The Grand Plan (and Where It’s Taking Us)

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With the discovery of “your depraved breeding kink” today, everything has fallen into place. I get it now. There’s a grand scheme, a kind of cosmic chess game hatched by Satan, in which the globalist/Far Left Crazy pawns think they’re kings–but they’re really only obeying the orders whispered into their ears while they sleep.

The end is to be the extinction of the human race. Here’s how it will be accomplished.

*First, they’ll abort all the babies they can lay their hands on. At the same time, they will preach that having babies is immoral. Selfish, dontcha know. Environmentally irresponsible. Gotta be discouraged–forcefully.

*Next, use the public schools and popular culture to promote “transgender,” which of course leads to sterility. They won’t be having babies! Anyway, they’ll have preschool, K-12, and goodness knows how many years in collidge to convince all the hes that they ought to be shes and all the shes that they ought to be hes.

*Make sure assisted suicide is always available, always praised as a courageous, generous, wonderful act that must be “celebrated.”

*Divide the human race into identity groups and keep them all at each other’s throats. Always make sure one of those groups is tagged The Bad Guy, for all the other groups to hate and blame for everything that’s wrong. Keep ’em guessing by changing The Bad Guy from time to time.

*Promote Artificial Intelligence as a replacement for the human race… while promising that the really big important pawns will have their minds downloaded into robots and they can live and fornicate forever. If you can’t sell them on this, you don’t belong here at all.

*Make sure there is a famine for hearing God’s word. For good measure, outlaw it.

Go ahead, tell me I’m wrong. ‘Cause I’d kind of like to be.


‘Your Ticket to Ride’ (2017)

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Tired of having to earn your way to the top, and maybe never getting there?

DNA ‘R’ Us to the rescue!

Your Ticket to Ride

We will guarantee to find an Oppressed Minority somewhere in your family tree, or your money back! Does everybody hate you ’cause you’re white? That all comes to a dead stop when you flash ’em the papers that prove you’re a Parthian or something.

Don’t be held back by racism! Be boosted by it!

They Don’t Care Who It Hurts

Joe Biden: ex-defense secretary's wife says viral photo used ...

Auditioning for the remake of “Dracula”?

Former Senator Chris “Waitress Sandwich” Dodd has joined the committee to select Gropey Joe Biden’s running mate ( It’s kind of an important choice because Joe is already out to lunch more than half the time and could conk out within days of his inauguration, thus making his vice president the president.

Biden has declared that his vice presidential pick will be a woman or “a person of color.” (Do “trans-women”–aka “men”–count?) Like, those are the qualifications that matter above all others.

Do these people understand what a president is, and what a president does? (Hint: No. Or if they do, they don’t care.) Do they think the election of a President of the United States is like a high school popularity contest? Do they think every identity group deserves a shot at being represented by the honcho in the White House? “Like, okay, we just had a woman of color as president, now we have to have a gay man with a speech impediment…” So are they saying any woman can be president? If not, then what the dickens are they saying?

When it comes to the Democrat Party, the only thing you can be sure of is that they want power and will do just about anything to get it. And they don’t care who they trample, getting there.

‘The Logic of Identity Politics’ (2017)

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What a blessing it will be, if the Wuhan virus takes stuff like this with it when it goes!

The Logic of Identity Politics

The list of things–like identity politics!–that we’ve cumbered ourselves with, and yet absolutely do not need–not in any way, shape, or form–is a very long one. But surely identity politics is way up near the top, along with transgender and Democrats.

I mean, there just has to be a way to get rid of stuff like that!

‘Author’ in Need of a Civics Lesson

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I don’t know how you get kudos as a “feminist author,” but clearly it’s not for having a keen grasp of basic civics.

Here we have a “feminist author” suggesting that her Democrat Party pledge itself to run “no white guys” for president in 2024. So, like, if the greatest and wisest person in the world were running, but he was a white guy, up against the worst and dumbest person in the world, who was not a white guy, our “feminist author” would prefer the Democrats nominate the stupid bad person.

Do any of these identity politics buffoons know what a president is, or is supposed to be, or does? Or is this just, to them, some kind of national popularity contest in which every whining group gets its turn to have a president who looks like them? Is this what the Democrat Party has come to? (Hint: Yes.)

But of course we’re talking about someone for whom “author” isn’t enough, but she has to be a “feminist author.” How many points is that worth? “It may be poop, but at least it’s feminist poop!”

Too many people like this are allowed to vote.



Ask the Kiddies: ‘What’s Your Gender Identity?’

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Up in Canada, corralled by Far Left Crazy rulers, the Ottawa-Carleton school district plans to ask children about their “gender identity” and other personal matters–for the usual, er, “reasons”: stopping “bullying” and “racism,” blah-blah (

They’ll be asking kids a lot of questions about “belonging” and “feeling safe,” along with information about four-year-olds’ “sexual orientation.” It will help them teach “the importance of identity while also exploring its complexity.” And help fight Racism.

Uh-huh. You are not “you”: you are only the sum of your external characteristics that determine your “identity.” What identity politics tries to do is wipe out any sense of “you.” It’s one of the missions of public education.

Parents of children in grades Kindergarten to sixth may take the survey for their children. Older students will have to take it themselves. Because the survey has no legal basis, one can opt out of answering certain questions or even opt out of the whole business.

One airhead on the school board said the purpose of the survey is just “to get to know our students better.” When was the last time you got to know someone better by giving him or her a written survey?

Oh, but that’s Canada! That doesn’t happen here!

Actually, Canada is “here” to many readers on this site. And if it hasn’t happened here yet, you can be very sure it will happen sooner or later. Teacher unions won’t pass up the chance to do it to Americans.

The Logic of Identity Politics

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Nothing floats liberalism like identity politics. Nobody’s an individual: we are significant only in terms of our membership in an identifiable group. If we want to prosper, we must arrange to be included in a group identified as victims. Then we are entitled to other people’s stuff.

Anyhow, here’s how identity politics works. See if you can follow the simple logic in this example:

*Amelia Earhart was a woman.

*Amelia Earhart was an aviation pioneer.

*I, Reesha Plopkin, am a woman.

*Therefore I, Reesha Plopkin, am an aviation pioneer.

In Lesson Two, we shall see that all Ms. Plopkin has to do is self-identify as a jet pilot–and that makes her one. Hand her the keys to the jump jet!

How to Gum Up Your Story

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re writing a fantasy, a murder mystery, or any other kind of novel. The surest way to gum it up is to have an agenda besides just telling the story.

Yesterday we watched an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit because Amanda Plummer had an award-winning part in it, playing a schizophrenic who’d been the victim of a sexual assault. She was good, all right, although the rest of the acting was kind of wooden and mechanical: sort of like what you’d expect from Hollywood screenwriters who think, “This is the way New York cops talk–like puppets.”

But what was really wrong with it was the show’s fetish for “diversity.” Because of a need to represent every identity group in New York, the script had to accommodate a bewildering parade of characters–and even then they left out African pygmies and transgender types. The story staggered under its burden of identity politics, and we got the impression that watching this show on a regular basis could get quite tiresome.

“Oh! But this or that group will be offended if we don’t include a character representing it! We’ve got to be inclusive!”

You can’t tell any kind of worthwhile story if you’re standing on a soapbox.