The Nooze Went Thataway

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Your posse is chasing the robber, and you happen upon a witness. “Which way did he go?” you ask. And without hesitation, the witness replies, “He went thataway”–and points in two different directions.

Not much use, is it? But that’s the state of our nooze media today. For example:

In Headline A, socialist zillionaire George Soros says, “The Tide Has Turned Against Me” (

But in Headline B, Soros says, “The Tide Is Turning Back to Globalists” (

So which is it? Is everyone who wants to know what the story is supposed to call up Soros and ask him? And then you’d probably get a third answer, totally different from the other two!

If the news is not going to tell you what’s really going on, insofar as humanly possible, then what good is it?

Our country’s founders considered a free press indispensable to our republic. Citizens need accurate information upon which to base their decisions.

We’re not getting much of that, are we?


7 comments on “The Nooze Went Thataway

  1. I just returned from a meeting, and every person there expressed complete disgust with the current “news” broadcasts and print as well as the kind that is published in the internet. Without exception, the fake news was dismissed as a nuisance at best.

  2. When you’re going around in circles, sometimes you’re headed east, sometimes west, sometimes north, sometimes south….

  3. Always consider the source. If it is AP or UPS or any MSM outfit it is best to ignore it. I get my news from conservative Christian broadcasters and commentators who are interested in the truth. Hey, today is the day Orson Well’s read that Sci-Fi story from a radio station in New Jersey.

  4. Everyone puts their own spin (ie propaganda) on the news. As to which story is true, I don’t know. There is definitely push back against globalism, though the globalists have the cards stacked in their favor. Bible prophecy would seem to suggest that the globalists do win, albeit for a short time and it will not go smoothly for them.

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