How Climate Alarmists Lie and Cheat

Check out this 12-minute video by Tony Heller of It tells precisely how the Climate Change gang manipulates data to create a bogus “climate crisis” requiring the abolition of our freedom and a forcible reduction of our standard of living.

It’s not science. It’s politics. Raw politics: more power and wealth for them, subservience and poverty for us.

Cheating with the statistics is absurdly simple, once you know how. “When you want to mislead people with your statistics,” says Heller, “picking your starting date is very important.” For instance, if you start from the 1980s, forest fires are increasing. But if your numbers go back to the 1930s, you see a dramatic decrease in forest fires. This same pattern holds true for any “climate change indicator” you can think of.

So they give this carefully cherry-picked “data” to policy makers and our free and independent press. Ah, journalism. And the journalists parrot back whatever they’ve been spoon-fed. They never ask a question like, “How come the graph only starts in 1983? What was happening before 1983?” It would be hate speech or something, to ask that.

“Most climate scientists,” says Heller, don’t dare speak up against the fraud. They know it’s being pushed by powerful political actors–bad actors, at that–who wouldn’t think twice about crushing them like bugs. They don’t want to find Antifa thugs at their door. See yesterday’s post about the climate science conference in Germany that had to be moved all around because of threats of violence (

These are liars, these are thieves, and these are thugs. They want our world.

Oppose them with everything we’ve got.

7 comments on “How Climate Alarmists Lie and Cheat

  1. Absolutely, oppose them. I have been attempting this for years. Right from the beginning, this has been one of the most absurd ideas ever foisted on people.

  2. “These are liars, these are thieves, and these are thugs. They want our world.” – thought you were talking about the Leftist Dems 🙂 Our meteorologist here in Arkansas can’t even predict accurately a week in advance. The Climate Change alarmist are relying on computer models – you know, AI is smarter than humans. I love true Science, something liberals hate.

  3. True science is taught in the Scripture, but this mess that has evolved by the “wisdom” of man is pathetic.

  4. My friend Bob found this post a couple days ago. Watching the videos of over laying the small charts shown to the public with the rest of the data set makes the lies easy to understand. Thanks for putting this together.

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