‘And Suddenly It Hits Me’ (2015)

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When I wrote The Throne (No. 9 in the Bell Mountain series) the whole ending of the story flashed into my head in the time it took to climb two steps.

And Suddenly It Hits Me…

How to feel like Rocky Graziano…

You wouldn’t think there’d be a lot of excitement in writing a novel. Like, you’re just sitting there, writing. But that’s only on the outside. On the inside, you’re living the story. Seeing, hearing, feeling, being.

It’s the only way to make it come alive for your readers.

3 comments on “‘And Suddenly It Hits Me’ (2015)

  1. I was reading Adam Grant’s “Originals” book this week and he tells the story of how Mark Twain wrote “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” like you write the Bell Mountain books.

  2. I’m convinced that we’ll crafted creative works take on certain characteristics. I don’t mean to imply that they are alive, or anything of that sort, but I believe that they reach a point of completion and once that happens, there’s no going back. There’s a reality which exists in the mind of the writer that takes on a meaning of its own and you can’t alter things once that happens without risking damage to the entire work.

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