‘In the Sweet By and By’ (Swanson Brothers)

Enough of the nooze already! This hymn’s been in my mind all day, and to me that means I ought to post it. In the Sweet By and By–and who better to play it for us than our own esteemed colleagues, the Swanson Brothers, Joshua and Jeremy?

Kick back and let this gentle hymn wash over you… Ah! That’s good!

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  1. Oh, thank you. I love these boys’ music. Wonderful. Here is a suggestion for tomorrow: Carroll Roberson singing “The Way”.

  2. Nice work! There’s more to music than just playing notes; there is an intangible element that brings life to good music. It involves the human touch and having one’s heart in their playing. I hear this abundantly in this song. You weren’t just playing notes in succession, you were playing the song and infusing it with humanity.

    If I might ask; what are you using to create your recordings? I would imagine some sort of software for recording and mixing. In any event, it sounds good and the mix is fine. I can hear everything evenly and in balance.

    1. Hⅰ, Unknowable! Thank you very much! Well, first I record the piano and bass on the electric piano (I usually have to play it over and over again before I can get it mostly right.) using “split” mode (the left side bass and the right side piano), then we place our mp3 players in front of the piano speaker and place our seats in front of the piano. Then we push the “record” button on the mp3 players and at the same time start the recorded piano and bass on the electric piano and wait for a second to start off our stringed instruments. And after the song is finished, we stop the recording (of our mp3 players). After trying many times, we stick it on the computer, and Joshua trims the first and last parts of the song and then finally connects it to a certain picture. 😄👍

    2. Thanks for the reply, Jeremy. That’s an interesting method. The finished product comes out pretty well balanced. There are digital audio workstation programs which support multitrack recording. I use GarageBand, which is free with a Macintosh computer I also use a USB interface, which can be had inexpensively and it allows you to record separate tracks simultaneously, which makes mixing much simpler.

      We derived an unusual way of recording a trio. We plugged an electric guitar and and electric bass directly into the recording interface, no amplifiers. Then the drums were plugged in through two microphones. Everyone had headphones and that is how we could hear the guitar and bass. We’d play the song together, but it recorded to four separate tracks. When all that was done, I’d put on a headset and record the vocals while listening to the track we just recorded. We could record a song pretty quickly this way.

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