‘Show Us the Polls’ (2013)

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Back in 2013, when it looked like we were about to embark on a full-scale war in Syria, our free and independent press suddenly stopped running stories about polls.

Show Us the Polls

Because it’s the easiest way ever known to cover nooze, and because there’s no substance to it and you can spin it any way you want, we are usually awash in stories about polls. And yet in 2013 they completely dried up. Just as mysteriously as the antiwar movement dries up whenever a Democrat president wants a war.

One begins to wonder. Does our free and independent nooze media ever tell the truth?

2 comments on “‘Show Us the Polls’ (2013)

  1. Polls are an insult to all thinking people. What DIFFERENCE does it make how many people are “for” or “against?” What matters is the question. If 99.99% of those polled believe that 2 + 2 = 5, does that make it so?

    Polls are determined by [1] those being polled (seldom is it a random sample because pollsters want certain answers, not a true broad view of the population) and [2] how the question is phrased. I remember one year at election time the referendum to be voted on was phrased in such a way that “no” meant “yes” and vice versa!

    I believe that polls have taken the place of reasoned discourse and are a means of convincing the electorate that either side is “ahead.” Our election process, especially given the huge amount of voter fraud, is becoming a very sad and dangerous joke.

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