A Contest of Wills (the Cat Wins)

Hah, foolish human! Did you really, truly, think you’d get a chance to do that job of yours? Imbecile! Your job is to pet the cat! That’s what humans are for.

They do get a little bossy sometimes, don’t they?

4 comments on “A Contest of Wills (the Cat Wins)

  1. This gray and white cat looks almost exactly like one of the strays that moved in here with us a while ago. Out of the three who came, he is the only one left now. He goes into the dog house, eats from the dog’s dish, meows at me a lot, but will not come inside.

  2. Looks like the story of my life. I was logged onto the bank’s website a while back and when she walked across the keyboard she almost wired $10,000 to Borneo. 🙂

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