A Blowout Festival (the Bad Kind)

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Anybody got the “Increvable” card?

It was a bad day for motorists on Route 101 in Port Angeles, Washington–real bad.

Someone dropped a load of screws on the highway and 300 cars got flat tires (https://www.peninsuladailynews.com/news/state-patrol-hundreds-of-screws-left-on-road-accidentally/). Police think it was an accident; but you can still get into major trouble for not securing your load, so that it spills on the highway, so don’t expect anyone to step forward with “I cannot tell a lie: I did it.”

I was once on a highway where there had been a spill from an oil tanker truck. Guess what you couldn’t do! That’s right–stop. You couldn’t stop. Good thing I was going really, really slow at the time.

As for the screws, it took the cops three or four hours to pick them all up with a great big magnet four feet wide.

It was a good day to be selling tires.


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  1. Wow, what a mess. I have been to Port Angeles, and when I was there, they did not have a whole lot in the way of places to stop.

  2. Yesterday my daughter had a flat tire. Fortunately it was near a tire place so they guy there fixed it for free. Sure enough, it was a nail. There has been a lot of construction where my daughter lives in NW Arkansas (for the last 20 years – Walmart, Tyson country). So why didn’t the guy charge my daughter? Because she is pretty and nice.

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