Dogs Daunted by Stairs

Have any of you ever belly-flopped your way down the stairs? I’d try it, only the front door is so close to the foot of the stairs, I’d probably bang my head against it.

You’d think dogs would figure out stairs just by watching humans and other dogs using them. I mean, it’s not rocket science for dogs, is it? But try telling that to some of these guys.

5 comments on “Dogs Daunted by Stairs

  1. I would guess that backing up the stairs is an attempt to keep an eye cast in the downward direction. Dogs aren’t afraid of falling up, they are afraid of falling down. (Dogs actually have a very good understanding of gravity. In fact, there is a false fact that Newton came up with 32.2 ft/sec2 after talking to a dog.) 🙂

    The frightened St. Bernard was hysterical, and a bit sad, too.

  2. These dogs are so funny! Mine are only afraid of the basement stairs, which aren’t carpeted and have open backs. They will just sit at the top and whine if I go down there. The other stairs, no problem. My youngest hits about the 4th step from the bottom and leaps like he thinks he can fly. 🙂

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