-span. (But not in this apartment, where the heating is much too unreliable for me to keep reptiles anymore.)

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