Ask the Kiddies: ‘What’s Your Gender Identity?’

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Up in Canada, corralled by Far Left Crazy rulers, the Ottawa-Carleton school district plans to ask children about their “gender identity” and other personal matters–for the usual, er, “reasons”: stopping “bullying” and “racism,” blah-blah (

They’ll be asking kids a lot of questions about “belonging” and “feeling safe,” along with information about four-year-olds’ “sexual orientation.” It will help them teach “the importance of identity while also exploring its complexity.” And help fight Racism.

Uh-huh. You are not “you”: you are only the sum of your external characteristics that determine your “identity.” What identity politics tries to do is wipe out any sense of “you.” It’s one of the missions of public education.

Parents of children in grades Kindergarten to sixth may take the survey for their children. Older students will have to take it themselves. Because the survey has no legal basis, one can opt out of answering certain questions or even opt out of the whole business.

One airhead on the school board said the purpose of the survey is just “to get to know our students better.” When was the last time you got to know someone better by giving him or her a written survey?

Oh, but that’s Canada! That doesn’t happen here!

Actually, Canada is “here” to many readers on this site. And if it hasn’t happened here yet, you can be very sure it will happen sooner or later. Teacher unions won’t pass up the chance to do it to Americans.

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    1. Lots of us are really angry about it (and yeah, I have no doubt voter fraud played a big part in it).

      Keep your eyes out for Wexit. I see Canada breaking up, sooner rather than later, and a new Western Canada gaining independence. A new constitution is being drawn up, First Nations are being consulted re: treaty lands, currency and taxation are being discussed, and teams of lawyers are crossing their t’s and dotting their i’s to get it done legally, with as few challenges as possible. Quebec’s bluffing for so many decades has given us the legal precedent and process to follow to get it done.

  1. They probably have a lot of voter fraud, too. It has gone from bad to worse in Canada since their socialized medicine way back when. I had a friend
    whose parents lived there, and her father always came to the States when he needed medical care. He was so disgusted with the medical system Canada had developed, and slowly it has come here as well. Our medical system now stinks also, but where can we go?!

  2. In a third grade class sub-taught this past week, a teacher came in to talk to the children about bullying. She told examples of bullying and the students had to discern who was the bully, the victim, and the bystander. It was all well and good, and then they made a poster about how bullying is wrong. But this was Arkansas. In fact, the teacher’s union tried to meet with the Governor this week but he made himself scarce. They are not a strong union here (Right To Work law).

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