Transphobia Causes Climate Change

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It’s official now: Transphobia causes Climate Change.

That’s the finding of the Settled Science Institute at Fimbo University. According to project director Drogo Baggypants, “Unless transphobia is energetically suppressed by all the world’s governments, the earth’s surface temperature will rise to 600 degrees Fahrenheit in just three years. And the science is settled, so I don’t have to answer any questions you might have.”

Dr. Baggypants pointed out that no planet with a majority transgender population has ever suffered from Global Warming. “If you want to go on living,” he said, “the science says you’ve got to live trans.”

Anticipating “some minor and ineffectual criticism,” the project director said “Even a microscopic amount of dissent from this position constitutes an anti-science attitude, and cannot be tolerated.”

For a full copy of the project’s report, just whistle.

5 comments on “Transphobia Causes Climate Change

    1. A question that springs to mind is, “What are we supposed to get out of this? What’s the payoff? In what way does this benefit anyone–and whom might that be?”

  1. Being homosexual was not enough for rebellious sinners to mock God, no it is transgenderism. Remember Sodom & Gomorrah? Remember Lot’s wife? The Bible claims of God, “I am the LORD, I change not.”

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