New York’s Homeless Problem: Solved! (Sort Of)

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Waddaya do if your city’s full of homeless people?

Just ship ’em to another city! (

Of course, there is one teeny-weeny little problem with that: some other city might not want your homeless people. So you have to do this secretly.

Since 2017 New York has shipped its homeless to 373 cities in 32 states, going as far as Honolulu, Hawaii, under its “Special One-Time Assistance Program” (SOTA). New York taxpayers have paid out $89 million in rents–they ship you out with a year’s free rent, but otherwise you’re on your own: if you need food stamps, health care, whatever, you’ve got to get it from your new city.

Mayors and council members of the unsuspecting host cities, once they found out that New York has been unloading its homeless population on them, have responded with incredulity. After the shock wears off, they get mad. It’s against the law, see, to pass off your welfare dependents onto someone else for them to pick up the tab. There will be civil suits over this–and maybe criminal prosecutions. Imagine if New York sends someone who’s violently insane to some little city in Kentucky, and this person butchers the family next door.

And some of the homeless “families” come back to New York after their rent money is spent.

If one country did this to another, it would be an act of war. Unless it’s Mexico doing it to the United States. Then it’s OK.


7 comments on “New York’s Homeless Problem: Solved! (Sort Of)

  1. This whole world has gone wackier by the day. Is this their warped idea of creating their cherished “one world” government?

    1. I wonder if New York officials would be mad if they found out that other cities had been secretly shipping their homeless to New York. Betcha they would.

    2. LOL. Is this really happening? I don’t think even the homeless would want to go there.

    3. As incredible as it may seem, yes, it’s really happening. The towns so victimized are preparing to sue New York–and there may even been criminal prosecutions.

      But don’t expect any big-time Democrats to take a fall.

  2. Imagine the nightmare of a democrat in the White House making us ALL homeless!! Imagine shipping all New York bureaucraps to other cities – nevermind, they’re toxic to the entire country. 2024 will be a one-sided disaster.

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