The Sky Is Falling (Again)!

Climate emergency

(Thanks to Erlene for the news tip)

There’s a “scientific paper” out there, we hear, signed by more than 11,000 “scientists”–we have no idea whom they consider a “scientist”–which supposedly advocates killing off six billion people to avert the usual “climate emergency” (

The Internet is overflowing with posts about this paper; but I was not able to find any flat-out statement that billions of us have to be killed off on these scientists’ say-so. The closest I could find was this quote: “The world population must be stabilized–and, ideally, gradually reduced.” Yeah, well, they’ve been saying that since the 1970s when the new ice age was all the rage, haven’t they?

There’s the customary Far Left twaddle about how Government must DO SOMETHING and TAKE ACTION to lower the birth rate and stop people from eating so much meat, and getting rid of carbon dioxide (CO2), and somehow they’re gonna “avert the sufferings” of humanity… by killing lots and lots of people.

The paper is published by “Bioscience.” The authors are William Ripple (Oregon State), Christopher Wolf (Oregon State), Phoebe Barnard (Conservation Biology Institute, in Oregon), Thomas Newsome (University of Sydney), and William Moomaw (Tufts University). They want “transformative change for society.” Bibble-babble-blup.

In C.S. Lewis’ novel, That Hideous Strength, a consortium of moral imbeciles–scientists and political operatives–get together to “transform” the world according to “scientific principles.” They’re too full of their own hot air to realize that the aim of their enterprise is to erase all life from the earth. I think he hit the bull’s eye on that one.

Is science still science anymore? I think we’re justified in doubting it.

It’s possible this whole thing is a hoax. But it’s not so different from melodramatic scientific poobah that we’ve all heard before.

12 comments on “The Sky Is Falling (Again)!

  1. Yes, I think scientists have totally lost awareness of what science really is.
    Instead, they now think they are the only wise and educated ones who
    have the right to control population, thinking and …oh well, what’s the use.
    Even back when I attended public school, I began to really dislike the whole subject of science. It all sounded like gobble-di-gook to me and it has gotten a lot worse since then.

    1. Science has given us air conditioning, lots of effective medicines, and a host of other amenities.
      Then it went and trashed itself.

  2. God’s standing orders are to fill the earth. The advice from these people is in opposition to that. Where do you suppose that they are getting their direction? I would say that these are the unclean proclamations mentioned in Revelation.

  3. Climate change has always been anti-human. By the way Lee, the comments are disabled on two of your posts today.

  4. Perhaps instead of eating their food, we could photosynthesize? But I wouldn’t want to encourage them to find a way to make us do that, or to make them happy. Even if they said they could do this to turn us into another blind alley, they’d put in a circuit breaker to shorten our lives anyway. I’m looking for a word to describe extant science…

  5. As countries and nations industrialize and modernize, the citizens have fewer children (or as in Europe & America, they don’t have enough children). God is in control of the earth’s human population, not us.

  6. If these people had real jobs, they might not have so much time on their hands to think up all this stupidity.

    1. That’s a big problem, Lee. The colleges are creating doofi (plural of doofus) at an alarming rate. I’m fortunate to work with good people, but I’ve seen some people with impressive academic credentials whom were unable to process basic logic.

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