Some Unanswerable Questions

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Forget the riddle of the Sphinx; these questions are harder.

The first one popped into my mind as I was standing in the supermarket checkout line this morning, glancing in dazed horror at the tabloids. To wit: Really, is there anybody out there who reads this stuff, cares about it, thinks of these celebrities who aren’t famous enough for me to have heard of them–and actually talks about them with others, referring to said celebrities by their first names only? Not answerable. Not even all that imaginable.

Think about that one for a while. I have to go outside and get some air.

5 comments on “Some Unanswerable Questions

  1. I haven’t even glanced at one of them in years. No time for this and no interest. As for the question if anybody is interested, well must be someone, or they wouldn’t be for sale… I guess.

  2. These gossip magazine/newspapers are the best-sellers in America. The Bible calls it idolatry – and boy is our society full of idolatry. Many who buy and read them won’t admit it – kind of like men who buy “Playboy” for the articles.

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