Save the Planet–Stop Watching Netflix

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“Climate scientists” and “researchers” and other experts that you never heard of have decreed that your streaming video viewing (am I even saying that right?) habits are creating this big huge carbon footprint and the world is gonna end and we’re all gonna dieeeeeeee–! (

Some of this is coming from an outfit called The Shift Project, headquartered in Paris. They want you to know that all this watching stuff on your computer is Very, Very Bad For The Planet. In fact, Shift (no relation to Shift the evil ape in C.S. Lewis’ The Last Battle) offers any sucker who wants one “a web browser plug-in, called the Carbonalyser, to help you track your own streaming consumption.”

I promise to get one as soon as all the Climbit Change whoopee crowd stops going to Davos, gets rid of their private jets and limousines, stops building palaces on the beach, and at least acts like they believe the s*** they’re selling us.

Damn! How are you supposed to watch Obama movies if they take away your Netflix?

4 comments on “Save the Planet–Stop Watching Netflix

  1. Gee, I guess I’ll have to start watching streaming video so I can get this great device for tracking my time spent watching streaming video … or something.

    Leftists need to get lives of their own so they won’t have to live through running (and ruining) other people’s lives.

  2. Today, it is 8 degrees here, and it is predicted to remain freezing cold for weeks to come. Now, let’s see, how can we warm it up a little? Where is global warming when you really need it?

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