Cats and Snow (a Festival)

Look, if we get some decent snow around here this year, I promise to go out and make a snow angel–and at least a snow baby, if not a snow man. It’s the least I can do to show solidarity with these cats.

Although, come to think of it, when I offered our cat Henry an opportunity to go outside and frolic in the snow, he took just two steps and then, with a loud meow of protest, looked up at me  with a dirty look that made me feel about two inches tall… Can’t please everybody, can we?

8 comments on “Cats and Snow (a Festival)

  1. Yeah, some cats like it and some cats don’t. I’ve had both kinds. Then there are those alley cats who really don’t have a choice.

  2. I’m not at all familiar with iguanas, they are a mystery to me.
    If you would like a hymn suggestion for in the morning, I just thought of
    It Is Well With My Soul, while I was preparing some things for dinner. I saw a version on youtube with beautiful scenery.

  3. Oh, you could have, sorry. I don’t think I get all your posts. I sometimes find them in primary, most in social, and even some in promotions (which mostly get deleted immediately). When this happens, just ignore me.

    1. I remember now (not so easy to remember–I post a lot of hymns)–it was that guy who sings four-part harmony with himself. Unknowable and Joshua & Jeremy know how to do that. I don’t. I dassn’t even try.

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