Concealed Kitties

Our little friend Peep made herself disappear today, when the AC repairman came. And she stayed disappeared for the whole afternoon. Couldn’t find her anywhere! And Patty began to get frantic, worried that Peep might’ve panicked and dashed out the door when someone opened it, and–and–and

And there she was, sitting in the middle of the living room and washing herself. Like, what’s everybody so wrought up about?

I still have no idea at all where she could’ve been hiding.

The cats in this video are much easier to find. They’d have to be; otherwise you’d have no video.

8 comments on “Concealed Kitties

  1. Yep, it is amazing how cats can hide themselves when they want to. From climbing up into a pant leg that is hanging in a closet, to the back of a kitchen cabinet behind pots and pans. They are regular houdinis.

  2. I’m not sure how they do it, but they sure know how to disappear. I’ve walked into a room know. That there was a cat there and couldn’t find it. Later, when the cat decided to be found, they were suddenly in plain sight. It’s their nature.

  3. I was recently hospitalized for pneumonia. A year ago my thoughtful son gave me two kitties, JoJo and FiFi for company. My sister looked after them while I was gone. When I got home there was a regular stream of visiting nurses, home health aides, visitors, etc.
    One day I couldn’t find my Tabby, JoJo, for the better part of a day, and was so afraid he’d gotten out somehow. Then I remembered that there is a space between the two rows of drawers under my new bed. I pushed a mirror into the space behind the bed and aimed a flashlight on the mirror. There was JoJo’s little face peeking out in the mirror! Eventually I coaxed him out by shaking the treat bag. The only other way to get him out would be to take the bed apart! Yep, they sure know how to to hide!

  4. My mother used to say that cats have a way of traveling into and out of the fifth dimension. 🙂 Iggy does these disappearing acts sometimes, too. And then suddenly there he is, sitting in the middle of the floor — or even more baffling, curled up on a chair where he was definitely NOT just a few minutes ago.

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