A Kuddly Kiwi

This is a baby kiwi in a zoo somewhere. He still needs some help feeding himself, but he’ll learn.

Kiwis, native only to New Zealand, are birds with certain characteristics found in mammals, not birds. Marrow in their bones, for instance: other birds’ bones are hollow. And the feathers are very much more like hair than feathers.

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Remember Kiwi shoe polish? Back when everybody had to shine his shoes–none of this wearing sneakers to school (or church!). I wonder why they named a shoe polish for the kiwi. This was the brand we always used at our house, when I was growing up.

10 comments on “A Kuddly Kiwi

  1. That shoe polish is a very familiar one to me, too. We had a lot of that.
    The little critter is adorable.

  2. That’s just not fair! An adorable animal and Satie’s first Gymnopodie all in one place. (I double dog dare anyone to make a crespucularism out of Gymnopodie.) 🙂 All kidding aside, that piece has moved me since the first time I heard it. The Kiwi was as lovely as any of God’s juvenile creatures, in its own Kiwi way.

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